MAY9, 1989

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Fredonia's 13th track crown extends run; BSC fourth FrcdonioSlotecasilyoutpnintcd rhore•t ofthcfie!den route to iu, 13,h s1nlgl11 SUNYACcrown in mcn·s u·11<:k ond field Ot BSC" s Coyer Fidd • thls weekend.The win extends F,etlo11ia" • SUNYAC nwrd ofmoOinting. He \as• ThulSeefinishtsfor BSCwereRus.sGri!fln inthehigh jumpMtha(sixfcet,eight·•nd·•· quonu inches). Dc�t.anDunn in thc800ine!en.(l:S5.27).Derrick Floyd in the 400 meters(49.4 1 secondo)andthel600-meterrelay team(3:Jl.8). !larris..id1he]600mctcrtca,n has no1 lost•n><:e•hisyar. TIie n:lay is s1aned byGriffin Md followed by Tom Myou, Dixon and anchoredbyFloyd fi�: ! ��� e ,h:,!.��!1!: 1 ':':i gc;;�; runners," ' Harns u,d. He predicted.the relayteam will win its event inthcNYSCA AOutdoor 1n

Norrisvictim of mates' miscues; Martin misses no-hitter TheBSCwom1hc..mcCort!andtcam. ··Woweredcfini1cly11otn:adytoplay on S.turd1y, " BSC eoad, Sandy Holland«'·Forwhalrra""" · la,n Jur;,notsure �( 16-13,6-SSUN\'1\C)commiucd oevcn C1Til"' and 11,odc 1wo l,;· runninggo!Tn Conl,md escaped o i,,.,_,..!o:,tk,ljon, t 1�·�-� :���i:,��).'';!"���·�· tcamup,"Hollondcr$: 1id In thc bot10111 oftbc first , Cort\amd picked up a ' run , with woOm•.on a BSCcrror. bo��:t�;::�fuu;:::";;:,��R:�'" in ' BSCgotonthcocorcbo;mli11 t lw:fihh. but"'3inmentolerronlnl lO-tWOfUt1· ncrs ·n,runrn,rso11herurncrs"·,hor,� ��\.u�· t.��,\�" �"J�i1:1.'� 1 : the plate. :��,i�fl� t � c ��rd smash down third,whichwas snaggedby a falling �!"t ., �t�'.i.c!�:d r ;�; •l1> in thefirst.Two walks. a ucrif,ce a,,d t'"'" Ohitskdto_thefomrun. HoUonderfclt ifthe tcombadbttn ablctomusterofcw,non,hits.thecon,plcxion of the gan,e ""Ould hove� different. "We didn't c lose ,1,., d<,or when \(•c should ho,•c:weju>1 didn" t � nove the killer in


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!lllil!!� 1ixth,whc11aConl1nd runner anen,p­ ted to oteal third and was hi1 in the helmetwith the throw. The bol!rolled ��,!ii:�� t : nd the runner was L::;,,,:::C::'.:,dc;:.;£;',,.;:.-"''-"'�:,..,C:_;:���

Rhond1H1ctalhomeslowl yrlHs1lt1rbth1Qlhrownouttryl11QtOscono trom11eond.BSC dropped 12· 1dlcs1 1lontoCortl1rwlSl1llonfrl d1y.

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