EIC 2022 Equity Benchmarking Study

Key Insights

Key Findings

The strong cultural footprint provides concrete evidence of how powerful and influential the male dominance in the industry is, despite being a smaller population.

Less than ¾ of the surveyed population identified as male and are 6% more satisfied with the DEI

experience than their female colleagues in the industry.

Employed event professionals (83%) are significantly dissatisfied with DEI in the industry when compared to those who are self- employed or have alternate employment types.

It appears that an ability to exercise personal agency may be a mediating factor in the experience of DEI initiatives. This may indicate that dispersed power and greater ownership of roles at all levels holds the potential for improving the experience of inclusion.

Key Insights

2022 EIC Equity Benchmarking Study Secondary research data supports the influence of ethnicity on the professional experience across several accounts - candidates with White-sounding names receive 50% more calls for interviews (2), colourism influences job selection more than one’s educational background and previous work experience (3), employees who identify as Black also receive promotions less often (4) and are more likely to be laid off or fired in times of business uncertainty and economic turmoil (5). 15 The study findings bring to the forefront the impact of subtle forms of racism and discrimination on the DEI experience in the events industry. Often racism is synonymous with racial slurs, hate crimes, and other actions. However, the difference of the DEI scores between respondents who identified as Black in comparison to those who identified as White, draws attention to less obvious but equally detrimental forms of racism - structural and systemic racism. Preceding studies have affirmed that such invisible, but deep-rooted forms of racism could manifest in other experiences and outcomes for ethnically diverse individuals irrespective of the industry or sector they work in (1), for example the kind of projects they work on, the pay or benefits they receive, the way their performance is evaluated and recognised, how their careers progress etc.

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