welcome At Bishopstrow College we create a safe, warm and fun learning environment, where living in a British boarding school becomes a seamless and happy transition. Our students leave Bishopstrow not only able to be in a classroom with native speakers, but being able to compete academically at all levels. We provide the foundations for independent learners who develop a passion for life and learning. Every student is an individual, but it is also important for them to work as a team player, whether it is on the sports field, during a walk in the countryside, in the classroom, or participating in drama or music. Learning at Bishopstrow operates in every environment and every day of the week, but always in English!  Today, we all live and operate in a global environment. Enabling your son or daughter to come and study at the College provides them with a fantastic international experience for life. I hope that after reading this prospectus and visiting our website, you will wish to accept my personal invitation to contact us to find out more and arrange a visit.

Lorraine Atkins, Principal

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