EIC 2022 Equity Benchmarking Study

3. Delivering Change

This is the lowest scoring dimension in the EIC-DEI framework, with a score of 3.57 out of 5. Interestingly, this is one of the dimensions where both male and female event professionals strongly believe that there is scope to improve how DEI is implemented in the events industry. There however continues to be a higher score for the DEI experience from respondents who identified as White, as well as event professionals in senior and board level positions for this dimension. Supporting data trends emerging from the study: The difference between the DEI perception amongst male and female survey respondents is only 3% (accountability was 7% and sustaining change was 6%). Respondents who identified as White in senior and board level positions are 14% more satisfied with the DEI experience compared to others in the industry. Additional research reveals a common theme of disconnect between a company’s statement or commitment of resources (to fight racism) externally and the daily employee experience (14). While the disconnect is not new, the awareness of its depth is unique for some. Hence this dimension explores how the correlation of ethnicity to gender and employment impacts the DEI experience in the industry.

3.1. Delivering Change - Ethnicity and Gender

It is evident with this comparison that irrespective of gender, there is an urgent need for organisations and the industry to deliver on the promise for a better DEI experience. The persistent medium blue hues exist across the heatmap indicating that either there are insufficient interventions for DEI or what exists is not being practiced in spirit. Figure 3a: Ethnicity with Gender

Note: “Others” includes: “Indigenous” and those who selected “Prefer not to say”


2022 EIC Equity Benchmarking Study

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