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Welcome Message

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Welcome to Hannover!

Moving to a new country, especially if you don’t speak the lan- guage, can be overwhelming. To help alleviate some of that, we’ve compiled a few lists of essentials: who to call in an emer- gency, where the urgent care clinics are, as well as recommenda- tions on where to eat in the city and where to buy furniture. Hannover is an great city to live and work in, and our school is situated at the center of this vibrant mid-sized city, adjacent to Europe’s largest urban forest (the Eilenriede) and at the top of the beautiful Maschsee lake where sailing, rowing and running occur just a stones throw away. This university city is culturally rich with numerous museums, ex- cellent shopping and is a hub for rail links to cities all over Europe with Berlin only an hour and fifteen minutes away. Hannover is the hidden jewel of Northern Europe with a leafy urban standard of living unparalleled in affordability and public transport access with nature all around. Although Germany is known for its high taxation and bureaucratic regulations, the quality of life here is superb. The health care system is excellent, it is very safe, care of the environment is taken seriously, and there are many different cultural offerings to suit every taste. With gorgeous outdoor spaces, world-renowned museums, abundant coffee and bar options, outdoor and indoor recrea- tion (from open air swimming pools to the Opera) and numerous festivals, Hannover has something for everyone.

New Town Hall

Map of Hannover City Boroughs (Stadtteile)

Leibniz University

We hope that this guide will help you while settling in and that you will enjoy your time in this great city.


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Emergency Numbers

Emergency Numbers cont.

110 – Police 112 – Fire, life-threatening medical emergencies (ambulance)

Pharmacy/chemist emergency service There are always pharmacies (Apotheken) open all night and on Sundays as part of the Notdienst (rotat- ing emergency service). You can find the one nearest to you on the Web (e.g. here: http://stadtinforma- Be aware though that for over the coun- ter meds they will charge extra for using their emergency service. The pharmacies at the Hauptbahnhof and at the airport are open longer (but not all night!) and do not charge this fee on Sundays during their regular opening hours.

Medical emergencies Poisoning 0551 / 19240 General 0511 / 380380 Pediatric 0511 / 380300 Dental 0511 / 311031 Psychiatric 0511 / 61622816 Pregnancy-related 0800 / 6050040

Medical emergencies with animals and house pets • KleintierKlinik Hannover (24-hour emergency service/also does house calls) Hildesheimer Straße 386, 30519 Hannover (Wülfel), Tel.: 0511 / 98634848 • Tierärztliche Hochschule Hannover (TiHo) Veterinary Medical College of Hannover Bünteweg 9, 30559 Hannover, Tel.: 0511 / 953 6800

Urgent care clinics (after hours) Krankenhaus Siloah

Stadionbrücke 4 Tel.: 0511 / 9270 Klinikum Hannover Nordstadt

Other Emergency Phone Numbers Violence against women (24 h)

Haltenhoffstraße 41 Tel.: 0511 / 123 83 43 Children’s Hospital (Kinderkrankenhaus auf der Bult) Janusz-Korczak-Allee 12 Tel.: 0511 / 8115 3300 Children’s Hospital of the MHH (Zentrum für Kinderheilkunde und Jugendmedizin)



