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The Grass Is High The Fields Are Ripe It's The Springtime Of Our Lives



This is an exciring time to be a student. Here at Buffalo State as on campuses all over the nation , srudenrs, faculty and administrators are becoming more alive and are beginning to talk co each other. High education, we are finding , is not somet hing complete that already exists and is merel y purveyed in the manner of pouring our cups of coffee. Rather, academic and social fervent is an essential and continuous parr of a healthy educational climate. The professor, of course, is expected to be an expert in his field who shares his existing knowledge as well as his latest scholarly discoveries with his students. But the process is not complete until learning rakes place in [he student. Learning is an active, not a passive, experience. As our College prepares for its Centennial Year in 197 1-72 there may be a tendency to look back, co recall rhe "olden days" of previous glory. We have much to be proud of at Buffalo Stare, but, as the inscription on rhe Ar– chives of the United States indicates, the past is but prologue. Rather than becoming the prisoner of our past, we can become the beneficiaries of it. We might think of the College as a river with many powerful tributaries. From our century-old experience in teacher educatio n can come an even stronger commitment to prepare the kinds of enlightened practitioners who will be needed fo r inner city schools and other challenging assignments. From our growi ng strength in the liberal arts come innovative ways of teaching in the established disciplines, as well as creati on of new programs both gradu– ate and undergraduate. And from existing strengths have grown new specialized programs leading to careers in such vital fields as nutri tion, indusrrial technlogy, and police science. These are the kinds of programs which make ours a truly 17Wckrn urban college. Many of t he blights on American society coday can be cured if enough people care, if enough human and o ther resources are appl ied in imaginative ways. The high idealism of today's students can be coupled with the op– portunity to learn nor only knowledge for traditional reasons, as well as to act as a skilled and committed citizen. Today's students are already involved in the search for solutions to problems of poverty, racial tensions, government of big cities, and pollution of the environment. While no college by itself can resolve these problems, the campus as well as the city can become the laboratOries where solutions are sought. The past year has seen more student learning off campus, whether it be in g hetto neighborhoods, at the Great Lakes Laboratory , at the college camp, in foreign countries, or as admi nistrative interns in Rockwell Hall. To accomplish su ch ambitious goals the College must grow in resources, in commi tment, and in stature. These steps must be [aken in such a way rhat effective human relationships are fostered, rather than discouraged. Sharing of responsibilities for campus governance and for liberalizing rules of older times is also part of raday's edu– cation . "Thus, in the process We discover new relationships. We identify new goals. We grow in size and concept. Completion during the past year of the academic core area linking the Student Union, the rededicated Ed– ward H. Butler Library, and rhe Communications Center is both a tangible and a symbolic act. This has been a year when we have actually emerged from the mud to an increasingly attractive and cohesive campus! As you members of the Senior Class of 1970 go fo rth to take on increasing respons ibili ty for the improve– ment of your own lives and for the city and world about you, we who remain at the College extend our warmest cong ratulations and good wishes for your imporcant work. E. K. Fretwell Jr. President



Dr. Edna Lindemann Director, Deveioprmmt and Cultural Affairs

Angela Palmieri

Norman Walker

Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs

College Coordinator of Student Teaching

Paul Homer Acting Dean of the Arts

Robert Hawkes Director of Seek Program

Glenn Nel lis Assistant to the Pres;dmt

Dr. Henry Richacds Coord;'lator of Afro-Amer;can Stud;es

Dr. Walter Greenwood Act;ng Dean, Faculty of Arts and Sdences


Dr. Theodore Van Istendal Director o/ Imtitutionai Research

Eugene Dakin, Co-D;rector of S;ena

James Pilkey Associate Director 0/ Adm;ss;ons and Records

Dr. Francis Srewart Director 0/ Admissions and Records

June Truesdale Director of Placement

Mehdi Kizilbash Director of International Education

Dr. David Rogers Director of Graduate StudieJ

Kenneth Willmot Director of Food Service Division

Dr. Steven Ginler Director Continuing Education and Summer Session

Brian Cole Chief of Security


Ted Youn Associate Director 0/ Student A//airs

John Kennell Director 0/ Student Activities

Toby J ohnson Assistant Director 0/ Student Actvities

Daniel Hunter Associate Director o[ Activities

Antoinette Borucki AM;stant Director of Activities

Leon Smith Assistant Director Student Activities


Dr. Wilson Gragg

Dr. Paul Hale

Dr. J. Stephen Sherwin

Mrs. Helen Thielking

Mr. Dugald McLeod


Joseph Hitrec

Carl Sauer

Dr. Henry Klomp

William F. Cornell

Dr. Cleveland Jauch

Dr. Charles Lefcourt



Foreign Language

Roger F. Baglin

Dr. William H. Oldenbrook

Dr. Charles Messner

Luigi Monga

Elesnora Korzenjowski



Alan N. Sussman

John P. Minahan

Dr. Antoinerre M. Paterson

Dr. George T. Hole

Dr. V inor H. Balowi tz

Dr. John C. Carbonara



Roland Wise

Joseph A. Bolinsky

Frank C. Eckmair

James A. Vullo

Dr. Benjamin Sreinzor

Arthur F. Kleinfelder

Dr. Rober< Squeri

Roger B. Kline

Saul). Horowitz

Douglas E. Sigler

James A. Battistoni



Dr. Robert Can trick

Dr. Joseph Wincenc

Virginia Austin

Cheryl Grant


James Fulkerson


William Tallmadge

Dr. Silas Boyd

O laf Malmin


Sociology Anthropology

Dr. Rodney Watson

Dr. Joseph Bunzel ------------ ------------ \

Walter Bukowski


Dr. GcrharJ Falk

Dr. Orvis Collins


Dr. Manny Koginos Psychology History

Ralph Raico

John Morganti

Dr. William Field

Dr. Edward Smirh

Dr. Walter Drzewieniecki Chaimlan of History Department



Political Science

Yung Kim

Elbridge Renning

Dr. Joseph Hasson

Dr. Joseph Fekere


Dr. Kei rh Henderson

Dr. Howard Park

Jerome Kraus

Dr. Raymond Stone

Frank Fly



Henry M. Collins

Ronald M. Reuss

Edward L. Seeber

Wendel B. Wickland

Dr. Theda E. Bennett


Dr. Margaret 1. Wilson

Dr. James D. Haynes

Dr. Robert E. Moisand

Dr. Iraj Javidpour

Valentine J. Nadolinski

Dr. Hadar Isseroff

Carol R. Sweeney


Dr. Fred H. Greenberg

Barry Diamondscone


Dr. Sidney Cohen

Dr. Daniel T. Meloon

Dr. Saul Barron


Dr. Noel Simmons

Albert A. Himmel

Dr. Surjit Singh

Dr. Marvin Tunis


Geology Geoscience


Dr. David Thielking

Dr. 1. Joyce Swartney Dr. Carl Seyfert

Dr. Jesmer

Richard Foster

Frederick West

Paul Nevergold


Daniel Rozier


Jerald Cone

Roberr Schmoyer

Jack Barr

Ruth Heintz


Home Economics

Dr. Theresa Humphreyville Director of Home Economics

Mabel Stoner

Winifred Shasel

Rurh Buddenhagen

Sylvia Cragun


Monica Brinson

Mary Dienst


Dr. Adrian Soloman

Margarer Humphrey

Rrlirh Dnugl.,


Industrial Arts

Fred Chapman

Kenneth Heintz

Dr. Sherman Dreyer

William Weaver

Stanley Kasprzyk

Arthur Darcishian

Leonard]. Poleszak

John 1. Allen


Richard Boller


Physical Education

Howard B. McAdam Director of Athletics

Mary Puleo Ellen Smithson

Fayne Cerro

Howard Meyers



--..i.&, >

'-> Richard Marsh

Carolyn Lehr

Dr. Maxine Sheets

Roxane Busch





Katherine Dolce



Donald O 'Brien

Dr. Mildred Fischle

Dr. Eliz.berh Penn

Lois Pearson


Dr. Freda Chu lmer

Herbert Fersrer

Richard Frazica

Marie Ficzparrick


Dr. William Licata

Dr. Barbara Frey


Elizaberh Ayre

Mary Ecker

Dr. Leo Cohen


Dr. John Mulhern



Charles Schreiber

Dr. Ruth Sugarman


Exceptional Education

Dr. Bernard Yormak Chairman Learning and BehavioraL Disorders Department

Mr. Guguay

Dr. Richard Towne

Linda Price

Dr. Murray Blollsrion Chaimlan Physical Handicap Department



Dr. Arthur Ackerman

Andrew Pacioni

Dr. Norman Niesen Chairman Mental Retardation Department

Larry Kohl Allistant to the Director

Joseph Page

Dr. Donald Hess

Instructional Resources

Dr. Gene H. Steffen Director of Instructional Resources

Louis Comeau Matk D. Blatt

Conrad L. Keith Louis R. Koepf


Campus School



Keith Bernard, International Edllcation

Robert A. Hawkes, Director of Seek

Neal Peck, Registar Charles E. Kerrigan, Placement

Jerre R. OSSOnt, Housing Steven Adorian, Housing



Sally M. Mowocin, Bursar

Robett Johnson, F.S.A .

