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MAY 2019

The Secret to Efficient Cooling

There’s one big secret to keeping your home’s air system running efficiently during the summer months. We’ve talked about it in the past, but it’s something a lot of people tend to forget. That secret? Cleaning! I’m talking about keeping your air conditioner clean and free of dust and debris. Whether it’s replacing an air filter or clearing dust from the unit and vents, doing so can make a big difference. Within the home, dust can hinder your system’s performance. To make matters worse, all that dust and dander and other particles get blown around the home whenever the system is used. Outside the home, it’s always important to keep external units, such as the heat pump, clear of all outdoor debris. This includes everything: leaves, twigs, grass, weeds, dirt, rocks, bird nests (it happens!), cobwebs, and so on. In a few short months, outside units can become remarkably cluttered, and when they do, it lowers their efficiency — and blockages can cause serious damage when you fire up your A/C for the first time in the spring or summer. If your home lacks an A/C unit, we can help with that, too. Peak A/C maintenance and installation season is still a ways off, making May a great time to schedule an installation. Of course, we know a lot of people aren’t sure if they should go through with the install. They aren’t sure if it’s worth the upfront cost or the ongoing cost of energy consumption.

install an A/C unit. Most importantly, it cools you down in the summer. You don’t have to worry about spending time in an uncomfortably warm home, especially when you’re sleeping. On top of this, installing an A/C unit adds value to your home — how much value depends on the type of unit installed. Adding a window unit will add minimal value, while installing central air will add significant value. Another thing to keep in mind is that air conditioners


(and entire HVAC systems in general) are more energy efficient than ever before. If energy efficiency is a concern, we can help you determine which air conditioner is right for your situation so you can balance a cool home with a manageable energy bill. One of the best reasons to have an A/C unit is something that often gets overlooked: Air conditioners help remove excess humidity from the home. That’s a major part of how air conditioners operate. I don’t know about you, but a warm, humid home is not a great place to be, and we can thank the invention of air conditioning for putting an end to that! If you have any questions about air conditioners, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We’re always standing by the phone, 24/7, ready to take your call, whether you have questions about air conditioning, heating, plumbing, or drainage. Until next time, I hope you’re having a great spring!

–Tyler Dillon

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