0511 / 664477 0511 / 698646 0511 / 332112

Lost bank or credit card 116 116

Frauen- und Kinderschutzhaus

Auto breakdown ADAC

Rape hotline

(01802) 222222

Carl-Neuberg-Str. 1 Tel.: 0511 / 532-3220

English speaking doctors

Medical emergencies with children Unless it’s life-threatening, first contact your pediatrician if they are open, and only then can you go to the urgent care clinic (they must refer you to the clinic, otherwise the clinic can’t take you). If it’s after hours contact the “Bereitschaftsdienstpraxis für Kinder “ at the Kinderkrankenhaus auf der Bult. The num- ber is 0511 / 8115 3300. Only after the “Bereitschaftsdienstpraxis” is closed you can take your kids to the ER of the hospital (same building, same floor). The Children’s Hospital of Medizinische Hochschule Han- nover/MHH (Medical University Hospital) also has an emergency room for urgent cases after hours. The number is: 0511 / 532-3220. Only in life-threatening situations can you call the 112 hotline, but they’re generally equipped to deal with anything. Ambulances are normally equipped to handle children, but when calling 112, be sure to tell them how old your child is to be on the safe side. If calling a taxi, be sure to mention you’re transporting a child. Booster seats are generally always avail- able, but baby and toddler seats may not be – when calling the taxi, stress that you’re transporting a child and tell them the child’s age and size (in kilos) so that they can send a properly equipped taxi.

Please note that in Germany many doctors’ offices are closed on Wednesday and Friday afternoons.

Developmental pediatrician (Kinderarzt) Some pediatricians listed might not take new patients or patients not living in their area. • Dr. med. Franziska Lorenzen Brabeckstr. 153, 30539 Hannover (Bemerode) Tel.: 0511 / 33644880 • Dr. Inken Scholz de Torres Fössestraße 2, 30451 Hannover (Linden) Tel.: 0511 / 441207 • Dr. Schott & Dr. Bömeke Hildesheimerstr. 98 (Entrance Devrientstr. 2), 30173 Hannover (Südstadt) Tel.: 0511 / 9887870 • Dr. med. Irene Diegritz-Qaiyumi Ostpassage 3, 30853 Langenhagen Tel.: 0511 / 973 519 7 • Dr. med. Wolfgang Geller Gustav-Adolf-Str. 8, 30167 Hannover (Nordstadt) Tel.: 0511 / 713580

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English speaking doctors cont.

English speaking doctors cont.

• Dres. Clemens Behrens und Marc Bohn Hanomagstr. 7, 30449 Hannover (Linden), Tel.: 0511 /454601 • Dr. Friederike Hennigsen & Dr. Yasmeen Mir Hegelstr. 4, 30625 Hannover (Kleefeld), Tel.: 0511 /553001 • Dr. Eleni Tioutou Lister Meile 13, 30161 Hannover (Oststadt/List), Tel.: 0511 /342066 General practitioners (Allgemeinärzte / Hausärzte) • Dr. Cordula Koch Mendelssohnstr. 26a, 30173 Hannover (Südstadt), Tel.: 0511 / 353 79 505, • Dr. Ellen Hertling Omptedastraße 28, 30165 Hannover (Vahrenwald), Tel.: 0511 / 350 67 71 • Dr. Bernadette Buchwald Theaterstr. 14, 30159 Hannover (Mitte), Tel.: 0511 / 12356510 • Dr. Anselm Budweg Walter-Gieseking-Straße 3, 30159 Hannover (Südstadt), Tel.: 0511 / 816922 • Dr. Bettina Fontaine Kirchröder Str. 104, 30625 Hannover (Kleefeld), Tel.: 0511 / 89906700 • Dr. Reza Nasseri Falkenstr. 27 30449 Hannover (Linden), Tel.: 0511 / 448408

• Dr. Aleksandra Majdani Tiergartenstr. 130, 30559 Hannover (Kirchrode), Tel.: 0511 / 51 16 28 Throat, Nose, Ears (HNO) • Dr. med. Christoph Lamm Lavesstraße 3a, 30159 Hannover (City Centre) Tel.: 0511 / 1235783 • Herr Dr. med. Johannes Graute Marienstraße 55, 30171 Hannover (Südstadt) Tel.: (05 11) 36 36 96 • Gemeinschaftspraxis Dr. Eckhardt - Trübsbach - Hofmann - Seehafer Lister Str. 10, 30163 Hannover (List) Tel.: 0511 / 345583 OB/Gynecologists (Frauenarzt) • Arash Ebrahimi Osterstraße 24, 30159 Hannover (City Centre), Tel.: 0511 / 36 38 94 • Dr. med. Christine Wiese Brühlstr. 19, 30169 Hannover (Calenberger Neustadt), Tel.: 0511 / 13545 • Dr. med. Friederike und Klaus Greven Pfarrstr. 47, 30459 Hannover (Linden) Tel.: 0511 / 4102870 • Dr. med. Raif Khalifa Hildesheimer Str. 102 - 104, 30173 Hannover (Südstadt) Tel.: 0511 / 881422 • Dr. med. M.D. (USA) Verena Coenen-Worch Davenstedter Str. 246, 30455 Hannover (Linden) Tel.: 0511 / 494044

