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MARCH 2020

Captivating Matchups March Madness From a Lawyer’s Perspective

I was excited for the opportunity to write this month’s cover. Basketball may not be my number one sport, but as “March Madness” sets in, I find myself fully tuned into the games and storylines, the lead in, the underdogs, the favorites, the mascots, all of it. The NCAA tournament is fascinating in that way. It seems like college basketball isn’t on a lot of people’s minds most of the year. Then March hits and everyone from U.S. presidents to high school students are making their own brackets. I have a theory for why this is. Perhaps more than any other tournament, March Madness is a space where anything can happen. It seems like every year we get another “Cinderella story” as some tiny, unknown school rises to take some of the top contenders out of running. I don’t care how little you know about basketball. Those crazy buzzer-beater moments are always going to be captivating — especially when pulling for an underdog team. On a more personal level, those David and Goliath matchups on the basketball court hit pretty close to home. After all, choosing to represent people against the interests of

long, I’d argue the work we do here at this firm mirrors the story of these small-school basketball teams pretty well. In sports and law, two things can make all the difference: preparation and tenacity. Whether they’re a Big East team or a multibillion- dollar insurance company, your opponents are going to start with a lot more resources than you have out the gate. Making up that difference, on the court or in the courtroom, takes putting in the time and effort to rise to the challenge. Sure, we don’t do “legal drills” to practice ahead of a big case, but preparation is still a major part of our job. Like a good coach, we’ll research the opposing team, try to suss out their game plan, and identify any weaknesses they might have in their approach. Meanwhile, we put in the legwork to interview witnesses, review medical records, and secure expert testimony to strengthen our own case. And then, of course, we put this preparation to the test.

516-800-8000 1 ––––-John Papadopoulos accountable to more than just their bottom line. If you ask me, doing that is better than winning any trophy. a quick settlement look preferable. That’s why the best personal injury firms have the tenacity to push back right from the start, making sure the other side knows they might face a challenging legal battle. Often this means working twice as hard as the other side to put points on the board, but the end result is more than worth it. But this is where the metaphor breaks down: We’re not playing a game — and far more than sports scholarships are riding on our success. In personal injury law, winning those David and Goliath matchups means protecting a family when they’re at their most vulnerable. It means protecting someone’s future by holding a powerful company

Just as big basketball schools have the luxury of huge rosters of talented players to sub in

powerful insurance companies means that personal injury lawyers are often cast

and out while running their opponents’ star players ragged, big insurance companies can afford to drag out cases, inundate small firms with paperwork, and use every trick in the book to make

“In sports and law, two things can make all the difference: preparation and tenacity.”

as the underdogs ourselves. In fact, while we may not be able to make 3-pointers all day

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