2021-2022 - Yield Book


The purpose of the research trials are to evaluate the importance of early nutrient placement for early vigor, improved root development, setting a higher potential yield, sustainable plant growth all season long and better water usage of the soil profile. We strive to demonstrate how strip tillage can accomplish all of this. This year Orthman South Africa conducted 3 different trials evaluating the benefits of strip-till. One trial was a fertilizer depth trial comparing placing nutrients at 180 mm and 250 mm below the seed. The next trial compared deep ripping at 425 mm then strip-till at 180 mm to just strip-till at 180 mm. The final trial compared strip-till at 250 mm with fertilizer placement at 180 mm to strip-till at 250 mm without fertilizer followed by broadcast fertility placement. Physiological measurements were recorded during the growing season to give indication of differences in treatments and crops were weighed at harvest to measure yield. Orthman is committed to continuing research in agronomics and strip-till and sharing the information with you.


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