2021-2022 - Yield Book

Fertilizer Placement Study 2021-2022 The purpose of this trial was to evaluate the importance of early nutrient placement and strip-till when it comes to early vigor, improved root development, potential higher yield, sustainable plant growth and better water usage. This trial compared 180 mm placement to 250 mm placement. After planting in season data was collected at 45 days after emergence and again at 83 days after emergence. This data is used to show how treatments will vary from one another and give us an indication of what we will see at harvest time. Total ear and plant height that was collected at 83 days after emergence gave us good reason to believe that 180mm placement depth would yield better than the 250 mm placement depth. This is because both ear height and total plant height were higher than the 250 mm placement. This gave us confidence that the180 mm would in fact be the higher yielding treatment.


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