Gregory R. Rorella, Financial Aids Charlot Fetterman, Manager of College Store

William Troy, Director of Financial Aids Mrs. Ralph Woodard, Caudell Hall Nursery School

BONNI E ABELES Mineola, N. Y. ElemenhlT)' Ed.

JEAN A. ABRAM West Seneca. N. Y. Elementary Ed

ROBERT ABBATE Buffalo, N. Y. Elementary Ed.

NANCY ABARE So. Glc:n Falls. N. Y. Home Eeonomia Ed.

DANIEL J. ADLER Kenmore, N . Y. indllstrial Arts

KENNETH ADAMS Niagara Falls, N. Y. Liberal A rls

CAROL ADESSA Williamsville, N. Y. Elenlf1lfary Ed

ROBERTO ABURTO Tintotcpe Nicaragua Liberal Am

JANICE AGATI Buffalo, N. Y. Art Ed.

GEORGE R. ALLEN Niagara Falls, N. Y. indUJlrial TeehllO/ogy

CHR ISTINE L. AGATE Rochester, N. Y. E.weptional Ed

LYNN ADLER Kenmore, N. Y. Seeollt/ary Ed


NICHOLAS AMATO Elmont. N. Y. Int/uJlri,,1 Ilr/ r

JOSE ALVAREZ Newport. N. Y. Scconti(l,)' &1.

NORMA ANDERSON No. Tonaw:mda. N Y r:/WI

GEORGE ANDERSON BU((:Jlo. N . Y Liberal Arts

ANDREA ANTONIK Buffalo. N. Y. Ex(!'plio1/(JI Ed.

JOHANNA ANDRITZ Kenmore. N. Y. Elemmltll), Ed.

SARA ANSLEY BuffJlo. N . Y. Art Ed.

THERESA ARENT Gr;lnd IsIJnd. N. Y. Sffondll,)' Ed.

JOSEPH ARGENIO Buff:llo. N . Y. /Ilt/"flrial Arll

KATHY). ARLINGTON Middleport. N . Y. ElnflmlllF)', Ed.

CONSTANCE ARGENZ1A Rome, N. Y. Elfmnllil') Ed

JUDY ARMS Oce:lnside. N. Y. SfXontl(lry Ed.



SHARON AUMER Tonawanda. K Y Exapliollol Ed.

ROBERT P. AUSTER Buffalo. N. Y. Exaplionol Efl

BARBRA ARMSTRONG Clark Mills, i': Y. Elrlllfllltl') Ed.

JUNE ASSENHEIMER Baldwinsville. N. Y Eltlllt:11fll'J Ed.

THOl\'IAS BAKEWELL Kenmore. N. Y. Sl'amdtl') Ed,

KATHERINE BAILEY Tuckahoe, N. Y. Element(,,), Ed.

GLORIA BAHL Kingston. N. Y. Eleme11lllry Ed.

RANDI AZAR N. M:\~S;IP(:(lu:l, N . Y. Elnm'llf(lr) Ed.

SHARON BALCERZAK Depew. N. Y. Eltl1lNUll'J Etl

SUSAN BALLARD S\·rJcuse. N . Y E.r:UPfiolllll Ed.

MAUREEN BANNON Auburn. N. Y. LiIJfml A r/J

BARBARA BALCER Buffalo, N Y Eltmt:11fu'J' &1


SHARO~ BARBER Du ([:11o. :-\ Y . Elm,ml.,,) Ed.

ROBERT BARBERA Albertson. N Y /lJ(hlJlri,,1 Art.r

DENNIS BARNIAK Depew, :--:. Y. EWfpti()lI,,1 Ell

MARCIA BAROl\'E West SencCJ. l\:. Y. .rI rl Ed.

SHARON BARTH Ni.lg:ILI FaJl~. N. Y. ElmlulflllJ Ed.

MARY BARRIE Kenmore. N . Y. E.mp'ioll,,1 Ed.

PATRiCiA BARSUKIE\\IICZ BufEllo, N. Y. E.mp/fOlltll Ed.

GAll BARTHOLOMY \X/CSt Sent·~·:1. K . Y. Elemtllhll) Ed.

ELLEN BARTOO In·in/-!. N Y Art Ed.

JOAN BATRACK RochCSlcr. N Y EltnMI" I') &l

DONA OARZILAY long BC:llh, N Y £hmtllfaT) Ed.

ALICE BAlTAGLIA Orch,ln] PJrk. N. Y. ubtral Am


SANDRA BAUER Chttk!ow~tga. N. Y. E!enlfnfttry Ed..

VICKI BATTIN Norwich. N, y , E!emmlary Ed.

JANICE BA1TAGLlA Kenmore. N, Y. E.wepljontll Ed.

MICHAEL BAn'AGLlA Buffalo. N. Y. Secoml(lf)' Ed.

GLENN BEGERT Chc!.:kcowaga. N. Y. Eng/jih

DIANE BEITER No. Tonaw:lnJa N y, E/emmft'T)' Ed. ' .

MARY BEDNARZ Lacbwanna. N. Y. EleR/mlttT)' Ed.

LINDA BEARY \'{/arcrloo, N. y, Ht)fflt Economin

JOAN BELLANTI Buffalo. N, Y. Elnnemflt) Ed.

GARY BELL No. Ton:lwanda, N. Y. hulliS/rilt! A r/j

ELENA BELLO Niagara Falls. N. Y. ElemenltlT)' Ed.

CHARLES BELL Buffalo, N. y, Elnne!lltu,)' Ed.


CAROL BENSON Buffalo. 1':. Y Hfi"'~ E((~l1fimi(j

WILLIAM BENNElT CalcdoniJ. r\ Y brfpfional £./.

SUSAN HENNS Grand IslJnJ. N Y ElmMllfl') Ed.

ALBERTA BENEDICT Sherburne. N. Y Librr.ll A rtf

DIANE BEREBKO Buffalo. N. Y. Element"')' Ed.

SUSAN BERDS Nilgar:1 F~lJs, N. Y. bapfion"l Ed.

KAREN BENSON Kenmore. N. Y. Art Ed.

MARY JANE HERES latbWannl, N. Y. Elemwftll), Ed.

BERNSTEIN Yonkers. N Y £.\n·p"OIJ.l1 &1.

LOIS BERTRAM TonawalHb., N. Y f:.'IoHklll",) E(l

ANN BERGMAN Syracuse. N. Y Homf £(onom;o

CHRISTINE Br:.SSER Tonawancb. N. Y. Foods (/Ill/ Nlifrilion


GLORIA BEST Endicolt. N, Y. Art Ed

LOIS BEVERLY C:lmum. N. J ersey EXCr/,liolifl/ Ed.

SUNILA BHATIA Hamilton, Ontario SfCOIld.UY Ed.

STEPHEN I3lLlNS Amsterdam. N. Y. Seamt/fl')' Ed

GARY AINGEMAN \,('iliiamsvillc. N. Y. Arl Ed.

WILLIAM BIRD Clifton Springs. K Y. Libmd nrtj

JUDITH OlDMAN BinghamtOn. N. Y. E/.. NI"'lllIl)' Ed.

CHRISTINE BLAS Chcckww:lga, N. Y. Eklflmlllll' F.d.

CHRISTINE BLATZ Ton;Jw.I:,,!.l. N. Y. F./mwlllll)' Ed.

ELAINE BLEUER binglumron. N. Y. E.WtptiOIl,i/ Ed.


LI NDA BLUNK E:lSI Mt:ldow. N Y Art Ed


ELAINE DLUMi':ER Brooklyn. N. Y SU(i1/,ll',) Ed.

