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Preparing for the Worst november 2019


As summer wound down, our area faced the prospect of a major hurricane, a Category 5 that would rival Hurricane Andrew. It made a lot of native Floridians shake in their flip-flops, including us. Hurricane Andrew was devastating for Miami, and Hurricane Dorian looked like it would make a similar impression on West Palm Beach and the Treasure Coast. Like many others in our community, Chris and I stored up on the essentials of food, water, and pet supplies. We boarded up our house, brought everything that was outdoors inside, and made our evacuation plans.

Gardens, which is a more solid, cinder-block structure. We felt a sense of community in preparing for the worst. Despite the fear we felt, it was comforting to know we had family and friends who would be there for us. Then, as quickly as the threat appeared, the storm turned away and it was time to take the storm shutters down. This left me with a strange mix of feelings afterward, especially when I consider all that preparation. I took the storm shutters back down, returned the patio furniture outside, and did all the other busywork. But the alternative is frightening, and

A day before the storm was going to hit us, it stalled over the Bahamas, going only 1 mph. Thankfully for Florida, this meant the storm had more time to make the highly anticipated 90-degree turn north. While we breathed a sigh of relief, we could not help but think about what was happening to the Islands of the Bahamas. Elbow Cay, a spot that Chris visited just this past June, took the brunt of Dorian’s force. What were once adorable beach cottages just steps from the water became mangled and unrecognizable pieces of debris. We feel for our Bahamian neighbors and their heartache. Our thoughts go out to them.

our preparation wasn’t for nothing — one look at pictures of the Bahamas will tell you that. Dorian was a powerful force to be reckoned with, and we’re overwhelmingly grateful we did not have to contend with it. Overall, we’re left with an immense feeling of gratitude coupled with deep sadness for our neighbors. During a month of giving thanks, we are thankful there was no damage to the Florida coast. We will show our thanks by donating our extra hurricane supplies to relief organizations in the Bahamas. Our hearts go out to the people affected, and we hope our contributions will be a small way to show them that people care and are here for support.

Something you may notice in times like this is how people come together and help one another. As the storm approached, we saw neighbors assisting one another to put on storm shutters and close up outdoor structures. We have a well, so if the power goes out, we’re without running water. Our neighbors helped us get a generator, and everyone pitches in with food and water. In high winds, our frame house wouldn’t hold up well, so as Dorian approached, we contemplated leaving home for Chris’ parents’ house in Palm Beach

– Ashley and Chris Bruce

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