Dentists (Zahnärzte) • Dr. Volker Staubach Abelmannstrasse 1, 30519 Hannover (Döhren), Tel.: 0511 / 123 75 00 • COS Zahnärzte Mühlenbergcentrum 5, 30457 Hannover (Mühlenberg), Tel.: 0511 / 435048, • Dr. Stephan Krause & Dr. Alexander Krause Stöckener Straße 85, 30419 Hannover (Herrenhausen / Stöcken), Tel.: 0511 / 97 93 555 • Dr. Nicola Deppe Podbielskistraße 8, 30161 Hannover (List), Tel.: 0511 / 899 345 22 • Drs. Sylvia & Heinz-Uwe Eschweiler Geibelstrasse 99, 30137 Hannover (Südstadt), Tel.: 0511 / 884 488,

Dermatologist (Hautarzt) • Dr. Christian Callies Geibelstraße 54, 30173 Hannover, Tel..: 0511 / 805015

Eye specialist (Augenarzt) • Dr. med. Christoph Höing, Dr. med. Stephan Nikolic, Ilga Aser-Asaritis & colleagues Hildesheimer Str. 9, 30169 Hannover (Südstadt) Tel.: 0511 / 850 30 40 • Dr. Meves Augenärzte am Kröpcke, Rathenaustr. 13-14, 30159 Hannover (City Centre), Tel.: 0511 / 320 569

ORTHODONTiST • Dr. Wilhelm Entrup Georgstrasse 46, 30159 Hannover (City Centre), Tel.: 0511 / 36 49 90

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English speaking doctors cont.

English Speaking Therapists cont.

• Liz Mosquera Marschnerstraße 34, 30167 Hannover (Nordstadt), Tel.: 0176 20438981 (after 15:00) Specialties: social psychology, services available in Spanish

Sport medicine, orthopedic surgery, trauma surgery (orthopäden) • Dr. Menke Orthopädie am Raschplatz, Rundestraße 10, 30161 Hannover (City Centre), Tel.: 05 11 / 31 20 39, • Dr. Meinolf Goertzen, Georgstraße 38, 30159 Hannover (City Centre), Tel.: 0511 / 16 74 75 80 • Dr. med. René Goldmann Orthopädische Klinik Königstraße, Berliner Allee 14, 30175 Hannover (City Centre), Tel.: 0511 / 348330,

Outside of Hannover • The Truman Group Remote psychotherapy

Veterinarians and animal hospitals (Tierärzte / Tierkliniken) • KleintierKlinik Hannover Hildesheimer Straße 386, 30519 Hannover, Tel.: 0511 / 986348.48, • Kleintierpraxis Waldheim Rosskampstraße 38, 30519 Hannover, Tel.: 0511 / 83 26 65 • Tierärztliche Hochschule Hannover (TiHo) Veterinary Medical College of Hannover Bünteweg 9, 30559 Hannover, Tel.: 0511 / 953 6800 • Kleintierpraxis Herrenhausen GbR, Dr. Melanie Borchers, Dr. Janaína Hagel, Alte Herrenhäuser Str. 47, 30419 Hannover, Tel.: 0511 / 979 388 05

• Linden Education Jaegerstraße 67, 19117 Berlin, Tel.: 030 / 239 22067 • Dr. Jessica Price Uhlandstrasse 18, 28211 Bremen, Tel.: 0151 / 12284661

