EIC 2022 Equity Benchmarking Study

Study Methodology

In order to produce a robust, objective assessment of current DEI experience in the events industry, the study comprised three steps:

A series of focus group discussions (FGDs) with EIC leadership An AI-based chatbot survey of EIC members across the industry Analysis of the survey data using a customised AI data analytics platform

Figure ii: Three-step study process

Step 1: FGDs and creation of DEI framework

Ownership: Do I understand DEI issues and act accordingly? Accountability and power of influence: Is my organisation and leadership working to improve DEI? How are we engaging and tracking/measuring improvements? Delivering change: What key areas of DEI need change the most? Sustaining change: How impactful are current interventions on DEI based on key metrics? Crucially, themes emerging from these leadership discussions also allowed us to develop a customised, clear four-dimension framework for assessing DEI experience in the events industry and planning targeted actions. The four dimensions are: The study began with a series of focus group discussions with the Events Industry Council (EIC) Leadership: members of the EIC Equity Task Force, the EIC Board of Directors, and several external key stakeholders and partners. Eight focus group discussions were conducted with 22 leaders to build common understanding and ownership of the project, and to shape the design of the industry-wide chatbot benchmarking study. Together, these dimensions, which emerged organically from the FGD discussions, represent a holistic picture of the experiences and expectations of people across the industry on DEI. This framework was then used to design the chatbot survey, with questions aimed at shedding light on each dimension of experience.


2022 EIC Equity Benchmarking Study

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