EIC 2022 Equity Benchmarking Study

About the EIC Equity Task Force and Equity Acceleration Plan

Why the Equity Task Force was formed

The Events Industry Council (EIC) is committed to accelerating action for sustainable development and increasing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in the global events industry. Keen to drive meaningful change and create welcoming communities, the EIC is continuously exploring approaches to champion the adoption of sustainable and socially impactful DEI practices. In November 2020, EIC announced the creation of a global EIC Equity Task Force. The Task Force aims to support the events industry, its global federations, and the work of EIC’s Centre for Sustainability and Social Impact. The Task Force is charged with addressing systemic racism and all forms of discrimination in the business events and hospitality industry by developing a meaningful framework for action to accelerate inclusion. The work of this task force is meant to support and amplify the work of the EIC’s member organisations and stakeholder partners. The framework will help establish industry benchmarks and monitor progress in the areas of Organisation Framework, Career Pathways, Industry Leadership and Event Framework. The EIC’s Equity Acceleration Plan adopts a structured approach to address systemic racism in the global business events industry through assessment, strategy, resources, training and benchmarking. As a critical first step in the strategy, and to maximise the impact of the industry’s collective efforts, the Task Force agreed that it would be critical to get a clear, objective understanding of the current state of DEI as understood by employees across the industry, in order to:

Identify industry-specific DEI challenges and trends facing event professionals across different demographics

Benchmark how DEI is currently perceived in the industry, and demonstrate why investment in change is imperative.

Create a benchmark to measure the impact of a DEI programs over time

Offer targeted recommendations to address emerging priorities, informing an effective program of action


2022 EIC Equity Benchmarking Study

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