Specialties: adults, adolescents (15 and above) and young adults; couple´s therapy; focus on culturally sensitive psychotherapy, looking at transition management, acculturation stress and adaptation issue

• The Primrose Practice Tel.: 01768 820 2160 -- services available in Berlin or via Skype

English Speaking Therapists



• Uta Blohm

Heilpraktikerin für Psychotherapie Schellingstrasse 7, 30625 Hannover (Kleefeld), Tel.: 0170 / 9205341 Specialties: Anger, Anxiety, Bereavement, Depression, Gender, Immigration, Relationships, Sexuality, Stress, Student Counselling, Parenting • Dipl.Soz.Päd. Ursula Bellamy Institut für Emotions-Verabeitung, Jakobistraße 6-8, 30163 Hannover (List), Tel.: 0511 / 96 94 901



Helpful Information andWebsites

Getting Connected

Hannover4EnglishSpeakers Hannover4EnglishSpeakers (or H4ES for short) is a group of ex-pats that meets at least twice monthly in Hannover. Members are from all over the world, mostly (but not only) from English-speaking coun- tries. The group also has a very lively Facebook group which can be very resourceful even if you just search the timeline and files:

• Freda Eidmann Sedanstraße 73, 30161 Hannover (Oststadt), Tel.: 0511 / 3360883 • Dorothee Benda-Hansen Sutelstraße 79A , 30659 Hannover (Bothfeld) Tel.: 0511 / 3108144

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Helpful Information andWebsites cont.

Helpful Information andWebsites cont.

• Stadtkind is a city magazine that has a website listing event: kalender • Prinz is another city magazine listing not only events but also restaurant reviews and other things to enjoy in the city: Special Events in Hannover • Frühlingsfest - funfair in Spring (Schützenplatz across from ISHR) • Hannover Marathon - in Spring • Das blaue Wunder and Scillablütenfest - in Spring (Linden/Lindener Berg). Depending on the bloom- ing of the Scilla these two fests might be on the same day. • Käfertreffen - annual VW Beetles Meet-up on May 1 st (Messeparkplatz Ost/Kronsberg) • Swinging Hannover - open air jazz festival in Spring (Trammplatz in front of the new town hall) • Gartenfestival Herrenhausen - in Spring garden festival with kids’ program • Lister Meilen Fest - in Summer (Lister Meile) • Fête de la Musique - annual music festival on June 21 st (City Centre) • Schützenfest - funfair in Summer including big parade (Schützenplatz across from ISHR) • Maschseefest - music and food around Hannover’s lake Playgrounds Check out for a list of playgrounds throughout the city. Some favorites are Wakitu (List), Sonnenspielplatz (Oststadt), Bonifatiusplatz (List), Bertha-von-Suttner- Platz (Südstadt), Spielpark Tiefenriede (Südstadt), Spielpark Linden, Hexenspielplatz (Kleefeld), Stephan- stift (Kleefeld), Spielpark Roderbruch, Playgrounds in the zoo Movie Theaters with English OmU* *OmU = Original with subtitles; look for this label in the listings to find movies in the original English, French, Spanish, etc. • Kino am Raschplatz (at Hauptbahnhof ): • Astor Grand (near Steintor tram stop): gramm • Cinemaxx (at Hauptbahnhof ): alphabetisch • Lodderbast (between Mitte and Südstadt): • Apollo Kino (in Linden, also often has kids’movies on Sunday afternoons): https://www.apollokino. de/?v=&mp=Vorschau • Oktoberfest - funfair in Fall (Schützenplatz across from ISHR) • Christmas Market (main City Centre/Altstadt/Lister Meile) • Winter Zoo from December - February