DONALD BLUNDELL FlY"uevillc. N. Y. In.illflr/If/ ArlJ

DAVID BOLEA Niagara Falls. N. Y. Libmil Am


D IANNE BOD IE TO!1aW;UlcLi. N, Y. ElemfllllllJ Ed.

DAVID BOLL Springbrook. N. Y. 1m/lis/rial / / rlJ

D IANA BONFI LI O Kenmore. N Y. E.\uplicmal Ed.

D IANA BONNELL Belmont. N. Y Eltnmlla1J Ed.

JOH N BONORA Kenmore. N. Y. Im/mlri,1I / / rls

GUY BONFIGLIO Rochesu:r. N. Y 1t/,IIISlr/al Artf


.... r

.- .:

i ' '...

DAVID BORDEN Akron, N. Y. Liber.lI A r/j

THOMAS BORSCHEL Kenmore. N. Y. Elmum/a')' Ed.

DANIEL BORIS Buffalo, N. Y. E.wepti01lt1l Ed.

CHRISTINE BORKOWSKI Ni:lgara Falls. N. Y. Smmddty Ed.

)O·ELLEN BOSWORTH Buffalo, N. Y. Elel1ll'1lftl1)' Ed.

GWENDOLYN BOYK IN Buffalo, N . y , Hom/' Erof/om;(J

MARIE BRAUN Buffalo. N. Y. Home Erof/omicJ

IVA BRANT Gow;lnda. N . Y. DietetiC!

SUSAN BRAY Clyde, N . Y. Eleflll'1ltllr), Ed.

BARBARA BREEN Buff:llo, N . Y. E/~mfllftll) Ed.


. •

MARGARET A BRERETON SyrJ.cuse. N Y Htmlt EeononlleJ Ed.

LAURA BRIANSKY Bronx. N. Y. Lilkrll/ A rIJ

BRIAN BRIGGS FultOn. N_ Y Libt-r.t! A rll

MARGARET BRINKERHOFF Kenmore. N. Y. Home E(olJo1l1;CS Ed

SYLVIA BROSKI Rome, N. Y. E..mpliolllll Ed.

NANCY BROVITZ Rochester N Y Elrmfllftll): Eli, .

CLAUDIA BROWN Elmira. N. Y. ExupliolJrll Ed.

LOUIS BROWNE St. John, West Indies /.iwrtll / / r/J

BARB BRUINS Kenmore. N Y. EltnJffllll1,) Ed

CHRISTINE BUCKMAN E:tS[ MC:lJow, N Y. Ele!lli'III(If')' Ed.

REATE BUECH LER Buffalo. N. Y. Secondllry &1.

CAROL BURDETT West SeneCl. N. Y. E'\"upliona/ Ed.


CHERYL BUNZ Tonawanda, N . Y. Libem/ A rls

LAUREL BUIANOUCKAS \X/ant3.gh, N. Y. Libera/Arts

JOYCE BUKOWSKI Buffalo, N. Y. Sf(01ldm) Ed

LOUIS BUONO Buffalo, N. Y. il1rimlria/ A rtI

PAMELA BURGOON Kenmore. N. Y. Seronr/rlry Ed.

MARSHA BURGER Utica, N. Y. Elementary Ed.

PAUL BURDEN Clifton Springs, N. Y. Secondary Ed.

CATHERI NE BURNS Middleport. ~'. Y. ElemmlfllY Ed

BOZENA BUTKIENICZ Buffalo, N. Y. Thealfr Am

JOSEPH BUTCH Buffalo, N. Y. Liberal Art;

SUSAN BUTLER Ad:rms Center, N. Y. Home Eeol/on/ia

CHR ISTINE CADIN Camillus. N. Y. Poli/jCtt! Srienre


DORIS M. CAGGIANO Lewiston. NY. Elemmt"ry Ed.

ANNETTE R. CALISTO Buffalo. N. Y. E.Wtptlo11ld Ed.

PATRICIA CALLAHAN Buffalo. N. Y. E.wtptiOlhd Ed.


PATRICIA CA;\tERON Kenmore. N. Y. SUOlltlll l)' Ed.

MARY ELLEN CANNAMELA Buffalo, N. Y. Exceptional Ed.

EVAN CAMPBELL No. TOllawanda, N. Y. ElnllmNII)' Ed.

PAUL CANNAMELA Kenmore, N. Y. Home EconomicJ

THOMAS CANAZZI Buff.llo. N. Y. 5fCflnd(IT) &l

PHYLLIS D. CANTEEN Buff.110, N. Y Elen/tII/tlty Ed.

KATHLEEN CARDEN Buff:tlo, N. Y. Elemmffl,) Ed.

CHR ISTI E CARLO No. Tonawanda. N . Y. Elemfllltl1) Ed.


MAR Y CATHOLOI Newark. N. Y. Exuplionut Ed.

MARGARET CASHIN Ton'lwanda. N. Y. Etemmt(/ry Ed.

DONNA CARTER Buff,llo, N. Y. Arl Ed.

JOSEPH CA RVANA Kenmore:. N. Y. Tbeattr Arli

KATHLEEN CARNEY Buffalo. N. Y LibertI! Am

KAREN CAVE Fredonia, N Y. Art Ed.

DAVID CARPENTER Buffalo. N. Y. Etl'nJfIIlm) Ed.

DIANE CAVALLARY No. Rlb\'lon. N. Y. LIb< rat Ani


SUSAN CERCONE Buffalo. New York EXCfPliofUlI Ed.

NANCY CHALEFF Tonawanda. N~ York £/rmenrary Ed

MARIE CHADDERDON Buffalo. New York EXctpf;final Ed.

FRANK CECKOWSK I Syracuse. New York /m/tmri(ll Aru

CINDY CHIMES Checkcow;lga. N. Y. £/emt1lfill"y Ed.

JA f.,·fES CHRISTMANN !ollilwanda. New Yo rk / 11"1 Education

CECILIA CHELLA Buffalo. New York Home £C01lO"';($

RI CHARD CHAMBERLI N Buffdo. New York £lmm/l,,'J' Ed.

FRAN K CISLO No. Tonawanda. N. Y. Exuplion,t/ Ed.

CH RISTI NE CISLO Chct:krowag.l. N Y Liber,t/ Am

PATR ICK CLEMENS Cheektowaga. N. Y. SUOIlr/rl,) Ed.

ROSEMAR Y CIAM13RONE Ni:lg.lr.l F.llls. N_ Y Sel."(mt/",.., Ed.


BONNI E CLOSE Onmnra. New York An Ed.

LINDA COHEN Tonawanda, New York Eltnltlllliry Ed.

DONNA COHEN Srracuse, New York Elemmillry Ed.

LINDA CLUTE Buffalo. New York Eltmellftlry' Ed.

LUCY MUTH ER COLLIN Buffalo, New York Elentmttlry Ed.

EDITH COLERN West Seneca, New York Elm/nita') Ed.

LYNDA COLE Oneida. New York EX(rpIJOlltll &1.


SUSAN COLLINS T()naw~nda, New York Homt E(ollomirJ

THOMAS CONGDON Randulph. New Yurk E/Mlnllar), Ed.

JOHN CONGDON 'Randolph, New York /m/lIJlria/ A rls

MIRIAM CONNORS Kenmore, N. Y. 110mi' EfOllf1nml

\ DEBRA COOK Mass:lpegua Park. Suomk"y Ed.

PATRICIA CONROY Niagar:1 rails, N. Y. Seeom/tlly Ed.

CAROL KRIVANEK COOK Kenmore, N. Y. Elemmlary Ed.

CATHERINE COOK Utici. N. Y. Libtrrd A rts

N. Y.

MILTON COOK Buffalo, N. Y. Libera/Arts

MARGARET COOKE Kenmore, N, Y. E/emdll{lry Ed.

JAMES COOPER Newburgh. N. Y. Lihtral A r/1

BONNIE CORBElT Grand Island, N. Y. E!en/fIIlll')' Ed.


MARIAN COX Buffalo, New York Liberal /1 rtf

ROBERTA COWAN BurEllo, New York ElemNllrlry Ed

GEORGE COULTER Gr:md Isbnd. New York /m/lIJtria/ / / rls


JACQUELINE COZZOEREA Amsterdam, New York ExapliO//{/i Ed.

JOSEPH COZZARIN Clarence, New York SU(jlldd ')' Ed.

