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Food Waste Wrapping Considerations

Venue operators should consider the individual wrapping of food items as it relates to food waste, when compared to alternative solutions such as buffets. There is the risk that some food contents, when not selected by the attendee, may not be consumed. It is therefore a good idea to not select contents or ingredients which are not widely accepted.

The overall effect of portioning and packaging though, results in lower food waste as attendees do not overload plates. The messaging to meeting planners who are seeking confidence that their event is not having a negative impact on the environment, should be one of

aligning this service style with these goals. It is important to note that packaging should be biodegradable and utensils either metal or non-single use plastic composition. We see greater use of tamper resistant bags and since the bags and boxes are closed, it is important to clearly display the contents so that people can choose the right one and reduce waste and looking inside.

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