Please note that H4ES members need English language skills on a native or near native level. Therefore they do not agree to any members that just want to ‘keep up with’ or ‘practise’ their English. There are, however, other groups for that in Hannover. Current meetings are on the 1st Wednesday and 3rd Tuesday of the month at Lieblingsbar in Herrenhaus- en. Members will be invited on the group’s timeline. There is also a H4ES KIDS group: where all topics related to kids and family life can be discussed and meet-ups or playdates can be found. The third H4ES group is a marketplace where members are able to advertise items they’d like to sell, events they organize that could be interesting for the community as well as business services they offer: Please note: When you request to join H4ES make sure it’s possible to contact you and see your location on your profile – some users block all non-friends from contacting them or reading their profile, and the moderators are unable to make an informed decision. If your request is rejected, that’s probably why. For messages the moderators might send you for further information, please, make sure to always check the folder “Message Requests” (next to your inbox).

The International Women’s Association Hannover (IWAH) IWAH was founded in 1992 in order to help newcomers in Hannover during the initial adjustment period. It is a group for women with international origins, back- grounds or experiences who live in the Hannover area and would like to share their experiences with each other and promote intercultural understanding.

At the same time, IWAH offers its members information and insider know-how about our city and life in Germany. They strive to create a friendly environment in which women feel comfortable and at home and provide opportunities for our members to explore and discover Hannover and the German way of life. Presently, more than 52 different nationalities are represented in IWAH. Women of all ages from many different walks of life make up our membership. IWAH uses English as the common language, but other languages (including German) are also spoken.

Please visit for more information

Things to do • Official website of the City of Hannover. Find info on museums, biking, family activities, seasonal ac- tivities, etc.:

• Activities for kids compiled by the City of Hannover sorted by age:ür-Kids

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Helpful Information andWebsites cont.

Helpful Information andWebsites cont.

• Café Lulu (List) • Zurück zum Glück (Zooviertel/kid friendly) • Coffee Time (Oststadt and near Kröpcke/Opera - large upstairs area) • Menagerie (Linden)

Restaurants (some international favorites… there are many, many more!*) • Basil (Contemporary Inter- national) • Pier 51 (Contemporary Ger- man)

• Amici Mei (Italian) • Gianni’s (Italian) • Agorino (Italian) • Francesca & Fratelli (Italian)

• Ichiban (Japanese) • Sushi-Do (Sushi) • Sindo (Sushi) • Tomo (Sushi) • Le Feu (Flammkuchen) • Duke’s (Burgers and Bowls) • Jo’s Food and Craft (Salads and Burgers) • Lindenblatt (Burgers) • Kuhnstwerk (Burgers and Shakes) • OutbaXSpirit (Australian) • Tandure (Turkish) • Kale (Turkish)

*Please check out the H4ES Facebook Files section (or do a search for “restaurants”) to find more, including more kid-friendly options!

• 11A (Contemporary German) • Speiserei (German interna- tional) • Reimann’s Eck (German tradi- tional) • Pfannkuchen Haus (Pancakes and German traditional) • Bavarium (German tradi- tional) • Max Walloschke (German traditional) • Vier Jahreszeiten (German traditional) • Plümecke (German tradition- al esp. Curry Wurst) Good for drinks (again, many more not listed here!)

• L’Osteria (Italian) • Vapiano (Italian) • Vietal (Vietnamese)

Toy Stores • Galeria Kaufhof (Bahnhofstrasse, City Center, top floor) • Fridolin’s (Weißekreuzplatz, Oststadt) • Gogi (Ferdinand-Wallbrecht-Strasse 9, List/one block from Lister Platz) • Südstadter Spielwaren Paradies (Geibelstrasse, Südstadt) • Earnie & Bertha (Bertha-von-Suttner-Platz, Südstadt) • Land of colorful stones (LEGO specialist, Hildesheimer Strasse, Südstadt)

