The Record SUNY Buffalo State Student Newspaper

Volume 92

June 1988- May 1989

All images for The Record, SUNY Buffalo State Student Newspaper have been captured from archival microfilm located in the E. H. Butler Library, Archives & Special Collections. As such, variations in individual numbering, coloring, resolution, image size, and searchability is dependent on the quality of the original microfilm capturing. Please contact the Archives & Special Collections Department if there is a particular image or article you would like re-captured at a higher resolution or quality.

- --�SrA'.rnREcom> . SUMMER 1988







--· - EDITORIAL Changesabundant asc18$ of '92 enters The class . of'92. It h11S a nice ring to ii. Tty not ro ge1 roo accustomed to it, though, a.s many ofyou =i��::� bt ::r. f{1i�:!:ti:::�� 1 �?� ro1heclasso f '93. lim5::�� ��:= 0 � f Jf:i��anyear,no lfbysome chanceyou , haven ' r noticed,theco!, lelfeyou have picked to spcndthe nenfouryears orso ar is undeqfoirtgquite afewchanges. Some changes,ofcourse,are more obviO us .than others. A squadron ofbulldours anddump trucks is bUS1ly te,.ring apartthe"tajthnear theHouston Gym. As a .-esult, the school'sh<:>uld open a modern sports complu - complete with a newhasketball court and ice rink-�themembersofthe classof '92areheading into1heir.senior year. Across campus, another team of.«instruction workers is revamping the school's•= to Elmwood Avenue. Otheycli�nges are less obvious but hardly less conscquent:tal. This summer, Dr. D. B ru ce Johnstone,president ofBSC.since 1979,i]eavcs to beromeehancellor ofSUNY. Members ofthe classof ° 92should se e artew president named as they begin their soph o more �� With Johnstone 10 Albany _goes David A . Burdette,the�ool's budgct direi::tor.Q:impleting whatamounts tobe a. relatively majordrain on the school's administration is the decision of Dr. Wi\!iamLicata _ , th eschool's vice presidentfor administrario,;the past 10 years, to resign his pos1

illli,;;:: =LETTERS To THE EDITOR Actingpresident extends welcome to . students Ave,yw.,:nwekomeinthesummerofl!l88 RockwdlHall,ismeant to_redesi¢n the entire to ,di new BSC ttudents .,- frcshnwi and ua1mdofcampu1toprovide eQ1 trKCe$Sfor �"'!.,��Z;=f:l"io""!.�::: bot��U::'!r'!.�; gro., � h.os � n yow- fine yar•• BSC,• gre,,1 lurnint! e,:. bn:,ke,,forthecollege'1newq,oruare � .Hous- ' ��i�E#�= ����;;;;;::�'. .. The f•':"11Y · llld staff who will be workina: tionfor�irud�'*·Avlily,ourse!fofthc:lllAI\Y Aiy,c,11lookaround _ lhocampuolhissummer irowth•nd peno naldevelopmm,.U�ip. youwiDeee•ndupenmce.someofthc:cbances c:n:c:llc:ncc: ind indivi,:lual •ttc:nrion .re tlu1arehappening•t thilrcoUege.Thercgiwl,. hallm.orksofthilr,institurion tion systm,,cal.led OPSCAN, illbrandnew.You Welcon,c, 10 IISC. We lool forward 10 having willbe the: lirsl clos.s offreshman Indtransfer you "�th us in the: f.tlt studc:ntsto useit Two mtjor CC1nstrue1ion p rograms have Dr.Rioh..d A. Wic:aen begun.One:, in tho front of campus near AetinCBSCP,.,.idcnc and resumeteaching. ·• And stillmoie " chariges.Members ofthe cl llSS o f '92willneverkn o wthe1ragictalts,eMggerated or n o t, of manual registriition in a schoolwith more than JQ, 000 students.Anup-to-dateoptical scanning system that started last semesterhas ended that , era. • It appears likely that a new system o f funding thc school"ssportsprograms-w i th smdemspay\ ing asepcrate�thleticfeeins,�ad_ofa lumpactivitv foe-w i ll be implemented wutun a year or two.' The list goes on. Desp i te the changes, though, _ th e" standardl i nc rcma i ns truc:yourcollcgeeducation i s whaty o u make of i t. While i t's tru� that BSC will 1icl'e;be�confused with an ivy league i nst i tution,students here can st i ll gc1ago o deducation,one1ha1 g o csbeyondthe words in a textbook. ' As i s true with many things,i1s i mply depe�s o n � i �i1� i �i��e members o f the class �f '92. !lUFFALO SfATEREcoRD ::!F.� � th Organizatio ns.,__ can enhance college experience l.e1mc:addmywc:lcomo!Oyouli.Syuu,tar1 Thc: lamdreds of pmfes sioroal O!\d s1udcnt ;��l11�+��;g#.i;g �sJffti§J!?�Jtl;;I;,� ¥:@:��:ff��:�'.� ;f;:#]����1�:;�;� '"" "Studmt Handbook "88/'89"' •redesig,,ed 10 Best wishesfo,1 mo st successful ocademic help acqW1intyou withS<'>meofthemanynu- y.,.,! dcnt$erviccs1v1ilableoncampus.lurgeyou10 take fu!I adv•nurgeof these �rvi cq: a,>



The'RECORQ __,__..__ I

infpnnative guides Qn : where to "go" ls T 1 D 1p Cultu n: or�re, Elmwood and Allentov:in - 1-. I n offer diversions to please any appetite . '

�******* '

And. an o ugh to remember ocid washjeano, thcAnchor&.r willlc t you i n forth.o music ifyou"re und e r21--bu t OOI for theboo1.e. •dded.plLIAfor thOSO yo "°' e n

It happens · to everybody sooner or later. You are in · a public place and you feel that familiar in­ testinal sensation. You gotta gp No. 2.