SUSAN COYLE ClifTOn, New York Home Eco1}um;o

SHARON CROSBY Bronx, New York EmpfilJllti/ Ed.

SHIRLEY CRARY Tupper L:tke, N . Y. EWfPliof/tl/ Ed.

ROBERT CRAIGLON Buff:tlo. New York Industrilll 1edmology


BEVERLY CROSIER B.lrkt:r. N Y Elnmm'lr) Ed


SHARON CULLEl\: Kenmore. ,:\1 Y Hom/' E..

JOSEPHINE CROSS Buffllo. r-.: y Eftmm'd,) Ed

SHARON CZER\Xf I."bw,nn,. N. Y. Elnllmttl') Ed.

CHR ISTINA CUNIUS Cht:cktow.lg~. N. Y. SI'ami/'II.') Ed

KATHLEEN CURRY New RochdJe, N. Y. Exaplio1lill Ed.

DAVID CURTISS \'XIilli~lmsvillc, N. Y Exapllolltll Ed.

CAROLE CZUPRYNA New York Mills. N Y St{OIlt/

AR~IINDA O'ALMEIOA Lu;md,l, An~ob Hom!' Ec(JII01llI(J

MARY AJOA DAMUAH AccrJ. Gh:lO;lm Food! tlIltl Nllirilion

DONALD DANI EL Buffllo. N. Y. Librr.'/ A rIJ


D1ANE DANIELS GranJ Isbnd, N. Y. Smmdtlr), Ed.

SO PHIE DASZKIE\XfICZ Bu((alo. New York ElfnlfflfUl."J· Ed.

CONNIE DAVIS Bu(falo, New York E.\"uptiollti/ Ed.

KAROLYNNE DAVIS Bu((;110. New York HOfllf Economics

DOUGLAS DAVID AmhcrsL New York Il/tlu.rtd.1I A rt.r


DONALD D'AVOLIO Niagara Falls, New York Strond(I,)' Ed.

MICHAEL DAVIS Buffalo, New York Elmmllflry Ed.

RICHARD DtGLOPPER Kenmore, New York E/e1llt7llary Ed.

LARRY DAYTON Scotia, ew York IllduJlri(l/ Ar/J

JAN ICE DELL Rochester, New York /Irl Ed.

MARY JO DEHUNGER Bu ffalo, New York Exrep!iolla/ Ed.

DEBORAH DELAJ\'IATER Amsterdam, New York EXreplioll{l/ Ed.

CAROLINE deLAURENTIS Binghamton. Nt ...... York Secondary Ed.

CHRISTINE OeLUZIO Rochcscer. Nt ....., York Strom/a,)' &1,

JEANNE DeMARCO Buffalo, New York E/l'nlttl/(If) Ed.

THOMAS DENNE Depew, New York IndUJlria/ A rlI

CYNTHIA DERBY Kenmore, New York EIl'1nmtd,)' Ed.


MARIA DESA LVO Buff:l.iu, New York Eleme1lfillJ' Ed.

SHI RLEY DEUTSCH Amhc:rsr, N. Y. Second(,,), Ed.

SUE DEWEY Kenmore. N. Y. Elementrlry Ed.



LINDA DINKUHN Senecl, N. Y. Elrmnllfl/) Ed

CANDACE DICKINSON Tunawancb.. N. Y. E\Tepliollfll Ed.

CAROLYN DIETRICH Bu fhlD. New York Elemmhl,)' Ed.

PATRICIA DILL Buffalo. N. Y. Elemmlt'ry Ed.


SANDRA DIXSON Sidney. N. Y. ExcePlio1Jtd Ed.

DEANN DITIMAR Buffllo, N. Y. Elemmltlt) Ed.

JACQUELINE DISCH Long Island Ciry. N. Y. Exceptional Ed.

ALAN DIPIRRO Buffalo. N. Y. Liberal Am

W ILLIAM DONNELLY Buffalo. New York S['(omitlrY Ed.

BRIAN DONAHUE Hicksville. N. Y. /m/IIJtri(d ArtJ

RICHARD DO.MINSKI Niagacl FJlls. N. Y. Srrondary Ed.

AMY DOTY No. Ton:lw:Ulda. N. Y. Sr((md(II)' Ed.


ANN DOZORETZ Kenmore. New York Exceptional Ed

DENISE DRONEY Okan, N. Y. Setondrll')' Ed.

JOHN DOUGHERTY Buff:lio. New York Indlls/ridl Arts

rOANNE DUGO 'Tonaw:mda, N. Y. E:;.'Cepliona/ Ed.

DONALD DUDEK Buffalo. New York Liber{11 A r/J

CAROL DRURY bncasrer, N. Y. Home Economics

DAWN DUNBAR Richland. N. Y. EII'!1Inlftl1) Ed.

MARILYNN DUMKE Sn)·(kr. N. Y. Hanlf ECOnomic!

SHIRLEY DUJANOVICH Lacbw:mna, N. Y. Eleml7lltll'Y Ed.


ANTHONY DURLAK BuffaJo, N. Y. St{olldn,)" Ed

KRIS DUNN E:l51 Auror::a, N. Y ElwltllltI')' &1

DORIS DURR Hamburg, N, Y Eleml'tltll')' Ed.

LINDA DUSZYNSKI BuffaJo, New York Efemm/ar;" Ed.

ROBERT EARLEY \Xfillilmsvil1e, N. Y. Indllstr;al .-Jrtr

RAYMOND DZIEDZIC New York Mills, N. Y. Srrolld{u)' I:"d.

LANA EBELING Buffalo, N. Y. Serond{lry Ed.

JULIO ECHEGOYEN Sama Mari:!, El Salvador Se{()r/(/m"y Ed.

NOREEN EGAN Cohoes. New York DItl~tilJ

JANE EGLI No. Ton,lwand3, N. Y Elmmll

CHRISTINE ELDER CIl~k{Qwaga, N. Y Exupt;ol1al Ed.

PAMELA MARKHAM ELDREDGE Baril, New York Hon/t' Ero1Jom;fJ


STEPHEN ELKIN Queens Village. N. Y. Liberal Arts

MARK HH>.f1NG ER BufElio, N. Y. Swmdrll) Ed.

SUZANNE ERHART ClHaraugu5. N. Y. Home EcolJomkJ

D IANE ENGLISH Buffalo. N . Y. SeC01ldtll), Ed.

VICKI MU5KAT ERAZMUS H icksville. N. Y. Ar' Ed.


BETSEY ESCHNER \'(I. Seneca, N. Y. iJldllJlri,t/ nrlJ

ARIEL ESPINOZA Jinorepc. Nicaragua Libtral A rIJ

BARBARA ERKKILA Morristown. I\'c.',\,,· Jcrsev LdJtr,,1 .IIrlJ .

JEANETTE ERTEL Orchard Park. N. Y SuondtlY) Ed.

JOAN FAGENBAUM Rochester. N. Y. ExreptiOl1fi/ Ed.

DEBORAH EVANS NiaA:ara Ellis. N. Y. E.wrpliollill Ed.

MARILYN EVANS Rome. N. Y. Libmtl .II rl.l

CANDACE FALCE Lathlm, N . Y. Ur!llil' E.onom;CJ

THOMAS FARE Valley Sttcam, N. Y. indus/rial Ar/J

M. GLORIA FEDAK Buff;ilu. N. Y. Elunffl/,'y) Ed.

STEVEN FARAGO Buffalo. N. Y. ElmmuJ'J Ed.

MARIANNE FALLON \'(Icsc Hcnrictta. N Y. HOHlt Eamolllm


E s. T f~ I(: T J-: [) J J~ 1'»'"1' I" () II S rr .1\.1"] & 1".1\'(~IJJ~rl'Y

~ n ):1 J~ N 1\ 1.1 T Y () F 1.I.l\ ON " V"l\PTEl\ (]U nNl"()U"UMI~'N

MONICA FELICE Geneva, N. Y. Secondary Ed.

JANET FELTZ Williamsville, N. Y. flome Economia


MAHLON FERRrs )c:((CrsOIl, N. Y. bU/IJJlri(JI A rIi

ROBERT FESTING No. Tonawanda, N. Y InduHrial A rIJ

KENNETH FIERLE Hamburg. N . Y. Libmd Ar!s

DOROTHY FETTES No. Tonawanda, N. Y. Secondary Ed.

KATHLEEN FIGURA Eggc:nsville, N. Y. Secondary' Ed.



