EIC 2022 Equity Benchmarking Study

Further Exploration and Limitations of the Study

As with majority research, this study was subject to limitations. The two key factors to note were the sample size and diversity of the survey respondents. Having fewer responses in certain categories made it challenging to explore further analysis into the data (e.g.: respondents who identified as having a disability). Considering the global nature of the events industry, having better participation and inputs from ethnically diverse groups and geographical locations would have made the study more comprehensive. To address this in the future, it is recommended to consider specific outreach to ensure greater participation from indigenous voices. Additionally, there is limited existing research on this topic in the industry. This literature gap can be viewed as an opportunity to pro-actively engage with event professionals and seek feedback on changes expected in the industry – both from an overall as well as a DEI perspective.

Next steps: Leveraging the study results

Strategy: Definition of focused, dynamic goals for the industry and a framework for benchmarking progress that reflect priorities and modalities identified in the study. Resources: Development of world-class tools for the benefit of EIC membership, including: toolkits, guidelines and training resources, in the four key areas identified in the Plan: The results of the study will be leveraged to support the EIC’s Equity Acceleration Plan. A leadership workshop will be held to discuss the study and come to a shared understanding of its implications for the EIC’s work in this area. The findings, insights and recommendations will then be used to help shape the Equity Acceleration Plan deliverables for maximum impact and cost-effectiveness:

2022 EIC Equity Benchmarking Study Measurement: The study results provide a baseline against which progress can be more accurately measured, and the impact of the Plan interventions can be assessed. The same survey tool can be used on a periodic, scheduled basis for comparable results. 37

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