11.'hil<-ofibelwditr ..,.,J:,,..,.,.,,;uscan.odopteasi lfeoom<: intontsctw\th theoeats in publicul'llldoocts. ,n%��tr;eh:r;',,:�:. J)<'rilous ond s,;,mc,w�u mon, to1eroN e . One ofthc po pulu techiliq u es i n V(l[ves aw<:ring the SC>I "�th , toikc poper. t.nothcr,oJbeitmon,diffi<:»11. manc u vcc i n V(lh•es ,;qu.atting ovcr the ta n k withoutleni n g )"OUr bu n sactu.tllJ'a,me i n C(mlaet with t h e sea,. This pankubr proced u re doeo, ,l>o"·evcr.rcquiTCconsid.,.,blc -ski111 n doolancc. t.ndevcnif you rarcobleto Suo:essf u !ly avoida,ming in dil't>ntactwiththc drc>d­ cd scat. th e n, or e other dangenin publicbot h root111. There's probltms of odor, privacy.arullhoavaiW,ilicyof toilctp,,pcr,soapondrunning w1tt"r.t o nam e 1 few A tBSC.thtteoTC1<1mev e ,y nice hlth roo = Then: are "1so IOme dumps -(H a, ha! Dumps!Gc-tit?) which aren't litf o rus,:byhumansormost o thcrbjih e rspeciesofmam. 11talforth111fUtttcr. An d a> n sid<:ri. n g t h at w e U o ver 50 percent of BSC S1Udent£ ore rommu, .,n. it sctmssafe to1SS11mc m o scof u swill,sooncr o n d!, nccessary, o toke o u rchanoes incme ofBSCgblth rooms. lnhopcsofma>ki n gthi

--· lrnntlg�llHreportllr$ Charlie Quill and l.aur laSWHney take notes 11theydelwelnto thes.eamyw011d olcom· fl!Odes In se1rclioltheperlectlhrona1t esc.

h<>W1'vcr,veryn·ce - even thouthlhew o men'sroom h os thcsligh t odorof�pi.,.,. Their nice ne u co n be dircctly,com:la1cd 1 o thrir ntwncsa.Thl:ywcrej u stbuilt hwillbci n !CrClrinfto.. ., w h •t they . will look like in a n other year. THEGYM** onlyfor th e 5enscofnoew.a[g,. l he y cvolte.Aoticker on tM wa/l lnthc men'•roomrcad.J "Makowdci -11, e Man fur Mcln 'T.J."Kindofgivesyou a sc,...ofthevin,agt:ofthi, ... Wb>1wa,l�ftuC!hc.,allsin 1he n",..,om·,,n:,Jcfnm marble.There's ..,,,,.,hin� )'Oudon"t...,1<, o oft cn.And tl>

Jou.niearca wilh asy chain and amirror. ADi n all, n cither o fti-e bothrooms wcre t oo bad.lfa pel'IOnhappcnedt o bci n rcal rn,uh!ca n dncededsomcplace to ,o "fas,.w e would rea, m, me n d thesclocatiom. ROCKWELL HALL (adjacent to the auditorium) *** ** de�::cd bot rn roo :::. • . C l .:ort; elegont.And while we wo u ldn't rccommerul .,ting otTthcfloor<.thcrcioandgr•Y,whicltfur thcr enhanc:ethcquainu, ... l'hereallyimprasivething aboutbothofthcscb.oth roorns i1 the e..,.Uent 1oca..ibili, y for lh e ha n dicoppcd.Tocsc Mrebyfar thebest we'veoeen a n ywhcn:oncomp u s. A ndthebcst1hing•bo u 1°thc Rockwcllbothroomthroo !IIL nccdlcss.t o iletries. ..y.t he rearcplen, ty o Wh•1 ft o i• t really striki n ckwell at, g obo lml n e liminotc1the n e n ty ofs ple

sruDENIONION*'h ThelimQoorj o bns i n the westendoftheS!udcntUllion an:pmbablJ,themostce n lral· lylocatcd,lnostused•ndmosc o campus. 7bcy'n, cmwdcd, sm e Uy, n d cramped. GIJbale ovcrflowe.d from the trash tontoi"nen and many of the sinks didn't work. On the stal! Athaldid have doon (there w,:n, n '11ny doon in :!�/:'1:'�:�r:h u e�� :: kccp it s! , u 1,as1herc arcno ..... Rasicolly.wc",!lrecd even a pcl'IOn with o n lythe$1igh,cs, !�d 0 ���;1 n ::' t o 50 ;: nearestgHotationbcforcp u U, int•hcir pa n tsdownineit h cr of1 h csc d u mps. COMMUNICATION CENTER ** � u1ce most ofthebathl1)0n), wc evalUAted,thcsc sm e lled. TI>ey rmeUed realbid. They wcrcalsomessyandcrampcJ. ..... idcft-omthat,tho u eJ,.th e y wc:rcn't halfbad. The men·s room bad wo'tking •inks and plenty · o _ fsoap , Jl,OJ>l"'"'lOwclo n d toilct p,,pcr.Ofc:oorx, • rhescfacilitiesproblbly don't wome-n'1bilthroompiclC11rherc.orwh01? roo m smeUcdreal, rcalbod.hwos at.o vcryl,ig One o f lh e high po i n ,.ofthi< bathroom was iu intact hon� dicappcdfacilities.M()Sl o flh e bot hroo rns we visitc,J had suilllbJe whcelch.air·acct:wible 'n..mcn·sroomalsoie mcn·s u ro LlijRARY (south. west Oua drant) *· ** Is ther e

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pe•backS<' Ctionof1hc,t<1te.Jfyo u prepored to clolhingbargai n sorchrr o. M • nyoft iterns inthc pile arc,educedbecouseof • imperfmions,butoo:asionally)'hapc in the pile-and1h

Some SOWi lltopS stay open until 11:30 or midnight,oncl con oornetimcs o re fun than thcb&rsoenc: yoo'rcright,lmadcthatup).Hn-. 1 trcndypllce to goforsweec51uffisthc e v e n m A ight the T oo usually...ts alx>ut25. The Towne Resuurant Allen o.nd ElmwoodAve n u e 1 good place to oobcr up with IOmc dmcl,or1 o e ra,!Ta,.A.l!th e variotions o dyed-blondehail"$prlymi<:cswlthGUCC;i n th $land,,obout SO,• n d I h o n Souy]alr.i 1 n o v n�o Elmwood n .[ight e d Swe ve.). O e t T oo (478 t IWlnnCr c:orner of ) is a philn,;ophizc f/illen, th

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Diverse est popJJlation offers many opportunities ,_,..."-, . _,,_ vi•hle m•nncr with in· 11ieBSCcampusitdiversc. dlvidw.Js!h.ttare,;ul1urallyor Ourpopul1tionindudcsAfur ...:i.tlly different. Therefore, American,, Native- theydeprive themselves and Arntricans, inclu

Student organizations, clubs


l:lOp.m. ... 1:lOp.m. 1:lOp.m. 1:lOp.m. =- LOOp.m. l:lOp.m.


