EIC 2022 Equity Benchmarking Study

In summary (Sustaining Change): For an absolute culture transformation, DEI changes must be integrated into existing practices in the industry (i.e., enable DEI into the flow of work). For sustaining change, there must be a strong focus on consistent and constant efforts through which all employees irrespective of work location, sexual orientation, ethnicity, gender or age feel heard. There should be ample opportunities through daily operations and decisions for more voices to be heard so that any DEI change that is introduced can be sustained and evolved for a more inclusive industry experience. Emerging priorities for action: Sustaining Change To achieve the EIC ’ s DEI goals, the industry must establish voluntary guidelines to adopt effective policies and practices to sustain change both in the workplace and the industry. To establish a global standard for these guidelines, the EIC must create easy opportunities for cross-border dialogue, best practice sharing and develop toolkits that support the industry with solutions from across the world.


2022 EIC Equity Benchmarking Study

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