ArborTimes Fall 2022

the active ingredient paclobutra- zol can help slow down the growth of trees and shrubs, but offer addi- tional benefits. Chlorotic trees, and even spruce trees, affected by Cyto-

spora canker can see benefits from the application of some paclobutra- zol (PBZ) containing products. The benefit that products like these can have for trees dealing with urban

and fall, hopefully this guide helps you consider what can be offered in your region. The PHC season can be short, so utilizing every service avail- able to extend the season is import- ant to keep technicians working and provide as much value as possible to clients and their landscapes. Mark Ware offers technical support and training as the Northeast arborologist for Rainbow Ecosci- ence. His educational background is in landscape construction and ornamental horticulture, with pro- fessional experience in general tree work, utility forestry and plant health care.

tree stress, whether it be environmental (drought stress) or human caused (con- struction stress), is also important to keep in mind. With one application last- ing up to three sea- sons in a tree, as long as the soil has adequate moisture and is not frozen, applications can be made in fall. EXTENDING THE PHC SEASON

*Imidacloprid is a neonicotinoid, and as such can be harmful to pollinators. Only apply to plants as directed by the label and adhere to any use restrictions listed.

There is no shortage of pest and disease issues to tackle in fall, and PHC can enhance your clients’ services. Photo courtesy of Rainbow Ecoscience.

While these are not all of the options available to offer in the late season

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Multiple injection tips designed for all types of trees, conifers and palms )NSECTICIDESs&UNGICIDESs0'2Ss!NTIBIOTICSs-ICRO.UTRIENTS

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