- s... 9/)0 10� ... ,,. Tl.. 9/)3 Fri. t/IS - � m1 1p..-. - ,_ 1/U tp.a ,,. ... lM 2:lOp.m. IOl\2 tp.m. 10/15 2p.m. 10/18 4·p.m. )CI/U 3p.m. := Tp.m.

'" 3:JOp.m. 3:lOp.m. 9116 tp.... 911' 3,p., a. t/U 3:30p.... tm 3p.m. !Oil 2p.m. IOI$ 3:30p.lA. � :�:: 3:30p. ...

WHY _do you come , to school? Is thishowyou want to remember yourcollege years? Bored - Brpke � Ignorant?


* Gain experi�ce * Meet rtewpeople

w�will train you - work yq,ur oWn houl'S!!

Aq.y majorcanjoin!!

- Ad�er, 634-9437



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- · ITl)RI 1mCORD .aoa:BSC: · ��place fI -,, 't i:atc,-&n� " � of bntin th,s� 11nd ffah:ttotha t tinnp � . . u,;'::i�!:::or��mg� lrn""':,;..n. .'\JJvi'Jnt:who ha,i/�n:umes tluv>.¢1 the t'!e\\."&:bedwe _o\dJtlSffllmt� l.."llDW$ I(.. The8!!111rc:h ,::om:mi� hunnng.ior• .new sebool _p:residcnimov.�n. .i . ew tier.iided TheRECORD a!!e �it��t�::a:=.:t:r��;: m� lEvou:"=· :11� ex.c::::i!!:".pronu11rn; p1mm:,.. "?�����!u e ::;�� 'S � """"",md;.,,"uc,1I1US1<1ltn�l;lo�,:u� �r'.fellrunewaPJl<'llr.mtius;tt:11rs REa)RDwilli>e•�o!'lnquiriugf'�.r. Eaeh 11-n:k 11--e'.11solicit tileop,nionsoffo•e orsi;r sru.::ient�uii�pt·rtm,:�11campus 1o�ue audpnm till:' n:suits.alu�wnhthe!iludt;m:'spinure ../:.�11�;;·::,;,::;:�!�!:i:�:�!c;.: � '.·= w:i!: w,·oke m . 11 n: .i.m . a ,tt.-u.c,·e l11youb f.u.s,•. .:1c T.n,uwfr.-.>:1:.-pag,ma!" .. he.,,_;1,.,., �;';�tu;��t�: ':.1/� 0 �a: n t�;� m.. ,., ,mcrtb'11!1;:,oisrut:lcn1\ w ., u\ cl _t u.ili;.. ,:: , o «'-" u,un campu, t"\t:tin. 001.cri::f·' M,� ofi-!;.dmpu;, cm<1"..1mw1:1,r·.hlus1cnt:V>·>,muit"afiltli msu- .e.1ion"· Co,,:nnf tiit· nU!DC!O"!> 4-lm� ·�t'!. a11d ,..- ""'me Ulll 0.- s Ulfficuit ia,i;,· Tnat:Iv,.-. w� :-:;�::a'!;·l:::!;;t 1111tiJ! Jia,� ()L RECORD

Class to study elections =r=�'°' f��:c��..r!� lc 1�/'�ti h :: :�:����.�:.: ::;: �i�i�:::•: 1 :�: d ra�;��"."b,�;:�· en.;,7;�:t.��·r:�:id ·�.°

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and Speech Dcp,mmcnt or RSC. The claM, w hich meets fromJ to4:l5p.m. Mondays ond Wednesdaysin the Com municarion C.nrcr, analyzes rhe role of the neW1media in polirics. w ithiismainfocuson �tic:���rz:�o��::.t· "Aftcrihccloction,1hec l oss. willarudyuwhltthappenedto Shesaidblaclcsore'"icedout byanybu1block oo1ivitits"a1 non-minority colleges. She �!so said th ey hove been con s,antly exl)Q$Cdro ncga1ive si ereotypessi= ,hey can rc,ncmberundmayh•vehad� less,thon-J)"r educa6on,han 01her srudents. Wiesen TheBenga l s will play,he CortlandllcdOragc>n11a11,30 p.m in the Coyer F>eld.


Elmwood Pet Supplie• £....,�,hu,sfo•Vou,P.., TROl'ICAlflSHANOBIRDS

�wamm. As�. ,o!'�"'1::ad.:1>IUl!!:.buch!:.d ,..,_...Commztttt. J ..,,..JdJilu, IV.W'°>I<, omof.... �,o--e,..iu!t)'<>Ufrtl"'"' ;,a,1>1DiwU>e�ofu,,,�...,d,otha, �=...eyourUl<>utm,IUldi;,,n. ::.�:m'.=.��.�;;'"�� mcmilc-of;tM<:omunru:e••"'cll J_,,,=t,tmu,maJlc:.11.n••e�...,,...p <1'.J:llI>:!·w�·u,,·,...,,.,,..a.;.,a:1,,� u,�w=�-i;,;-_ .,.:knn!IM-ti>< ...-...r:� RA � OOL.PH '\.t� P�ualS....Tcii Ad y � · c..-;,..., V,,ewouJdlill<,,o=-aloii•*'•,..,;"""'· 0UmQ(r.m1<1<:l!S{" """'PU>- A:u,rfimUSG ......-UDjloflhi!.Wl�.amctum"..,.�· ..:l fu,- tac ,mut¢1u< °T1�1::·��":: •!"'-1¢.Mrll�Mokt=.....-.thc,ool:o oucs: udtn, ,:µr<:><:nlEIYC.."..·.•si-,-.ntl'SG ""-""'�htmadeOt:S1n�o,ed ,.,,. WitC"'1VU!:li>ctruuwn,e<.d.'T.W and1>kod lot1, . ,,.0,ob..lhe.� ,.,,ourrunlhoJJob. 010p­ Pffi. i-cr,u11,o""'·'·· LJSG ,-� ou, "'11an-.u1><>:,a l��IUICla,:t ,..._ w.f;m1>nfan:l,q,uisrw:.-...1 no, n= ��tf��$ e �1 """"'"'"0""'-"fo,worMpeac:co,nJ ;r �= Tb,11iLc;u111<,.1 "I>••'eruUally-::,o.:!,n !:SGmtlili>o.>:e. on� ,:,,ho&wicr.: L' mo:: �!a �""'n::"TIC:!tmot'.5Gi1)anoc,,,-, ��wn""".M, B"�,� a.;u, -..Tiiu,i:; ....ahe'"'WIIO,-�!:'Or:l:u;...,._.,, �,"l!f.:'M':""'�'.�::·°i,,,�� �i:=···=lh>'.: ti. :.,::�-�.=,,":":� �t):-i;:.::.:..���,l:n :h.......zv �:fE::���;·� """'WJl!,<�"D!i '"' '"'" """'P.. ''''"''"""""'' "£all.'.� =·:�"',,';' l't '

