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“The three main maintenance items include proper cleaning, daily inspections for damage and proper greasing of the boom and other moving parts.”

A Quick and Dirty Guide on Winterizing Aerial Lifts

y W. Duane

Working in an aerial li can be chal- lenging in the best of conditions, let alone through winter months with snow, ice and freezing temperatures introducing new hazards. Preparing an aerial li for cold weather opera- tion, or winter storage, is essential for maintaining the equipment and en- suring it will have a long service life. “These machines are the same as any other internal combustion equipment, much like your car,” says Eric Bailey, national aer sales technical engineer for Tracked Lis. “Whether you’re planning to put it up for two or three months or keep it in service through winter, even basic maintenance in regular intervals throughout the year is going to make the winterizing pro- cess easier. You’re more inclined to notice when something isn’t working as it should.” REGULAR MAINTENANCE “How you take care of your ma- chine is how your machine is going to treat you,” says Jason Rogers, North American operations manag- er at Teupen North America. “If you

keep it cleaned and lubed, and per- form maintenance as recommended, you’ll decrease downtime, maximize production, and will prolong the life and value of the machine.” “The three main maintenance items include proper cleaning, daily inspec- tions for damage and proper greasing of the boom and other moving parts,” says Ben Ta, president of Spimerica. Other basic tasks include changing air, fuel, hydraulic and oil filters, as well as topping off and changing flu- ids. The proper maintenance schedule for an aerial li will be in the oper- ator’s manual provided by the man- ufacturer. Following those guidelines will streamline the process and limit machine and crew downtime. When in doubt, contact the manufacturer for help with maintenance, troubleshoot- ing and training. Another basic, but sometimes over- looked, task is battery maintenance. Depending on the battery, it may require topping off with water and electrolytes to keep it in good shape, and don’t forget to clean the battery

Battery maintenance is often overlooked. Photo courtesy of All Access Equipment.

terminals. It’s relatively easy to do. “Shut off the main battery-disconnect switch, disconnect ground cables first, then wire brush all terminals. Every connection should be bright and shiny,” emphasizes Lenny Po- lonski, a member of the All Access Equipment sales team. However, re- gardless of battery type, its lifespan is something to keep track of. “In the course of operation, equipment gen- erates an extraordinary amount of vibration which dramatically short- ens all lead-acid batteries’ lives by as much as 50%. Weak batteries also considerably strain starter motors, causing them to overheat and fail,”

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“How you take care of your machine is how your machine is going to treat you.”

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