ArborTimes Fall 2022

Fall is one of the most important times of the year to actively engage clients. Photo courtesy of Rainbow Ecoscience.

just two or three services, operation- al efficiency becomes much greater, leading to higher margins and client satisfaction. Additionally, by focusing on current clients, it’s easier to eval- uate which will gain the most value in utilizing those services. A focused and targeted offering will yield a higher response rate.

visit. Travel time to and from the job can account for the majority of the cost of some services, so when that is already paid for with another accept- ed proposal, it’s easy to add services for a significantly reduced rate.


There is no shortage of pest and disease issues to tackle in fall. As a result, there are many different prod- ucts and application methods to con- sider. As you begin to send out email

blasts, direct mailers and promote select ser- vices on social media and websites, consider these PHC opportunities to enhance your clients’

When offering these services, consider using fixed pricing. Instead of offering a free estimate or site inspection, gen- erate a proposal that states the exact cost of the service being offered whenever possible. This will avoid the consulta- tion-proposal-acceptance process which can be both time-consuming and tedious at this time of year, especially con- sidering most clients have already had site inspections and multiple visits this year.

services this fall. TREE INJECTION

With emerald ash borer reaching the west coast earlier this year, this pest has now infested much of the nation. In regions where popula- tions are low, a soil ap- plication of imidacloprid may be the preferred management method,

One root-flare injectable to offer includes chlorosis treatments with macro-injected micronutrients. Photo courtesy of Rainbow Ecoscience.

whereas on valuable ash trees, or in areas of high population, a root-flare injection of emamectin benzoate may be the better option. Emamectin ben- zoate, which will persist in the tree for up to two seasons, can also be

Additional offers could include loy- alty discounts or easy, “value-add” services for clients that are already signed up for a fertilizer or pruning

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