J:���ation RECORDOopyEai,o, Dr, Jacqueline Fleming 5poke toahaJf.f,UodRockwell H�ll,\uditoriumS.:pt.Sabout <,albunJ,11,cs,andord.wm

ocademic convocation. Flem· ing.au1hor o(" Blocks in Col­ Jege; · a crirical evol»a1ion or what lifo is like for black S1udents ar blacl c=llcge.u O!J)X>S<:d101hosc•n•nding prcdominamlywhire colleg,,s. isco,,sidcr,;,d a pionccr in ,hc itudy o(black in1cllectual de,'Ckrpment in highereduco- ploy in PcrryQuaJ. TheS,u. noedynightbegirn,•<8:30 in1hcSo,;ia lwi1hJ\m Ka rols :ind hi!, comedymogic. 11,c Thrtt!.o,uSouls.whieh ore Thn-..,Stoog,,,i imp,:rsona,ors. ,,.ill follow i=t,�·�:�s;;::�;\, .. r:7,1c rdlec,� the "'Celebrnt1ng Dlversity" ,heme. Three children-ahispanic . :1n:1fro­ Amerit4'1 anJ " n•rioc

------- ..... ---------

I* FREE* I *FREE* j � with coupon �L . -u{ "i:Oupon __ J I 10 GALLON FISH TANK I I ONLY $'5.49 I I coupon \ L ____ EXPIRES 11 - 16 · 88____ J

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Let's •-repfo,ward S..,,-oi, "" .. , � ,.,.-.....,, ;,,,,� t•i,..- �ey w �-<"�O"�<><-;>ic "•a· <:rcaic: �(I\UU.� \llhiit.11)1rllcmiOJ,1"'�aml ..cdw,ou,d =::-�� .. ��ac,�,;;= rry· hasjm1. � •,mpiy. =-:.-: 1rnd.ii;,· th= ,,,:�:.;-;'����..�: ,m:, t es:a,:IMC.:l ' t ;,-ro,-�:, <=l'lplt.,ofAiT,�A:::,m,:i.;,s::o�': =.w;,:-,of:,µr.:u.-,.�,�A::, ::n =Cntr:n;:. ==,;,,il=ti:mu�:11locr.-.,..o,e"""'"' TIICl>'t::nrn_n.. ,bon� :,,.,,._ - ,= �-0.Uli <:,- " · -.or,l'rl!:>rt' •»= . !,,t• t t,r��o.:.rurrt...... th.umd.,\><, ::1 r:, ,oi o::: : \'Ol: 1 l-,s r.C U_i..,.,,,. hi,t"<..-',""'""" ""'ro �!,rn::,,r �Ift�;t�;;����;� t �? has�:�...,�;._ ::iw--: ,t � ..� ::::: ;:t :·��;;1,���'. ;� l ����� c l'\r.nn•J'rri,..,.,

Arn,•rfom-will acr Of grand murs!"'ll"and willridcin,hc P"radewirh1\c1ingPresiden1· Beos California anning Boo,Hs STUDENT-SPECIAL�7.�.T!:ouiRED 10- 30 min. sessions for S29.00 no membership required �:;J( i y�� · . J1�� 1 P;.�:;� s t507Herte1Aoenue

; I

IB'll/VllJ8>1L.1111111. Blll!IIZIII "iRMlilli.-.ata.:tflll:l!IHI..UU:lllft:RElll-=tllll ���� _-.Bllltlff l ���·!!:!.� tlQl.'!!I" • NOWSHOWINGATTHF:ATRESEVERYWHERE

.:;:"'�� St ,,,r�,r��•t:.::�,�:.:t .-u-,""'�--...�"'-·"'"'"··� . --t.�-,--...�c.u,,.:-,.. c:,,... . -,a,...,.. .��=����· �

s a 746 elrrn11tood eve,,ue. � 86-8244



J:1id•r&11mnhttl6 11188



Residence Life,,,SUB, USG and Rockwell Hall Auditorium invite , BSC students to enjoy A / Very Special

SAVE UPT080 ° /o ·ON GRl;AT MAGAZINES AT EDUCATIONAL DISCOUNTS . Ple1ndffHWNb•........1-12...,.,-....,.. $pldal11la111Alljld11,....,...................

HALF-PRICE Ticket Offer!

I A Season of Discovery

I , ]

October 5 & 6 PUMP BOYS & DINEITES,_ Students $10 Discount $5 (100tickets per show)

September 18 ISO Students $8 Discount $4 (100tickets only)

October 12 LEHIGH STRING QUARTET Students $4 Discount FREE (50 !Jcketsl

\ ,

� U�5 OT l!f�.:� 11'�•,_ u'!frrH ll'r.t:• �

i2!.1�;';"HM 1 1 ::1, r�-Ci 1� i

2.a:: n,�:msc

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- �- 121lSSUi ,.,9




SIi ,:ic�i:�: m $0 125'�: SI' 12 1 � � � (W ST 1 011SSU1 SU 1,.sur

"1!$1 19 5 SG u..:i�:::



Noveniber 3, 4 & 5 GEMINI DANCE & BALLET AFRICAINS Students $8 • . Discount $4 (100tlckets per show)

October 14 Colleen Dewhurst MY GENE Students $ 1 0 Discount $5 (50tickets)

January 28 & 29 NEGRQ ENSEMBLE COMPANY Students $10 Discount $5 (100tfcketf per show)


� o � rd �����:��P�������1 : 1 ���� f g�fr' Ji�·,�-��� 6

1 �Jo:�{i��:· limi t

Buy now for best seat selection.