ANTHONY FINI Blasdell. N. Y (ndIiJ/rial ArfJ

DIANE FINCH Buffalo. N Y. Eltnlflltll'J' £il

BARBARA FINK Hicksville. N. Y Ar' Ed.

SHIRLEY FISCHER Wilson, N. Y. Ilomp Erommria

RICHARD FITT Buffalo, N. Y. Elellle1lllU)' Ed.

JOYCE COHEN FINK Tonaw:tnda. N . Y. EIf!llfl1ftUJ' Ed.

KATHLEEN FLANAGAN Eg;;ertsvillc:. N. Y. Ele-nm/Illry Ed.

GERALD FLEISCHER Kingspark. N. Y. E.Wfp'I011111 Ed.

NAN FLISS Buffalo, N. Y Elm1fllfary Ed.

MICH AEL FOGERTY Williamsville. N. Y Indul lrj,II A TIJ

SUZANNE FOLCKEMER Cheektowaga. N. Y. Exuption'll Ed


JUDY FORTUNA Bronx, N. y , Art Ed.

JUDY FORREST Grear Neck. N. Y. Libert" Art!

BARBARA FONFARA Tonawanda. N. Y. Secont/ary Ed.

KATHLEEN FOX Johnson City, N. Y. Eleme1lltJry &1.

CAROL FOYSTER Buffalo, N. Y. Elenu!1ltary Ed.

DOUGLAS FOX Buffalo, N. Y. Libm" Art!

JULIE FRANZ Buffalo. N. Y. Elefflt11lflrY Ed.

MADELINE FRANCHINO Amherst. N. Y. Home EcollomiC!

ROSEMARY FRAGNITO Batavia, N. Y. Elemmftll)' Ed.


MELWYN FRIED Brooklvn. N_ Y. /lIdUJfYI(l1 Am

LINDA FRO~CZAK ChccklOwa~:a, N Y Secondary Ed.

PHYLLIS FRUIT Buff;IIo. N. Y. Steom/flry Ed.


JOAN GABRIELE Tonaw.md:t. N, Y. Elementary Ed.

PATRICIA GALLAGHER Waddington, N . y, Exapl ;on(t1 Ed.

BARBARA GANE N. Ton;lwandl, N. Y. Elrment(1)' Ed.

JUDITH FURZE Syracuse:. N. y, 1-101111 Ecollomin

GLADYS GARCIA Buff.1lo. . Y. Libertll An!

MARY GANIM Buff.llo. N Y Li~Y,t1 Artf

SANDI GARBER Levittown, N. Y E.m-plional Ed.

JAMES GAPCZYNSKI Scnt'flc(udv. N. Y £lrnlll1l"1)' Ed.


JESSICA GARRISON New York. N. Y. Eltmmltlry Ed.

PHYLLIS GAUDIOSO Amherst, N. Y. ElmlRfI!tll.l Ed.

ANDREA GAY BufEllo. N . Y. Elmtnlltl') F,tI.

SUZANNE GEBO Sur Lake. N. Y. Second" ry Ed.

THOMAS GEISLER Rochcsrt"f, N , Y. Indus/ri,t! n r/j

KEITH GEERING Ni:lgJLl Ellis. N, y, Suom/tlry' Ed.



RONALD GENTNER Buff;llo. N Y Exr,pllolllll Ed.

WILLIAM GEORGE Ro(ht'Stcr. N Y Il/duJlri," Am

JUDITH GIAMPAOLA l3uff:llo. N. Y. Eltflltnftl1) Ed.

JUDITH GIERMEK H;lmburg. N Y £."

~lARY GILLAM Clifton Sprinj.ls. N. Y Elnllfnftlry Ilil.

PHYLUS GIGU Rome. N. Y. S/'/OI/(/

JACQUELINE G ' Z'NSK' Dt:pew. N. Y. Exrt/,fiollrll Ed

LILLIAN GLAJCH William,\,ilk·. N . Y. Ek!llmt'Ir;' Ed.

DONNA GODDARD Cbrc;ncc unreT. N Y Art Ed.

MARK GLATMAN Bronx. N Y. illdurfri,d ArlJ

DEBORA H GODFREY Cheektowaga. N. Y Suom/a') &1.

JAN GOLD Long Beach, N. Y. Homt' fro1Jomi{J


GAIL GOODYEAR Hambufj!:. N. Y. Elnnt:l1hllY Ed.

LINDA GORDON Buffalo. N. Y. Frmrb


LINDA GOURDEAU S)'f:lCUSC. N . Y. £tenN:Ilf1/I)' T'.f:1.

CHERYLE GOULD Great Neck. N. Y. EltnMlhl1'Y Ed.



PAULL GRABOWSKI Buffalo, l\' Y Intlml";,,1 A rtJ

C..A.ROLY;-': GRAFF Kenmore. :--.:. Y Elm1t:1I1t1f") f>~1

CAROL GRAl'T ChttkIOW:lp. N Y Homi' &(momln

ROMA~A GRAOVAZ BufI:llo. N. Y. Libmt/ .-'1"1

GEORGE GRAY Rodl(;.~tlT. N. Y. ElmlWftll) liil.

CAROL GREEN E;lst j\kadow. N. Y. E.mpl!lined Ed.

JOSEPH GRANTO \Xlhitt:sboro, N. Y. S{,COIlt/llry &1.

ADELE GREENBERG Baldwin. N, Y. E.\'iI/,li(lfltll Ed.

I.JNOA GREENE Schl11<:l1,ldy, N Y. Art &1.

JOAN;\,IE GREE~SPAN BU((:llo, N. Y Elnl/enlflr)' Ed

KATHLEEN GR I ~IM CheckrowJ~.' Exaplif)n,t/ Ed.

DO~ALO GRUSZKA Cheektow.lga. 1\'. Y r:lfIIlfJlld'1' Ed.


HELEN GUARNERI COpi;l~ue. N, Y. HO!flr Eal1l()!fI;n

DIANE GUILFORD Fillmore. N. Y. Eli"IIlI'Il!m.1' Ed.

MAlTHEW GULLEN Buffalo. N. Y. £.\Hpl;011.11 Ed.

JOHN GULLO Angol.l. N. Y. / Irl Ed.

NANCY GULN1CK Bronx. N. Y. S/,("{',h dl1(/ Tbl'

LINDA GUNDEl Amherst. N. Y. E/nfltll/'I'.l Ed.

ANNE GURBACKI Eden. N. Y. Se,ond,j T) Ed,

DIANE GURMAN No. TOTlJw:m&l. N. Y. EltWMltflT)' Ed.

LYNN GURNETT Buff.do. N. Y. /fI{/"J/ri,d /1 rtf


BELINDA GUSHUE Bufblo, N. Y ElffllfIIl(/ry E:d

ANN GUSTINA Corning, N. Y Stcolld""" Ed.

JOSEPH GUSKY Buffalo. Nt"" York S«(i1Idflt) Ed.

LAURA GUYER Celoron, N Y Elt"'tnttf'l Ed.

JANICE GUZZEnA ·Tonaw:lnd.l. N. Y Exap,iolUI/ Ed.

PAMELA GUYER Celoron. N. Y Elelllmlar'j Ed.

ROBERT GWINN Manlius, N. Y Sf!condfll,1' £'1,

PETER HABER No, Ton;lw;H1da EII-",<:II/(II.')' Ed.

ANNE MARIE HAEFFl\:ER H.lmnu ri:o N Y J 10111, E(Ollu/!lI<"r

DO~ALD HAIN Wilson. N Y Illdulln," Am

AMELIA HAMMER Buffalo. N. Y. Elt",tll/"I) Ed.

THOMAS HALTER No. MasS3p<:qU.I. l\: Y ElmltlllNt) Ed


SUE HAMMERSMITH Buffalo. N. Y. Elementary Ed.

ANN HAMPTON Like Cuba. N. Y. /-lome Economics

GAIL HANKIN Kenmore. N. Y. Elemnu(ly) Ed.


NANCY HARBORT O:.:.ining. l':. Y SuonJll ') Ed.

CAROL HAPPEL Chl'Ckw\\'3.':;J. N Y Elnllllll(lI.l Ed.

BARBARA SCHULTZ HARDY Buffalo, N. Y Suolld",) Ed

SUE HAR~I O:-..' Ton:tw;lnda. N. Y. E.\npfi'm(ll Ed.

