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Helpful Information and Websites

Helpful Information and Websites

Getting connected Hannover4EnglishSpeakers

Things To Do • Official website of the City of Hannover. Fi nd info on museums, biking, family activities, sea- sonal activities, etc.: • Activities for kids compiled by the City of Hannover sorted by age:ür-Kids • Stadtkind is a city magazine that has a website listing event: kalender • Prinz is another city magazine listing not only events but also restaurant reviews and other things to enjoy in the city: Special Events in Hannover • Frühlingsfest - funfair in Spring (Schützenplatz across from ISHR) • Hannover Marathon - in Spring • Das blaue Wunder and Scillablütenfest - in Spring (Linden/Lindener Berg). Depending on the blooming of the Scilla these two fests might be on the same day. • Käfertreffen - annual VW Beetles Meet-up on May 1 st (Messeparkplatz Ost/Kronsberg) • Swinging Hannover - open air jazz festival in Spring (Trammplatz in front of the new town hall) • Gartenfestival Herrenhausen - in Spring garden festival with kids’ program • Lister Meilen Fest - in Summer (Lister Meile) • Fête de la Musique - annual music festival on June 21 st (City Centre) • Schützenfest - funfair in Summer including big parade (Schützenplatz across from ISHR) • Maschseefest - music & food around Hannover’s lake ( For a list of playgrounds throughout the city: Some favorites are Wakitu (List), Sonnenspielplatz (Oststadt), Bonifatiusplatz (List), Bertha-von- Suttner-Platz (Südstadt), Spielpark Tiefenriede (Südstadt), Spielpark Linden, Hexenspielplatz (Kleefeld), Stephanstift (Kleefeld), Spielpark Roderbruch, Playgrounds in the zoo Movie Theaters with English OmU* *OmU = Original with subtitles; look for this label in the listings to find movies in the original English, French, Spanish, etc. • Kino am Raschplatz (at Hauptbahnhof): • Astor Grand (near Steintor tram stop): programm • Cinemaxx (at Hauptbahnhof): alphabetisch • Lodderbast (between Mitte and Südstadt): • Apollo Kino (in Linden, also often has kids’ movies on Sunday afternoons): https://www.apol- • Oktoberfest - funfair in Fall (Schützenplatz across from ISHR) • Christmas Market (main City Centre/Altstadt/Lister Meile) • Winter Zoo from December - February Playgrounds

Hannover4EnglishSpeakers (or H4ES for short) is a group of ex-pats that meets at least twice monthly in Hannover. Members are from all over the world, mostly (but not only) from English- speaking countries. The group also has a very lively Facebook group which can be very resourceful even if you just search the timeline and files: Please note that H4ES members need English language skills on a native or near native level. Therefore they do not agree to any members that just want to ‘keep up with’ or ‘practise’ their Eng - lish. There are, however, other groups for that in Hannover. Current meetings are on the 1st Wednesday and 3rd Tuesday of the month at Lieblingsbar in Her- renhausen. Members will be invited on the group’s timeline. There is also a H4ES KIDS group: where all topics re- lated to kids and family life can be discussed and meet-ups or playdates can be found. The third H4ES group is a marketplace where members are able to advertise items they’d like to sell, events they organize that could be interesting for the community as well as business services they offer: Please note: When you request to join H4ES make sure it’s possible to contact you and see your location on your profile – some users block all non-friends from contacting them or reading their pro - file, and the moderators are unable to make an informed decision. If your request is rejected, that’s probably why. For messages the moderators might send you for further information, please, make sure to always check the folder “Message Requests” (next to your inbox). The International Women’s Association Hannover (IWAH) IWAHwas founded in1992 inorder tohelpnewcomers inHannover during the initial adjustment period. It is a group for womenwith international origins, backgrounds or experiences who live in theHannover areaandwould like toshare their experienceswitheachother andpromote intercultural understanding. At the same time, IWAH offers its members information and insider know-how about our city and life in Germany.Theystrive tocreatea friendlyenvironment inwhichwomen feel comfortableandat homeand provide opportunities for our members to explore and discover Hannover and the German way of life. Presently, more than 52 different nationalities are represented in IWAH. Women of all ages from many different walks of life make up our membership. IWAH uses English as the common language, but other languages (including German) are also spoken. Please visit for more infor- mation Getting connected Websites: • Neu in Hannover / New in Hanover ( facebook group ) •



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