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From Farming to Family Law The Importance of Family

At Ashby Law, family and family law is integral to our origins and how we’ve become as successful as we are today. Scott grew up on his father’s farm, where he learned the value of dedication and hard work, and Zach’s unique communication skills give him an edge in the industry. Scott’s family tended to livestock 365 days a year. Even on Christmas, they would feed the cattle before opening presents. During the growing season, they watered the crops every morning and evening at the very least. Scott worked on the farm all the way through high school and his undergraduate education. Scott studied economics at Central Washington University (CWU) with a focus on managerial economics. Though he considered graduate school for economics, he found himself more talented at writing than doing mathematics, so, with a minor in English, he helped publish a scholarly article in the Journal of Forensic Economics as an undergraduate. Scott’s mentors at CWU encouraged him to look into law school. He decided to take the LSAT, and as it turns out … Scott did so well that he got accepted into Cornell University! So, the family packed and headed for upstate New York. As exciting as this was, it made balancing school work and a personal life very difficult. Not to mention, Cornell was competitive, so to maintain his GPA and stay active with his kids, Scott got creative. During his first year, he volunteered at the local church and helped with Boy Scouts for his son. When studying, he would take all the kids with him to the library for time together. After Scott graduated, a prominent commercial law firm picked him up, and the family was off to Arizona. Zach, on the other hand, had a passion for language and teaching. He got his Ph.D. in Iberian and Latin American cultures at Stanford University. As he neared the end of his studies there, he felt a pull toward the law as an avenue to help people, which led him to apply for law school and work summers with Ashby Law’s Tri-Cities office. As law school progressed, Zach narrowed his focus to family law and alternative dispute resolution techniques. His multilingual abilities in Spanish and Portuguese help him communicate the unique needs of our clients to judges and mediators. And the techniques he learned in negotiation, mediation, and conflict management drive a successful, results-oriented approach that gets to the heart of family law conflicts better than traditional methods practiced at most firms.

When we first opened in 2012, we had an interest in commercial litigation. We started to take more family law cases, and, as we did, we began to see the positive impact we could make on how divorce cases are handled. We’ve developed processes to reach our clients’ goals without the need for contentious and expensive trials. While we are highly skilled litigators, we keep our clients’ goals in mind and work to leverage the case and obtain a mutual agreement. If we can avoid going to trial or litigating every detail, it’s cheaper for the client, and we’re able to provide much more value. We also take a “carrot and stick approach” to every case so agreements are beneficial and enforceable. When needed, especially in abusive relationships or bad-faith negotiations, we’re not shy about being aggressive. But we try to keep the family away from contention as much as possible. Divorce can be necessary, but it doesn’t mean the parties aren’t still co-parents. We keep the importance of family in mind when entering any case. If you ever need assistance or want to learn more about the services we can provide for you and your family, don’t hesitate to reach out. Call us anytime at 509-572-3700 or visit our website at

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