Hybrid Mail User Guide

Appendix A Data transfer & security

Data transfer

Our production facility prefers data to be sent encrypted via Secure FTP. This also allows us to set up an /OUT sub folder for providing proofs back to you. Recommended Method: Secure FTP using SSH2. SSH2 is an encryption method. Like FTP a ‘client’ is needed. If you choose to use this method we recommend using Filezilla. http://filezilla-project.org/ This is an open source secure FTP client that can encrypt data using the SSH2 Protocol. You may need to configure your Firewall for this method to work. For Secure FTP to work port 22 will need to be opened to our external I.P Address.

IP Addresses are: - Primary - Backup

If you need to automate the transfer of files via Secure FTP we recommend using SSH Tectia Client with command line parameters. More info at: http://www.ssh.com

In the interests of security we will have to tell you your username/password over the phone. At this time we can also help you configure the parameters in the chosen client. We will then make a test connection/data transfer (any text file will do).


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