ISHR New in Town Brochure 2021

Emergency Numbers 110 – Police 112 – Fire, life-threatening medical emergencies (ambulance)

Emergency Numbers

Pharmacy/chemist emergency service There are always pharmacies (Apotheken) open all night and on Sundays as part of the Notdienst (rotating emergency service). You can find the one nearest to you on the Web (e.g. here: http:// Be aware though that for over the counter meds they will charge extra for using their emergency service. The pharmacies at the Hauptbahnhof and at the airport are open longer (but not all night!) and do not charge this fee on Sundays during their regular opening hours.

Medical emergencies Poisoning

0551 19240 0511 380380 0511 380300 0511 311031

General Pediatric

Medical emergencies with animals and house pets Kleintierklinik Han- nover (24-hour emer-


Hildesheimer Straße 386, 30519 Hannover (Wülfel) Bünteweg 9, 30559 Hannover de https://www.tiho-han-


0511 6162 2816 0800 6050040

0511 98634848

gency service/also does house calls) Veterinary Medical College of Hannover


0511 9536800

Urgent care clinics (after hours) Krankenhaus Siloah Stadionbrücke 4 Klinikum Hannover Nordstadt Haltenhoffstraße 41

0511 9270

Violence against women (24h) Frauenhaus

0511 1238343 0511 81153300

0511 664477 0511 698646 0511 332112

Children’s Hospital (Kinder - krankenhaus auf der Bult) Children’s Hospital of the MHH (Zentrum für Kinder- heilkunde und Jugendmedizin)

Janusz-Korczak-Allee 12

Frauen- und Kinderschutzhaus

Rape hotline

Carl-Neuberg-Str. 1

0511 5323220

Other Emergency Phone Numbers Lost bank or credit card


Medical emergencies with children Unless it’s life-threatening, first contact your pediatrician if they are open, and only then can you go to the urgent care clinic (they must refer you to the clinic, otherwise the clinic can’t take you). If it’s after hours contact the “Bereitschaftsdienstpraxis für Kinder “ at the Kinderkrank - enhaus auf der Bult. The number is 0511 / 8115 3300. Only after the “Bereitschaftsdienstprax - is” is closed you can take your kids to the ER of the hospital (same building, same floor). The Children’s Hospital of Medizinische Hochschule Hannover/MHH (Medical University Hospi - tal) also has an emergency room for urgent cases after hours. The number is: 0511 / 532-3220. Only in life-threatening situations can you call the 112 hotline, but they’re general - ly equipped to deal with anything. Ambulances are normally equipped to handle chil- dren, but when calling 112, be sure to tell them how old your child is to be on the safe side. If calling a taxi, be sure to mention you’re transporting a child. Booster seats are generally always available, but baby and toddler seats may not be – when calling the taxi, stress that you’re transport - ing a child and tell them the child’s age and size (in kilos) so that they can send a properly equipped taxi.

Car breakdown (ADAC)

01802 222222



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