B�ngals ����

beln1��-· i,.� Goodric:hpohned out. "lt .imponam101-lac,om!. liomthan,qitlre11lid,s �-Tooandltoo� CID woti; menully OIi I ployer,tboltab," Tbeeomoladcmakinnlll:, -,.1-llqbamoa.lbe nezt dlydld lltdeto�lbe "lwaamuchmorebapre.. edwiththewaytheyplqedla theeeco!ldpcne,"Goodri,:i, soid ."Theyplqedwitllmore lntenait)'ondlkill.•GppOled IO thefirat game.wbicb­ ploycd moxewith hwtlbon an)'thing e!te. " TheBSCtum badoeveia! pJ.ym ,on thc:bmcltwith vorious iajurie1, li111hing Cloodrich'•Optiano. The udyBengals tnrvd IO Alfnldtomly. llllrkingthc:first offi ve stni9htl'Oldmotcllel, whichind.udesthe SUNYAC opener•tOswego.oa.. 1,,m,1 tttumho111e1nbcgin afive­ gamesand.

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"But 50minuteswonYdo it,"hccontinued."We"vcll<>t tubethen:for thewhole90" thel.ody The Lady&..,.i.Lookctl · Bcn&lla' lud iolwfwithhcr •ll)'thing but unpoliahcd in lint,o,l,which came athe the first SOIIIUluta,whe-n 32' 31Junctun: ofthe -,,d theyrllCCd to• Z-Ole.d .tnd•pcrfect seemcdto ownthei:ontest. b,oll [n the cruse IhaJtom. Senio r MaryLundopencd bouahwaa oblero he,dpat the1a:,ringat26:40ofthefim flSCgoaJleMargoMesler. Slama, Lobbing1 direct kick Sandy ZoUo marked the ove r LadyTigen' netminder equaliler14 minutes later. Kriati Gaff,"'h?watclted it .convttting• perfect erou in thebolrfromKriatenKnlsely. llhots on the RIT gaol,while LauroMcDonneUpickcdup1 theLadyT'i"npcppered the reboundJOfoetinfrontofthe flSCnctfor 13.Mesler mode Lady T! J!en' net that Gaff nineuves. couldn't handle and simply "In·myfonr yea r s. thl1 is bootedtheb,oll intothe open the best quality t..m I' ve ���u��to�fi=w� r �.;;,�y::e !::!'�!'. :..:t "'Theyreal!ymovedtheb&U suchallhon amountoftimc, wellfor the lint SOminutes dtvelopingpatienccandother ..,,d Juw some really

A BreakAway Thel.odyfleflll]s......,j..., •h1uk ortwo.-yfro:mck>­ ing-�lood.thinpin Rinthamum.Jastweekend,but endun:dmcl<--to-bock. double· Overtirnedcfacs. The ioumomem opene r againotVuaarw•dcadlocl

th�£�;�;��. l�; �� �t �;::����:� ,n1,...i io ,\mhct'> l "to bonl.- bbortJ. thr.,o:¢, ft -.1,_•,1t,w: [i:l. .,.,, .,.,...a,'1:Ttl'h..-.,�\"'.,. ri,,oJUni,n,,i�·ofBuffalo. down-.w,��-"'-''11-N ·fw__,,.s,., ••-��#1\�-.:� ThtUB8uUs.3·7•J.,.,.r 11<,yn'�l-�oiht ��' ,..'fl:-,.\"""""\ �k��.fn��:·{:,,�J ·:11:ti:!n�'= � ) =�\�: t..- considered• m•jor upSct. in and our oilb:&'1j'lll ,-£. ..'tha.i• hl..'-�-.,..i1...,...,>r FindlayCollegrisaDi,· · ionH fenstinlSS7.!!Q.,..,.h&s:mpl"1Ml1rusf.l;li"'1 week after a JS-17 loss 10 in last "��end's loss m dcfonst.ot>l"1hat"""''H'"mlt.' Canlsiu,. ll'hi < h closely Canisi"� The 3S ancmµts cd for 360 yant; on th<, p.,rallrled thrii inconsistent broke the fh-.,.yt3r school gtm,!ld. n,.. lltn�als ,;p,mOn·

Tite lossdroppedthl: Lody

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·�;"",...,.,x i n�n·�::ek°:'!d :O�: .,, C:::; th �mes went to double 'i;:�;��tn:=?ti:: hSidGoodrich to •tan ngiqganyrefrainsof"lfit -erei·,ror badluck.l"dhave oluok.rall." 111<'reasonsfor the lo5Ses ritrory. "J>1001dn"t Uywe'rt in a "' of bad luck,"" sold rieh.who"sbeginninghi• .":/!? r i�:�=.���i:�:'. f • if ·;:��:I�;!in�{�;��; kt"" Tor1hinlondlin•lmistak,: -a.DortrRon>bough"$gamc. 1:;!r-�;:��r:itE lidfl

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""l\'c11prob.lbly!x-ou,si,...J ��'";:S:�t��;�:"�If IISC"s dn<"< ! .;n·bc " ll'cc,·cntu3llj'ba<·ctoS1 op h ourdcrn�;· !loy.:.pon1t c,lour."Untnc1a1ringout 1 r,o thcC:misius 1 il1.··ll'c"re,oing to mixi1up oj11si,hird w nisthcbest Jo

Fredonia drubs BSC

on her the nu:·

a,ld I�• i• battling

a,Do..gKoJ llE'C!RDSpo,u�it !'rior to.thct...<1.1·Bcngals' tenn·s ma«h .. .-,h Fedon" State. Head Coach ·Paul \ V hehou!dha,•e = · io,amorral,'l'ropriatc l.ik,:1heinfimlan·. !Jon.1 Rochelle. lhc Lady Bcng.,._ls"1' o. ! s ingl« p lo., · e t . ""ll'cha,·cafc w ho •. rrn"1 plo}ing01J001> 0n.··o,,,.·s pining"ithsomebadhli.,cr,; w r,<'Ople