• Wok ‘n Joy (Vietnamese) • Grosse Mauer (Chinese) • Nanking (Chinese) • Bambus Garden (Chinese) • Ruenthai (Thai) • Thai Food in a Box (Thai) • Anesis (Greek) • Eliniko (Greek) • Taj Mahal (Indian) • Mangal’s Kitchen (Indian) • Café Lulu (Indian and interna- tional)

Book Stores* • Hugendubel (City Centre): (foreign lan- guage titles on the ground floor) • Leuenhagen & Paris (List): (foreign titles on the -1 floor) • Thalia (City Centre/Linden): *most bookstores and toy stores will also have the option to make a Geburtstagskiste (birthday box)

• Aspera (Turkish) • Masa (Afghan) • Al Dar (Syrian)

Baby Gear (Strollers, Furniture, Clothes etc.) • Baby One (Altwarmbüchen)

• 6 Sinne • Oscar’s • Hugo’s • Weinbar gegenüber • Dublin Inn (Irish pub, lots of English speakers) • Shakespeare (English pub) Jack the Ripper’s London Tavern (English speakers) • Lieblingsbar

• Baby Starke (Garbsen) • miniundma (Oststadt) • Nika Kinderwelt (Bothfeld) • Kind der Stadt (List)

Furniture Stores (besides IKEA) • Möbel Staude (Hainholz) • Möbel Hesse (Garbsen) • Bolia (City Centre) • Sofa Loft (Südstadt) • BoConcept (City Centre) • Seydlitz (City Centre) • Steinhoff (Südstadt) • Pro Office (City Centre) • Höffner (Altwarmbüchen)

Good for brunch: • 7 Sundays (City center and Oststadt) • TreibHaus (List) • Sweet Shabby (Südstadt) • Mezzo (Oststadt) • Loretta’s (Behind the school)

• Bavarium (City Centre) • HeimW (City Centre) • Café K (Altstadt)

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Helpful Information andWebsites cont.

• Libraries especially for children and youth: Jugend- und Stadtbibliothek List (Podbipark/Lister Strasse) Kinderbibliothek Südstadt (Schlägerstrasse) Please note that note that all libraries offer books for children and youth. Also many have books in English and other languages on loan. Directory of libraries: bibliothek-Hannover/Bibliotheken-%C3%96ffnungszeiten • GVH App for public transport or • Öffies App (public transport) oeffi&hl=de Helpful Information andWebsites cont.

Shopping (larger stores/malls) • Ernst August Galerie (City Centre)

• Galeria Karstadt and Kaufhof (City Centre) Department stores. Kaufhof Bahnhofstrasse/across from Hauptbahnhof has a large grocery section on the basement level including specialties and interna- tional food • Kaufland* (City Centre behind Hauptbahnhof ( open to midnight) /Hainholz/Bornum/Laatzen https:// ) • real* (Altwarmbüchen, Linden, Hemmingen) • A2 Center (Altwarmbüchen) • CCL (Langenhagen) • LeineCenter (Laatzen) • Decathlon Sports and Outdoor Equipment (Laatzen) • Designer Outlet Wolfsburg • Desinger Outlet Soltau *Grocery stores, but very large and with lots of international food choices, as well as household items (toys, some clothing, seasonal items, baking supplies, etc.)

