AIS Associate Online Exhibition 2023

Awards Judge: Rick J. Delanty AIS

Associate Living Master, Art Renewal Center --2022 Signature member: AIS, NOAPS, ASMA, LPAPA, PAAC, ISAP, PRIMA Artist Member – CAC, OPA AWARDS JUDGE STATEMENT: “An excellent painting is like an effective speech, a memorable movie, or a stimulating conversation. It has a profound effect on you, tantalizes your senses, opens the door to something new, touches your emotion, your mind, or spirit in a way that nothing else would do. The language of art has been communicated to you through an artist who had an idea and has crafted his/her work to

express that idea in a powerful and personal way. It is the language of shape, value and color, of creative and logical composition. The medium employed is used in an intentional way to convey emotion, to share experience or a moment in time, to explore a relationship between humans and the world they inhabit. The painting is about something, a concept, focal point, a feeling—everything in the painting supports that central ideal. Great work is powerfully and simply stated, elegant in its communication, and fine in its finish. Accurate and sensitive drawing and command of perspective are key to credibility, as the artist demonstrates experience in working from actual subjects, not just photographs. There is an authenticity, an honesty that can be seen and felt: the artist is speaking in his/her own voice, developed from long hours of study, observation, and work. And the work looks effortless.

Making a great painting is not easy, nor is the judgment of what a great painting truly is. But there are fundamentals of drawing, composition, and color that need to be in place for communication to take place. In addition, the innovative use of many other kinds of elements that an artist will use to express his meaning clearly is what will make his or her work unique. It is the blend of fundamentals and innovation that create the work that works.” Professional artist Rick J. Delanty , inspired by the evidence of God’s supernatural presence in nature, shares his travels seeking wonder and beauty in surrounding landscapes.

Rick has been painting for over four decades, taught painting and drawing at San Clemente High School for over three decades, and mentors Laguna College of Art and Design students for professional Plein air events. The featured subject of his work is the California landscape, focusing on compositions built around mood and a deep appreciation for life. The prolific artist’s work is represented in nationally known galleries, and he has received awards at the regional, national and international levels as well as served as a curator of two exhibitions, and judge of awards for several national art organizations. Rick resides in Southern California and enjoys the outdoors. He has a deep appreciation for art, history, and lifelong learning, finding inspiration for his art through his Christian worldview and nature itself.

3 rd Annual Associate Member Online Exhibition 2023

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