ROChellc.asoph<>mo,c,!,ob. hied ,hmugl, her match w it!, Shelly llcil. droppi11 g o &.:!. 6·3d«ision. Ohlsonn. mean. whilc.suoxuinb1andDon11a C,,\1cn.1hcthi,da,>d[our,h .1'Cn:. Iles, ond Col,cn 11·cr� ,!,c o,"·ith"·in, on_1hc aftcn10011.00 1l>t:,king ,hctrn. -spoc,h·c ,ingle$ma,. thes and ,com\ug ttp 1 1 okc II SC"•llctlrdoublcssicmn· ll<-,twon ic>si,oigl 1 t> l •1s. 6·2.6·2.o,·e,C:trulynfu> hbjns •ndwa,d,edosCohcnhauled Da'ctc1' a,·cr"nam rnthoc,. 4-6. The r w o ,oamtd up for a 4.6·2 •hi,mping of !l.obbins


11;cllengals1hrcw1J1i 111 es' on frst down lost week ,Kl. ahhough most "'I;""' out of n,:1:<- Top Fh•e poll. hhaar. ntnked 1'.o. l.�ins



u<' !ca,0 . /8 . s cb

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has openings for , children ages 2·5 for Fall '88 yrop in or cafl 878•5335


• FR!.



!O:OOa111 11:30am 7:00 pm


:,.. = ... i "' ::::I

-- �:�_

:: �_-J!;.�



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wo.. ,""";!� .. :!;. ...: . .,.,;¥ �• - . ...,, �....,....._..._, ,.......�,.•c .. -. u : "-...._._.,.,.,., ...._, ._, ,,,...,._.,..,.le',. �N [� , ;�!�� ; , !�� ' � • F l � ! LO T•_.,_

01 ;" "l....lL.SH>CO<"Gf., �ll<'



SO - modern dance ensemble.Jp.m.Rockwell Hall. 878-3005.Tlcke1sss 1os1s. SUB FIim - Jean de Florette. 8 p.m. Rockwell HallAuditorium. Free wl1h BSCJ.o.,s1wl1hout.


W1atamNaw Yllfk Art - M.terllla


Toyko Rosa..:. RJver Rock Cale. 2081 Niagara St., corner o1 Hetlel.675-7612. Paul N e al an d Fri e nds_ area vocalist. 8:30 p.m. Rockwell Hall. 676-3005 Ticke1ss101os12 Fotlrass-Chr1$tian ,ock plus MartinBarret. B p.m 11 p.m.


Pan;:u11lonEnaamblaprowl de e StudentUnlonQu 1 d r� �.�:!:!.°� :::tu o ��;i�i:..c::.::�r de o noonhour last-k.Th e th

e nte rt 1lnm, nlln perform1nc e w•s

ofolllyinJ1Jrudont apprehen- sion.toword thefirst doy of �:=��: i., �·i:·:::;�·





dord pleuure> " t tkcnd. T<>niO,t. Pcm,s· l>lu,ic Ruouuo Coote, punk rock, •bound- thh aural

A WEEKEND 0 F Outer 'limits IN

tsp controls the venical David Kane controls the horizontal Jah Mel can make your mind a soft blur or The Mentors can force it to razor sharp clanty

While the�sum:nmdi..,thilweek'1 room�·requeetpe:riodm.,-haneome dormsruden11thinki..,mQU1moviniofl"cam, P"'lle%t-,thellirworionUlno1perm1- nen1,aaidRonaldGcort<,•counselorfor the Office•orResidmceUfe. The requestperiod U1 the timeollottcd by ORL1t lhe swtofeacllsemester for dorm 1rudcntstoukformot11� '"Jltu;is1J01Jnoven::rowdirq1problem," said OeorJc,refcrrina;to studenta:,mplaintsm,)111 poyin,fot11in,gleroomo.nd,ening1double. "lt'1jus11matter of locoting wh.otn:>Ott1Sare nailable,"hesaid. Notcveryoneogru,;. ''The� definitely is..,ovttt:rowdi... pro­ bleminthedorm,"YidTainaf'" iou,,1ucond• semesterfTc1l1111an."lwupu1in1roomwith1 girlwhoh.od1Jin&)e.hwas thenno1 only1 problemforme,bu1lfcltlikclwuputtingher ou1olso7'shesaid. Thenumhttofrooms.voilablefor tbemale s�ntsisallolimitcd,uld astudcn(who declinedtobeidetitified.."l•,,a:111sinC]ebu1, rigb1now,lcan'teven geta room,"besaid. Ofthc2,100poienti.alrooms.l.& SOarefillcd with" p1 yingcusto....,r1tacconli"'10G£oi-&e­ Payingcustomenue th0M:whoi,,dplidfor thcirrooD11by!,)KMayidcadlinc.CNtoftbclc uso,1&1arecranto:1m>lka.Mofwhic:b i.a,;..�..:.-::.......-......... 10BSC.A11lii:UnivenityofBuffillo,h.lYUIC.., :=..-:.��� " ,o do � ��,:'.' � �i\':t!: i ��pt�;..���alounge," he sai d . So where d oes the needfor room-change arise? �;:F;��r;�:r ! :r�= These new ,tudents are not offici.tlly amon,g those who meet the d eadline. "This then becomes1problemk,rRcsidcnccLifc105upply hoos;ng."Ha"dingsaid. see Dorm, pai;e two

From1n1,·on1.gardedonce1n,upe to probob1y t h e ::u:�-:n ':ru:: .=1!" re ;1';....::� h 1 i : ple =�":!:,��=·::::::::;:t::\)u,cc Theater will take the ...gc i n the Rocl<,,.-e!I Hall Au d i1orillm for one performance of un<'Qualed �c d ance. The: ISO (l"m � Op1irnisric) d an=s ,;:ornbiMcleme, nsofmodern,au d once. b,,llct1nd b,,l lroom don« 10 fqrm 1n ·unparnlkled."li:k, . .,r sti·le whichh.asffde,'Cd .edaimthn:,ughout Europe.Japan 1 ndt h tU n ltedStntes. \ ISO'sfour mctnbct$ ha,.., spen1 ti!M with the oc­ Wimtt!Momilt1ndl'i1obo1usdon«C01Ilpa n ies..os"·cll