SANDRA M IIARR[l\'GTON Buff:llo, N. Y. Suoml!l" Ed.

SH ERWOOD HARR INGTON Adams Cerw.:r. N. Y Ilit//ljlrill/ Arls

DEBRA HARRISHBURG Kenmore. N. Y. Exap,imlll/ Ed

ROBERT HA RT fiuffJlo. N. Y. E.\nplion,t/ &1.

BEVERLY HARTMAN Tooaw;locb, N Y Llbtr,II A r/J

YVONNE HARTMAN Lmchlcr, N. Y SWi!ld,,'J' Ed.

DONNA HARVEY Buffllo, N, Y Si-rom/"" &1.

LOIS HARVEY Buffalo. N, Y !



LINDA HASERT Rochester, N. Y. Art Ed.

RITA HAYES Buff.llo. N. Y. Elcflll'lltrJ1)' Ed.

DONNIE HASELEY Niagara Falls, N. Y, Element(lry Ed

CLARENCE E. HAZELTON Pclh:lnl. N. Y. SuolUlfu), Ed

PATRICK HEALY Nonh Ihbylon. N. Y. Ar' Ed.


KAREN HEBERLEIl\' Dcp<:w. N. Y Eltm"I1f

ERNEST HECHT Far Rock.I"";\\. N Y S/hrdJ P,lfholog)

MARGARET HECKEL Akron. N Y Srwulfll) Ed.

SUSAN HECK EL Dept'\\', N. Y. Elml""'''1) &1.

DONALD HEDGER Ordl.ml PJrk. N. Y. Libmt! Am

MELISSA HELIES Brookt}'n. N. Y /Jr' &1.

LI NDA HELL~·fAN Plainview, N. Y. E.wfp,io/wl Ed.

LARRY HELMINIAK C1lt"ektowaga. N. Y Imlu5Ir;(d A '·'5

MADONNA HERBST Buff;llo. N Y. brrp'i()lI.d &1

RICHARD HERBST Ontario, N_ Y Sdomllll) Ed.

EVELYN HERMAN Buff.llo, N. Y Art &1.

MARSHA HERMAN E.I:.I MC"Jdow. N Y E.Wt"PliulI.11 Ed.


i\[ARSHA HERMAN Rcgo P:lrk New York Libt-ral Arts

BARBARA HESS WTilli,lmsville, New York Elementllry Ed.

CHA RLES HERSCH BERG New York J-.;ew York E.mptiofJd/ Ed.

CLAIRE HEW[IT No. Tonawandl, New York Ele!!lNlfliry Ed.

PATRICIA HETZEL Buff:llo. New York Dh'fflics

SARA HESS Dansville. New York Art &1.

GEOFFREY HILL Buffalo. New York !J1:(om/rIJ)' &1.

SHARON HILL M.lhop:iC, N. Y. E/e",emll l), Ed.

THOMAS H EYER K<;nmorc, New York SfCO"c/{/ I} Ed.


RONNIE HIl.TON Brooklyn, New York ElmNIII(lfY Ed.

YVONNE HILLMAN Ir\'ington, I\'(."w jI.:rS<.'\ Hu!llt &uIlO"'M

YVETTE HILLMAN I rvin~{On, ~I:w )<:rsc\ 110m.. Eamo!llI(J .

SHIRLEY HILTON Pulaski. New York Ekmt:"II/(I1) &1.


HELAINE HIRST \X/oodmen:, New York Second{,,), &1.

ANN HQCHI3AUl\1 East l\1e:ldnw, N. Y. EX(rpfjollld Ed.

ANDREW HOCHREITER Rochcster, N. Y. /I rf Ed.

MICHAEL HOEHN Derby. New York Lillt'r,II A rIf

JANET HODGINS ilasom. N(:w York J)i~MI(J

./OH:-i HOERNIG Kenmofl:. Ntw York SWilld,lr) £d.

DA VI 0 HOFFMAN Chccktow:lg:l. N. Y. Ullt'r,t/ II r1J


JANET HOLMES Mcch:micvillc, New York Liberal A rfs

DOUGLAS HOOPER Buffalo, New York Lilkral Am

CAR L HOLEVA WoodLlwn, New York industrial Am

DAVID HORTMAN Huffalo. New York Elemeflltll)' Ed.

MARGE HORTON Rivcrhcad. N(."W York E.W,/,ti01IdI Edll(alion

DARRYL HORN Lanca~ter. New York Second(J ry Ed.

HEVERLY HOTCHKIS Wehstcr, New York Elemflllal)' Ed.

BEVERLY HOROZKO W CS( Scnco. Ncw York SecondaT) Ed.

STEPHE~ HOWE An,l!oIJ, i'icw York lm/lli/n,t! Am

LYDIA HOYT Angul.!. New York Likr,J/ Am

JOHN HUBER Buff:l.lo. New York Elnlklt((lry Ed.

JOYCE HUBER Eg,gcrrsville, N. Y. E7tnl

ROGER HUFF Churchville. N. Y. Int/mlr/(/l Am


ROSEi\fARY HUGHES L:lCbw;lnru, New York Elnlltlllfl'l' &1.

TERRY LYNNE HUMPHREY Rochester. New York 1'11'/ Ed.

CHI U SZE HUNG Kowloon. I-Ion,g Kon~ L,/;tr,i/ Am

TIlI.lOTHY HUNTER Chccktowl~a. Ntw York Sr(ofld{lT) Ed.

CAROL HURLEY Nev.- York. N. Y. E,\npIIIJlhll Ed.

ROGER HUTCHINSON B!rinbndgc. :-..iew York /1Il/1IJ1r,,1/ A'II



PATRICIA IHLE Buffalo. N. Y. Eltml1lfary Ed.

RALPH IANACONE Kenmore. Ncw York Excepli6/uJ/ Ed.

BARBARA TFFLANDER No. Tonawanda. N. Y. /)imlicJ

STEPHAN IE ISAACS Syracusc. N. Y. EltlllnJ(,IT}' &1.

MELANIE JANKOWSKI Buffalo. N. Y. Elellltllftlf)' &1.

LlLLlANINGOGLIA Rochl'Slcr. N. Y. Elnllfllflll)' Ed.

CATHLEEN JAZEBOSKI Scnencct:ldr. N. Y. A rl Ed.

MARIA JAVARONE Buffalo. N. Y Elmlt"'",) Ed.

JOSEPH JARVIS Kenmore. N. Y. 111f11d1 ritt! A "S

SUSAN JERNOW Hempslc:ld. L. I. Liberal A,.ts.

PATRiCiA JEWELL Phoenix. N. Y. 5erollt/(/ry Ed.

ARTHUR JONES Williamsvi lle. N. Y, .'}f(ond" ')' Ed.

KAREN JONES H:1mburg, N . Y. 5wmdclY)t Ed.

STEPHEN JOHN F.lirporc. N. Y. UVt:r,i/ A rl.;

TEO JORDAN Niagar.l Ellis. N. Y EltH/mld,,- Ed.

DENNIS JOSEPH Niagara Falls, N. Y. Lilxml Am

TERESA JONES BuffJin, N. Y. E.wepnlmlll Ed.

LILLIAN ~ONSSON 8uf{.llo. N. Y. St(OIlt/fl,)' Ed.


KATHLEEN JOYCE Buffalo. N. Y. ExC/p' ;Ollrl/ Ed,

GLORIA JUSZCZAK L1ncJsrtr, N. Y. Eli'll/tnlllry Ed.

BARBARA JOSLIN L:l[harn, N. Y. StColit/ary Ed.

CHANA KAGAN Pon J ervis, N. Y. Secont/tll')' Ed.

REGINA KAlER Tonaw:mda, N. Y. ElmmJl,'ry Ed.

MADDIE KANTOR Brooklyn , N. Y. Art Ed.

ESTA KAPLAN Newburgh, N. Y. Home Economic]

JOYCE KAPLAN Occ:msidc. N. Y. Emp' ;011(1/ Ed.

WENDY KAPLAN Accord. N. Y. Elnf/etltt'')' Ed.


PEARL KAYE Lon,g Beach. N Y I fome EronOl1lln Ed.

NANCY KARP Yonkt·r:-. N. Y £Imklll,,,y Ell.

FRAN KASSAY No. Tonawanda. N Y. Hom!' aOflomia Ed.

ELAINE KARP S)·ra(u<;c. N Y EXCo:Pllt)1l,t/ &1.