Dos and Don’ts of Parenting in Germany

Leaving Children Home Alone Parents have the legal obligation to supervise their children (“Aufsichtspflicht”). This includes protecting the children from harm as well as making sure they don’t cause any harm to others. This doesn’t mean however, that parents have to watch their children constantly. They are allowed to let them play indepen- dently. Parents basically have to decide for themselves how much supervision their children need based on their level of maturity, personality, character and the environment. It also depends on how long the child is required to stay alone and where they could go for help if need be. It is very tricky to ask older siblings to watch out for younger ones unless there’s a big age gap between them. Between the ages of 10-15 children finally reach a level of logical reasoning, perception and con- centration that is comparable to an adult and are therefore able to judge potential dangers. However, once in puberty, many teenagers tend to be wrapped up in their own business and/or are more willing to take risks. Children any younger are not able to truly perceive danger and lack therefore the skills and resources to take responsibility for a younger sibling. Going Out Cinema: In general, age restrictions to films apply from 6, 12, 16 or 18 regardless of an adult accompany- ing a child or not. Exception: Children from 6 years are allowed to see a movie rated 12 if a parent/ guard- ian is present. Children under 14 have to have adult supervision if the film ends after 8 pm or if they are under 16 and the film ends after 10 pm or if they are under 18 and the film ends after midnight. Pubs, Nightclubs and arcades: Under 16 year-old children are only allowed to go to a nightclub (disco) when accompanied by a parent or guardian. From 16-18 years-old teenagers are allowed to go to a nightclub until midnight, longer if they have adult supervision (signed paper). There are exceptions for school and other public events for teenagers. You have to be over 18 to enter an arcade (Spielhalle). Children and teenagers are allowed to enter a pub between 5 am and 11pm. if they want to purchase a drink or food. Exceptions: Pubs that have many gambling machines or also run as a night club. Concerts: No age/time restrictions yet parental permission is necessary to go to a concert.

DIY Stores • Bauhaus (City Centre, Hainholz, Laatzen) https// • OBI (Linden, Laatzen)

• Himmler hagebaumarkt (Südstadt) • Hornbach (Linden/Altwarmbüchen) • toom (Brink-Hafen)

Miscellaneous • Erlebnis Zoo Hannover • MalZeit ceramic painting (List) ceramic painting in List, owner speaks English • Porzellan Café ceramic painting (Südstadt/List) • Aqualaatzium (Laatzen) Pool with slides, swimming classes and large sauna facilities https://aqua- • Wasserwelt (Langenhagen) Pool with slides, swimming classes and large sauna facilities https://www. • Directory of pools and swimming lakes: Sport/Bäderführer • Zinnober Kindermuseum (Linden) • Phaeno Museum (Wolfsburg) • kestnergesellschaft museum with changing contemporary art exhibitions, once a month a program for kids in English is offered:!/vermittlung/kinder • Directory of all museums in the city gen

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Dos and Don’ts of Parenting in Germany cont.

Outside: Parents decide when their children need to come back home. There are no laws and regulations other than the obligation to supervise (see leaving children home alone). Drugs and Alcohol Smoking is not allowed until the age of 18. Teenagers over 16 may legally buy/consume beer, wine and champagne. You need to be over 18 to buy/consume any spirits (e.g. vodka or whiskey). Piercings and Tattoos According to German law tattoos, piercings or brand characters are actually assaults but are not pros- ecuted as they are done voluntarily. Children and teenagers under 16 are not allowed to have a tattoo done, even with parental permission. From 16 – 18 teenagers need parental permission (either in writing or better parents accompanying their child).

Spanking Physical violence including spanking on any part of the body is illegal in Germany. Sex The legal age of consent in Germany is 14 if both partners are under 18.

Jobs Children over 13 are allowed to earn some pocket money by doing “easy” jobs, like giving private tuition or doing paper rounds between the hours of 8.00 and 18.00 and only with parental permission. Teen- agers aged 15 and over are allowed to work between 35-40 hours a week for up to 4 weeks during the holidays. Business Children aged 7 and over are allowed to purchase items within their pocket money. They are even al- lowed to save money and buy more expensive things. However, items costing large sums and contracts (e.g. for mobile phones) are forbidden unless they have parent permission. Criminal Responsibility Limited criminal responsibility starts at the age of 14. Crimes committed by young people (aged 16 – 18) will always be tried in juvenile court. This also applies to adolescents aged 18-21 who, at the time of the crime, were the equivalent of a juvenile based on their moral and mental development.

Contact International School Hannover Region Bruchmeisterallee 6 30169 Hannover


Tel 0511 27041-650 Fax 0511 27041-651

Last modified: 15 April 2020

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