A.W-,a,m,who b.. replaced -Or. D. Bruce Jobn1wnc dur­ inC the n1rional

Dr,NIIH.Aucln semd,forbisructee50f. . Or.Rudin received his bachelor's and muter',degre,eafromWaynr, StatcUIUvonityprior to eofflmllhis doaof11te inGerman�and litenturefrornthc:UnlYttlityofBuf. .,. Rndin,wbojoinedthc:BSCr.t:uliy inl969,-appointcdcbarmtmof the FomtnLanpgeDepartmml in 1975,and later lel"Veda...:,c:ilte dmn of tbcFw:uhyofArumd HammitleLHeboclme..-mitvlcz pnlilkm fw ACUl1DicAffain in ... , women·s seminar ....8-llcan,,,tb !be,__ tirW-1"wlDbethelOpjl:rl1 =: ..'C:"�� �MDlinltrwlllbe,--lbJ a.-Dnll.•----- :=-!�m�SC a-UL '111o__ ��� = "' ot� wlda ld ., .":; =4:-in� m-r..:, wlD bt . pmdJ 1111111:,t .-,mt1...bumld..tdi• �--=�=== aecr-,wim1Jowof50 toSS -

CO..tructlonWOfUflpour-.t lrom an...._ct...-Mon­ dar uwon,; on BSC'• newRtldhauHIMtllndH-'OnGymcon, tin--


Raises $8,000 in cousin's name

Groups pitch in to offer students "Discovery'\deal •rSondr•M-1old R{CORDl'Nl..... f /10, Thelirsi d iscovctyof t h is su.on•t Roekwel!Hall is the1>·ailability of d is counttd s,u d ent tickeu.BSC students cannow•nen d RockweUHo! l progn,,ms forhalfpriceor less. ThcS1u d rntUnio n lloardlndOffice ofResi d fnce Lifchave allone.dD10 n ey "from thtir budgdsto1ubsi d i:r.e the sl,l perform,,nces in Rockwell Hall" • �A S..ason ofDiscovoey." "'ln1n1ttemp1 to make thesc e>'t'n1S more ai::«$!0blc w studt n l5," sai d StephenSam.Marri n .�irec,or of t he l'erfonning Ans Center. �1 looked ::;"�; t..:�. :: ed 10 figure who would ORL s! 1,edS,1.000for subsidiution andSUBpveSl,100.Scott·Manii' :�':'.::���e��;' k�� SO stu d cn1S 10 "'Thc orpnit:ition51re ma1C:11emo...,yfo,-suh- so d iutio n . A l tl>ough no cornminnen, h i.s been mlldc.Saiu- ManinJoid."'Our h opeis1ha1 USGwillbeabletoidclitify 1peda! gue11s, t h e S3.000toword 1he progn,m." . AfrielmofScneg,,l, wi l The: fi111t program beginsSunday Nov.4,6. when ISO. a four- member troupe of The1tl.lOIIOOntludeaJ1 n n d29 Pilobolus andMomlx dance comp,,ny, with the performan,;c of the Negro olurnni com<: 10 Rockwell Discoom E=ntb1e Compo n y's nationru tour of ticlcetsca n bepurch1tStdfromnoonto S , · ··From theMissi<.

- ·-- ==== ._,. -




From page one ���}]�;�...;;; �}J'wJti;���w.! 4*:fit:�:::::· trllnsplant,"W.W.Mid."She sweating likeI never IIWelt .)Oumey,he.,,111tlu,vefeltlike W&3just24•ndhad"1ltonecompa n ytoprin, •itnsforcoUect:ioncans th11 WC pu·, a1 small stores i n the area. A lot orbusinesses responded. New York Telq,ho n e ev.:, n donated a

�:tim!Us......�......-,ey �,.. ___ _ -=���� ·.....i.-=·�-�aff I:al l ll84- 7777 - :uiiiieiI Way .:offitffialo:.&�Tuun:!Y

YOU WOULDN'T WEAR SNEAKERS TO A JOB INTERVIEW••• SO WHY SEND A SLOPPY RESUME? Your resume gets there before you do, and If II doesn't look good you may never get to show your stuff In-person. We can provide activity-lee-paying students with a tow cost resume that Is· typeset and printed on your choice of several paper colors. Sorry, ..Dirty Canvas" isn't one of them. USG RESUME SERVICE

EARN $1200 A MONTH 7 0 - STAY IN SCHOOL The Navy will p_ay yoJJ OV!lf $12lll),a . month tor up 10 13 ywrs JJJSI for -staym:9 i .coll,ag,a :and _ ing YPJ.Jf . .DachElnr:£ .tregrB.e. A:1 tne sm.e 1tri:re yn.u'/1 .:earn :a _commission :as'iin ,::)'ffl� in 1h.e N ava l Rese rv e . I _4._GES:Turrween J.£ &.26 y.ear.s of�e CTTIZEN'SHIP, Tinired Smre orily. �"SIAT:JS,_-uTfStric:rio ns _ ""P.3.Y:SlCA.1.. SI..&.TL15:1nac:cordancew.ith Navy· .srandards . FOR:M:0.REDIFO.RMATION onibis exciting opporrunirj' call: 1-T .C�-WESTR.OPP a: 18001 � -6565. HOWDO YOU Q UALIFY;'

'fttf: JJ1ff/_bl)DR1,Q[jf

cctlular phonc,and took ,he !abfor aUoftl>ebil�"Walsh uid. On June I,Walsh a n d his =(;_�� 0 1�:·,np\:'! 1he tnwn of Newport, Ore JohnWalsh drove1hesupport va n and provi


YOr- Mu"STlil:.2_ TE.AJ>.siJWTCERTE.f

__ .,.,.. ___ mak<,dlangcsor,� •...,..madc, 1t.a1simple,-1han....,,toa.••:Uuoo:, .-ry,,...Smi,hCon>na'l'pcwnttt. ;,....rtitino«ands.