MARY KEEGAN Latham. N. Y. £.\"Crptiofllt/ Ell.

VIRGINIA A. KECK Lewiston. N. Y. Elmlt1lf{lry Ed.

RICHARD KAZMARK Springville. N. Y. /"dllJlrltll A rtJ

BERNARD C. KAYES Ol<::m. N. Y. Stcrmd(/1) Ed.

DEBORAH C. KELLER Kenmore. N Y HOfl1~ Er1J11Omi'J

LAURENCE KEETCH No. Tonawanda. N Y /mhlJlri,t/ Tethm)/o/fl

DEBORAH KEENAN Kenmore. N. Y Art &/.

CAROL ANN KELLEY Lockport. N. Y. Exrtption,t/ Ed.


LAURA KELSEY Frnnklhnvillc. N. Y. f-{ome ECOflumiCl

KATHLEEN KEMPKES Burf:!lo. N. Y. Exaplimltll Ed.

r..·IARY ANNE KELLY Syr:l(use. N. Y. I-Iomr EWliomicJ

DOROTHY KELLY LeviHown. N. Y. Exceptiollal Ed.


[RENE KENT Tonaw:mda, N. Y. Elrmrmal)' Ed.

JAMES KENNEY BilY Shore, N. Y. Elt'll/nutl')' Ed.

DONNA KENNEY D;m~v i llt-. N. Y. E.wejJli01wl Ed.

SHANNON KENNEDY No. Tonaw:lnda. N. Y. fntlmlriill ArtJ

DIANE KIDD Gow:md;l. ~('W York Uhf,,,1 A rlJ

FRED KERR FOri Sumner. New Mexico InduJlrJ,i/ 1f,I1

SUE KIEFFER Em Au ror.! , ~ Y HOllie ErOI/Omll1

KATHLEEN KILCULLEN \XIJtef"/ier. N. Y Exrt:p/lvmd 51.

SANDRA KING Buffalo. New York E.mpfi(Hlal 1:.i:1.

ROAERTA KiNGSTON Yonkers, New York /!.Itmfllhll) Ed.

MARSHA KIRK Ouffalo. New York Ekmmlil r) f:ll.

KAREN K1NMARTIN Wf. Seneci. New York SNond(I'), &1.

GRETA KLEIN I.on,'; Be.Kh. New York f/U/lm/(Ir) Ed.

KATHERI NE KLEIN Lanclseer. N Y Ilom.- frol/onl/li

KATHLEEN KLESIC BuffJio. N('w York Elmltnl"r) &1.

SANDRA KLETT Eggemville. N. Y. Home £rollomlo


JOANNE MARIE KLOSS Chcckwwag:l. N. Y. SecOIlr/a I)' Ed.

.JANE KLIMAS Llckaw:tnna, N. Y. ElrnMIfIIl) Ed.

NANCY KLlPSTEIN North Merrick, N. Y. Libmd .... J rts

JI\ANNI' KI)!\ Buffalo. N. Y. Lib.ral ArtJ

~J'iIR I I1Y 1(,\1}11,\ Orchard Park, N. Y. Hom" Erofl()min

JEAN KOMISINSKI J:lm<."Spon. N. Y ....Jrl Ed.

BONNIE KOLODCZAK Hamburg. N. Y. E/e1!/f1IlflI)" £:1.


MARGUERITE KORZELIUS Buffalo. Nt"Vt, York Eluntll/II,) Ed.

CHRIS KOSCIOLEK Manlius. New Yark ElrmtJlf("1 &/.

SUSIE KONDRAT/UK AmbaJl.\',u' )'ork Lilli r,d II r/j


KAREN KOSTER Perry, New York ElmMI/,ny Ed.

SHARON KOSn'UN Binghamron, N. Y. F.lrmmtaTY Ed.

PAUL KOSEK Buff.do. New York Saollf/" I)' r~/.

JAMES KOSIBA Broadalbin. New York Im/IIS/ri.t! ArlJ

MARIE KOSLOWSK I Eliz:lVille. N. Y. Homt frollomio

JAN ICE KOUTSOS Chttktowag.l. N Y E.\Tfpli(JlI

TERRY KOVALICK l.:mcasrc:r, New York Libmt! Am

KAREN KOTZIN Rocht'S(cr. New York Eltf1lcnl


· .. .. . :.r.

KAREN KRAMER Buff:tlo. N. Y. Ho!lt!: Ec(l1/{)m;n

MARION KRAFT S:mborn. N. Y. S~fOl/(1r11J Ed.

DOREEN KOZUCHOWSK I Tonawand;{. N. Y. Elemol/'II) Ed.

LINDA KOZUBOSKI Bingh:tmron, N. Y. Ar/ P.d.

CATHY KREUTZER Ordurd Park, N . Y E."«ep' fOllrll Ed.

JOAN KRETZMON Cheektowaga. N. Y. SecOl/drll) Ed.

PAULETrE KREMPA BlIfLl1o. N. Y. r:ltllltll/'11T Ed.

MADELINE KRAMER Elr Rockaw:t,.. N. Y. EI!:lIImlrll1 Ed.

GERA LD KRZE$INSKI Buf('llo. N . Y. 1m/lis/riIlIIITts

CAMILLE. KRUSZYNSKI Ch("(:ktowa.~:l, N . Y. HOII/,' E("(j!/omi(J

MARGARET KROLL Buffalo. N. Y. Ubmt! Arts

FLOYD KRUSCHKE l.ancaster. N. Y. Elnllfll/al)" Ed.


ANN KUCZMA Ruh. New York H OII/t F.fOllfJmllJ

KATHLEEN Kl JCZ~tANSKI BuffJlo. New York Art Ed.

JAMES KUHL\IANN Amherst. N('W York Il1dfIJlrl.ll Tu/mo/fJg)

ELAINE KUL(.-ZYK BUllllo. Nt:\v York Elfllltlllall £1.


KATHI.EEN KUI.PINSKI R odH:~ter. New Yurk Strom/II 1) Ed.

TERRI KUSIIINOFF I..ont: Bc:.l(h, N. Y

LINDA KUSHNER Buffllo, New York £/OllOIl{O) r~/.

KATHERINE KUSS Buff.do. New York Art EdmilliOli

JOSEPH KUSTICH ·Buffalo. ~l'W York ulJtr,1/ A rlI

LINDA KWIATKOWSKI Ok~Jn. New York ...1rt £./.

ROBERT KYSER Buffalo, New York ["'/lIJlrlll/ A rll

RICHARD LACOURSE Newcomb. New York I",!urlri.t! Am


DONNA LANEY L~mclS[er, N. Y. ElmflludT) Ed.

ANGELO LaMARCA Kenmore, N. Y. Secondllry Ed.

CAROLYN LAMM East Amherst. N. Y. E.\~·ePliolidl Ed.

ROBERT LAGNESE \'(!l'S[buT),. N. Y. industrial Am

ELAINE LANKES Buffalo. N. Y. Serond'ITY &1.

STZANNE LANGNER Buffalo. N. Y. E/ef!lmldf)' Ed.


RONALD LARSON Snyder, N. Y. Secondll), Ed.

JoHELEN LANOVARA Rochesrer, N. Y. Elemmlflf)' Ed.


PRISCI LLA LASOWSKI Ne.... York Mills. Nt"\.\· York J 10m/' E{Oflllllll(J

REBECCA LAUDER Rocht~[er. New York £.\TtPliOl1<11 [:.d.

VICTOR LATIUK ROlhe'ilC:r, New York Im/uilri.'! A rIJ

G. JOHN LAZENBY Geneva. New York SlComl.lry Ed.

.JEANNE l.cBLANC Tupper Lake, N. Y Ulimd ArlJ

SHELLEY LEBOWITZ HcwJcn, New York E.\repliolMI Ed.

JAMES LEE Buffalo. Nev., York Suomi,,,) &1.

NANCY LEE Ell isbu fg. New York I-10mi' Eronollljn

ELLEN LEHMAN HICksville, Nev.' York Elml0l11lt1 &1.

ROY LEHNER Ouff.110. New York [m/mlr;." A rlJ

ROCHELLE LEIBOWITZ Plainview. New Y"rk Libmt! ArfJ

SUSAN LENT Buch:ln:m. New York lIomf El01101ll;rs


CHARLES LEONARD Oneonta. New York lm/mlri,t/ Arrr

ANNE MARIE LENKIEV ICZ Srracuse. New York HOHH' Erollomks

PATR ICiA LENAHAN Whitt'sIxHo. New York F.lfllIl'IIhll)' Ed.

