Albrecht Law September 2019


September 2019

Nobody Hits a Home Run Without Swinging for the Fence

For the past fewmonths, I’ve been batting .200. Our firm has hired five different people to fill our legal assistant position, and, despite our high hopes, four out of those five candidates didn’t fit. They each had skills we appreciated, and I have no doubt their abilities will lead them to opportunities in another position with a different company. But we weren’t looking for an “okay”fit. We needed someone who would be a home run. metaphors just a bit). Georgina has been with Albrecht Law since May 8, and there’s a reason she’s the first of the five you’re hearing about in the newsletter. Georgina, or“Georgie”to her close friends, comes to us with a background in insurance, which has already been very helpful. Georgina, now Albrecht Law’s legal assistant and records specialist, collects records for our clients, organizes these files, and directs us to where we can find the records. She pulls from her experience to understand and analyze complicated insurance subrogation and claims issues and will help our clients know we’ve got only the best people working on their claims. Georgina grew up in Peterborough, England, and has been in the States since she was 11 years old (England’s loss, I say). You might think somebody who loves organizing and understanding records and insurance billing must have a boring personality, but you’d find out quickly how wrong you are once you meet This Month’s Happiest Client! I’m proud to say we found our home run teammate (if you don’t mind my mixing “Very pleasant working with the firm! The staff was very friendly and helpful. Matt was able to break it all down and made everything easier to understand. I would totally recommend him!” -Stephanie

Georgina, from her sense of humor to the sequined, sparkly shoes that are part of her daily uniform. Georgina lives in Spokane on the South Hill with her husband, Spenser, and their toddler son, Rupert.

has been integral in making sure none of our clients receive anything less than the exceptional service we strive for. She’s aided me in the hiring process as well, but Melanie can do it all. She drafts pleadings, manages QuickBooks, and makes our clients feel welcome and cared about. She has great relationships with dozens of judicial assistants around the state, which really keep things running smoothly. These relationships are so meaningful. After five years, I could not imagine our firmwithout Melanie. Georgina and our firm are lucky to learn from her.

As a small law firm, we can’t skate by with an employee who isn’t going to excel in their position. We don’t have the manpower to fill in the gaps left by employees who thrive in one area and struggle in another. That means we may take a few swings and misses before hitting that elusive home run, and we have to accept that. It’s difficult, and there are raw emotions that follow this reality. Ultimately, it comes down to selecting the employee who is going to serve our clients best. Our behind-the-scenes process is what makes it possible for our attorneys to devote as much time to our clients as we do. We don’t neglect their needs, concerns, and cases because we aren’t too focused on finding files or servicing the reception area. The attorneys with the best information most readily available have a great head start, and our team gives every attorney here a big advantage over opposing firms. I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention one of our most dedicated employees, Melanie Evans. During this period of transition and turnover, Melanie

I’m proud of the teamwe have built at Albrecht Law, and I’m so glad we took the risk of continuing to swing for the fences. Each member brings unique skills that make them invaluable to our clients, and they are happy to feed off one another. A strong foundation for an office is an environment that fosters collaboration and sharing of ideas. When everyone on the team is genuinely happy for their colleagues doing well, you know you have something special. It may have taken five chances, and our statistics may show us batting at .200. But what matters most is we hit a home run with Georgina. | 1

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