So Mwcom,ct "'llrmst•keo

'll,k<,oor,,...SmithCor,:x,o SD100,(LotsQlp••:ipl.areROins\QJ

iuscasyasni,k � thom

an i:� u � r \1/ 0 ���! 1 t

. uow,wc ha,-e to payfor it.


, 1



ond"C."An"A"passwilla!lowyou,o�kin 1hc lO{rightby 1hc�cal P1ont and ,:.., Rockwell Rood, but for a sum ofS2(} • Oci:(fn,eing landfor buiklingeonmucrio, , ), look"':t1er1 h an a p o tch ofb l adas p hall1nd �it�li;llJ� S)Penn.nent daa.ic CarShow! l havc hc.ard nu,nypcoplOethl:ir hugccngints.Figurconabout200,addcdspaccs filled w irh old C.maros,GTO's, Fircbirds,ind 1 6)Parl On '"!c Preeidcttt'• Fron! ��t ��E%!if:���;�:�eE Pcnhurst rt.a,,right bycampus. Wh11bent1 woy to !ell our 5Chool's lcader how we fed about parking all the way · inC.Mda w hile h< ur,l,z,n,h,1weJl-manicuredturfu11empontry h .omeror yourCioodyco,s.lwiUnorbermpon· Figureon�ut20morespacesfor1hissch•m<· lfwcu

tel'• foce io - parking on c.ampus is a nightnu,11e. With 80percent ofBSC's some l't. OOO studen�saimmutongtoochool,inCT<:a>cd enrol!mon1, eliminationofsom� p.:trki"ll •paca (dep,,,,d/ntonwho,.,u ralkto)and.consrruc- �::;;u�:!"::;�,�:;:��t 1 �e:::r� on1hcGntndlsl•ndl!ridge,the cor>SITUerionor •.new Sl>rritbnDrivc exiton theYoungmann Upre$$w•y(the city'o longesiparking lotsay so � ) : the .ri, · in g esc; otudent f ace<

Jah .ung:,la n dw1th mummya n d d :tddy inrh t old


�-..i ...............


BSC's specialist in h �,r;n a 12,,�!;.��:,��!

lll!I .,;;: m ;;;

: similar to Hawkey. ! ' ' ·


17Bofferseasyalgebaiic:ent,y Plust,movalueolmoney,cash flowsand linear regression to btidgcilieHP·211Shelpsh,m mYenatCh,eagoMc�cantdol analyw suue1wal SUeM'll-ntl !::•change"TheHP-l2C wl ' geomeuy ll'slheonlycalcu RPNleLSh1mllilalyrepuces. equauonhbmryw,thSOlver, anal)'zebudgctsandfomcasts :::.7,:.:·:"�:::::NewAchievers in :::::::':'.:::: ::::�:: HeavyMetal,Swing,Blues · e::... maUlXrnalhandgraplucscap- and Motown Pac�lcalcuiatorsambuilt :: ue. .'AM;m�:;:; radent ,nomammals Thenew.easy to u,;eHP·22S has a 00,l t-m



w (�::c.�

Come to


· eOWER ���


ketpthebo.llondrumupficld ;[;Jt�i:'iE�;;· ment •nd respon>e or the !�;��:1=: ly readingSheattrwudoi"II wu!he,itrxynumber ofany one ofa hl)St ofdefonden cnuhing . l h�lineof..rimmage







8 8 6 · 9 2 2 9


: s s

: s $


COLLEGE cantor $ FREEtnlormatlon 849-9650

We gladlyoooopc:

SPECIALS � ces0ctober l.l9S8


f';ro., :._ ,

' An Woven Shins


, ... " '!

,,,. ••

__ ..... _,...._





Homecoming events run gamut


King, Queen dubbed In opening pep rally; New mascot named

turnaround topples U.B. Forovcr1woyeors.B11ffaloS!1tcf001· t...1l h asbcenstucl<11thcdoorofrupcc- 1ibili1y,sordy knod11n of 30 minutes.�· Queen City'•OlktT foo1ball toam damn near ripped ihc

Unexpected play typical of BSC's winning at titude


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Satellite system to-link SUNY . colleges BSC f-.:nhy, students �nd oil 64 ot SUNY', wllcgcs and unlversi1i.. will �;l:.:.":':�r! i ::;h�:i:,:r ���I�;� ne!','Orksystem 11>tsatcllite lcaming system,called SUNVS,.,T. will br launc h ed o.;.c. 7 SUNY campuscs willbcahleto tunein ro1ndin1oractwi1 h anumbcroftopcx· perninanumbcroffieldsfors.mimirs. tckconfcrenccs and oth e r S1><

Better marks the second tim � around Sophomore Shearer settling as BSC's option quarterback .,,....., RECOROSoon•Edltor JtfTSb e arer's b i ggesipns on Sa1urdaynev c r lef1 h is h1nd Tobc sur e . h e did t h row hi$ s h ore ofpuscs ogoiru;t1 he 8ulls, but he produced mixed r e sulu (11·22,1 3 3 y;, rdsond,twointcrul'" tiot1S).C.,ainly no1of the rccord· t h rcucni..,v1ric1J. Forge! t h e numbers, 1l1ou'1t AFte, oll, IIOm e one once off e red :i';,�', n tt;f :. ore'li e s, ind1 h erc •re "nd t h en1here1re ot1riotica. ln-1uidi..,t h o is fasi becoming occu,t0mcd to 1hc � c t";� 1 r�� h :'!'ing imo h il own ai quarterback," HeodGoK h J e rryBoyes Slid. "lt coot h im • whil e to l e un t hc syltem.but t h al w11justam1tre,ofw h cn,andno1 if. He's maturing to t h e point wh e re h e'sf,jluringwhentodt• " "' 1p\1yandmake1caUhimsclf,•nd we'regiving h im thltfrttdom." AndShc•r« h 15 more1 h 1nem - . cy. TI,c guil e ful lancmte, High Sc h ool produc1 1udibiliud.on

numerous OCC4Sions. as the UB dcfousr:chongedi1slookal,nost ploy ,nploy,1«0rding 1o t he Bcngols'ati�nmcnt S11Sh11r1r.p1!i[111

Wi,�Sheitrtr1n gging1hc reigns." �hcllcnpls ..�1heir methodic, ,Fno1merairial.z.t,point co,n- •hxlt. lle.��'""alivcin1hel11S1 '""


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