JEANIE leLAND Buffalo. New York F..\ujJ/;()Iwl Ed.

BARBARA LeROUX Homer. New York I.ihlml Arls

MARYA LICE LERCZAK Cheektowaga. N. Y Elmlfll f

PATR ICIA 1.EONARD Lo~-kport. New York Elrmm/tll)' Ed.

ROSE MARIE LEONE Buffalo, New York Ar/ Ed.

MICHAEL LEWANDOWSKI Cheektow.lg.l. New York {"dm/I"i,t/ A rtr

SUSAN LEVY BlIlglum!on. New York Elm/mllll)' Ed.

MADELINE LEVIN Buff:llo. New York E.\'(rptiOf/dl Ed.

ALICE I.EV IN Hewleu. N(:w York Art Ed


JENN IFER LEWIS BrJ.dford. OntJrio n rt Ed.

MELIITA LEWITIN Woodmere. New York 1I0lllr EWII()IlI'iJ

KATHERINE LlEBECK No. TonawandJ. New York Sramdary Ed.

SHARON LINDNER Turl.lw:tnda. New York ElummtO)' Ed.

MARY LlNKOWSKI Lewiston. N, y. Ellmf:fllllry Ed.

DEBORA H LIPMAN Rochester. New York BIt/l1en/dT')' Ed.

NATALIE LISCO Fort PLlin. New York Eln1ll1l/'I') Er./II(,lIi{Jf}

KAREN LlITMAN Wesrbun. New York Elnlll:lIf,,6 Ed.

FRANCIS LO BING YIN Hon~ Kon~ Lilltr,t/ / 1 rli


MICHAEL LOMBARDO fiu ffala. New York E.Wfp!io/l{t/ Ed.

FRANK LOIACONO Buff:llo. New York SHollt/ary Ed.

ELLIOTT LOESCH Elm~. New York Elnl!en/(/ry Ed.

MICHAEL LOBUGLIO BurElio. New York Ar' Ed.

MARIANNE LOTEMPIO Buffalo. New York Secont/{Iry Ed.

KATHLEEN LOUey Oneida. New Yark EXapfi(JllIl/ Ed.

SUSAN LOPRESTI M.:lyvillc, New York Seamt/al)' Ed.

MAUREEN LOPEZ Westport, New York Liberal A rti


ANNE MARIE LUCEY Gcncv:I, New York Home Ecollom;(J

NANCY LUCEWICZ No. Ton:lwanda, N. Y. Ar' Ed.

MICHAEL LUCARIELLO Bemus Point. N. Y. Libertl/ .... J rtJ

MARYELLEN LUBY Buffalo, New York Elnl/nllelry Ed.


LEONARD LUCHOWSKI Buff.llo. New York IlIdllifTitll A rli

GA IL LUDEKE R(){hcsttT. Nt'W York Uikr,11 A rIJ

RICHARD LUH Buff;llo. New York LilxmlAm

LI NDA LURASCHI Dcrb)·, Nt'w York Steol/dar; Ed.

THOMAS LUZAK No. Ton;lw;tnda. N. Y. illdllJlriti/ Ttdm(j/oKY

KATHY LYNCH Churchville. New York IJlrWICJ

JOA I LYNDE Cxnttrt'3ch. New York E.mpliollal Ed.


SARA MAJER Long Beach, N. Y. J-/ome ECOII0lllic1

PATRICK ~-fACKENNA Niagara Falls, N . Y. Secondal)' Ed.

SANDRA MACEY CLlrcncc Ccnrcr. N. Y. SCCI.I"d"I)' Ed.

MARY IRENE LYNN Minerva. N. Y. A rt Ed.

WILLlA!vi MANDELARE N ewfane, N. Y . induSlri(d A r/j

LARRY MANCINI Amsterdam. N. Y. Lib£r(d /1 r/J

LYNNE MALAT Plainview. N. Y. Elemfl1lllry' Ed.

LINDA MAIN Fillmor{·. N. Y. Secondftry' Ed.

JEAN MANN New York. N. Y '-lome EamoN/icl

MARILYN MANGINO Rome. N. Y. Elnlll:"/(II)' Ed.

KATHLEEN MANFREDI M:ntyd:llt:. N. Y. Sec(lndll 1)' F..d.

VANESSA MANGINI Endwell. N. Y. A rl Ed.


f RA CINE MARIGLIO Niagara Falls. N. Y. Seconda r), Ed.

SALVATORE C. MANUELE Buffalo, N. Y. Industrial Am

JULIANA lI.'fANSFIELD Buffalo, N. Y. Art Ed.

MARSHA MARSEL Williamsville, N. Y. Exceptiollal Ed.

FRAN MARSHACK Gre:\! Neck, N . Y. Elemenlary Ed.


TIMOTHY ",tARTlS Buffalo, :-J. Y. Libtml Arts

KATHRYN MARTIN Easr Aurora, N. Y. Howf Etollowi{J Ed.

VINCENNE MARTORANA Schenectady. N. Y. Likral A rlJ

CONSTANCE MAURYCY Schenectady, N . Y. Elementary Ed.

ROSEANDREA MASSAR Tunaw:mda, N. Y. E/emenlary &1.

SALLY MASURY Buffalo, N. Y. E.\"("ep,iontll Ed.

JESSICA MAZZA Niagara Falls. N. Y. Elementary Ed.

MAUREEN McCADDEN Tonawanda. N. Y. Elementary Ed.

WILLIAM McCARTHY Buffalo, N. Y. nn Ed

JIi\U .. fY McDANIELS Camden. N. Y. IlldfIJlr;{ll Am

DIANE McDOUGALL Lcwisron, N. Y. Home Ecollom;[J Ed.

JOHN McEVOY Buffalo. N. Y. 50ri(1I 5of.."m

PATRICIA McDERMOIT Oswego. N. Y. E.wepliollal Ed.

MICHAEL McEVOY Buffalo, N. Y. lilt/lISt ri{d A rfJ


DAVID McKAY Kenmore. N, Y. Elen/wlll') Ed

MARY McKEEVER SYI""J(use. N. Y. Eit-Illm/a') Ed.

KATHLEEN McGOVER Bu ((;110. N. Y E.\l:tpIIfJ,1tl1 Ed.

KATHY McMANUS Kenmore. N. Y. E.WlPfioll(l1 Ed.

KATHLEEN McLAUGH LI N M.lssapcqua P:lrk. N. Y. E.\Ytpr/(j!lft! Ed.

FA ITH R. l\-[EONICK Kenmore:. N. Y. Elmtnl/rlly Ed.

BARBARA A. MELLERSKI Bu(f.·tlo. N. Y. ElnlJmfr,f')' Ed.

LORRElTA MEGGS Brooklyn. N. Y. E.mpliollal Ed.

WALTER G . MEIER Glen He:ld. N. Y. /I rf Ed.


I.INDA MENDOLA Buffalo. New York Elemtntary Ed.

PAULiNE MELNIK Lackawanna, N. Y. Ekmmfllry Ed.

SHERRY MELTZER Rochester. New York Elemtnfllry Ed

CHRISTOPHER MENDOLA Buffalo. New York buillsfrilll /!rfs

MAR Y ALICE MENGE Williamsville. N. Y. Elflllf!lfllry Ed.

DARLENE MERO Rochester, N. Y. /-lollle Econom;n

BARBARA MERRITT Angola. New York I lome Economics

MARSHA MERWIN Jamcsrown. New York Secondary Ed.

BARBARA MEYER Tonawanda, New York Second:I,)' Ed

PAMELLA METTE Olean, New York Home Econom;{J

JAMES MEZHIR Niagara Falls, N. Y. Liberal A rl1

KATHY MICHAELS Buffalo. N. Y. Secondary Ed


MARSHA MIKOS Lackawanna. N. Y. Elelllm/(/ry Ed.

DAN MIERZWA Buffalo, N. Y. ImlliJ/rial Ttchl1olbg;·


JOAN M ILLER Kenmore. N. Y. Elffllm/tlT)' Ed.

BARBARA MILLER Bayside. N. Y. SI!WlIdlly)' Ed.

W I LLI E M I LES Rochester, N. Y. Soritt/ Srima

k"ARF\l HI! ' HR No. TOnJW,IOJ.l. i"-:. Y. £.mpllol1,t/ E.I.

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