ISHR New in Town Brochure 2021

Helpful Information and Websites Shopping (larger stores/malls) • Ernst August Galerie (City Centre)

Helpful Information and Websites

Please note that note that all libraries offer books for children and youth. Also many have books in English and other languages on loan. Directory of libraries: bibliothek-Hannover/Bibliotheken-%C3%96ffnungszeiten • GVH App for public transport or • Öffies App (public transport) oeffi&hl=de • Hannah Lastenrad: (rent a transport bike) • StadtMobil: (car rental/sharing)

• Galeria Karstadt and Kaufhof (City Centre) Department stores. Kaufhof Bahnhofstrasse/across from Hauptbahnhof has a large grocery section on the basement level including specialties and international food • Kaufland* (City Centre behind Hauptbahnhof (open to midnight) /Hainholz/Bornum/Laatzen ) • real* (Altwarmbüchen, Linden, Hemmingen) • A2 Center (Altwarmbüchen) • CCL (Langenhagen) • LeineCenter (Laatzen) • Decathlon Sports and Outdoor Equipment (Laatzen) • Designer Outlet Wolfsburg • Desinger Outlet Soltau *Grocery stores, but very large and with lots of international food choices, as well as householld items (toys, some clothing, seasonal items, baking supplies, etc.)

• MOIA: (ride sharing) • Frauennachttaxi (women’s night taxi) by Üstra

DIY Stores • Bauhaus (City Centre, Hainholz, Laatzen) https// • OBI (Linden, Laatzen)

• Himmler hagebaumarkt (Südstadt) • Hornbach (Linden/Altwarmbüchen) • toom (Brink-Hafen)

Miscellaneous • Erlebnis Zoo Hannover • MalZeit ceramic painting (List) ceramic painting in List, owner speaks English • Porzellan Café ceramic painting (Südstadt/List) • Aqualaatzium (Laatzen) Pool with slides, swimming classes and large sauna facilities • Wasserwelt (Langenhagen) Pool with slides, swimming classes and large sauna facilities • Directory of pools and swimming lakes: Sport/Bäderführer • Zinnober Kindermuseum (Linden) • Phaeno Museum (Wolfsburg) • Kestnergesellschaft museum with changing contemporary art exhibitions, once a month a pro- gram for kids in English is offered:!/vermittlung/kinder • Directory of all museums in the city lungen • Libraries especially for children and youth: Jugend- und Stadtbibliothek List (Podbipark/Lister Strasse) Kinderbibliothek Südstadt (Schlägerstrasse)



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