RSMD - Director, Property Management

JLL operates under The Crown Estate’s own brand of Regent Street Management Direct, providing a team of professionals delivering all aspects of property management, customer management, facilities management and finance. Direct letting services are also provided. The team work closely with The Crown Estate to help it achieve the Regent Street Vision investment programme. Behind the famous façade of Regent Street, The Crown Estate have invested heavily to create commercial office space to provide the West End with exemplary business accommodation with the aim of attracting some of the world’s leading organisations to call the Regent Street area home. As a range of organisations from a variety of sectors now strive to take office space in the area, The Crown Estate continue to redevelop and change the footplates to offer larger, more modern space behind the tradition frontage of the historic Street. JLL’s single purpose is to deliver a service to The Crown Estate’s customers (tenants) which results in loyalty beyond reason. Through Regent Street Management Direct, JLL: • Put the customer experience and service at the forefront of all that they do • Understand the needs of the organisations who occupy the space, appreciating the differences in sector and business type • Create an environment where tenants are seen as customers and are invaluable • Take a hands on problem solving approach to working with The Crown Estate • Share the vision for excellence and ambition to have unrivalled office accommodation in the West End

There is more to the historic Regent Street than world class shopping, restaurants and bars - it has become a premier business destination in the West End

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