IACC-Re-imagining Conference Lunches

STAFFING SURCHARGES The global task force cited staffing surcharges as a perhaps more palatable way to charge for services. If a private chef is offered, charge an hourly fee for this highly visible enhancement. CONSIDERING THE ENVIRONMENT The realisation that introducing PPE and bespoke food packaging is having a huge impact on the environment and it is considered a shame that after huge efforts to reduce plastics at events, appears to be undone. Juice dispensers reverting back to plastic bottles, is just one example. However, there are steps that venues can take today to try and keep the impact to a minimum. In addition, it is always important to remember that sustainability considerations go beyond plastic. It is also important to consider the food and beverage choices themselves, portion sizes, and food waste minimisation strategies. #SHITTYVIRUS – SHORT-LIVED NECESSARY EVIL One IACC member felt it important to relay to their clients, that they continue to care about the impact to the environment and through careful marketing under the banner of #ShittyVirus, they created messages throughout the venue that reinforced a commitment long term to reduce single use plastics. Let’s communicate this is temporary!

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IACCmeetings.com: A guide to re-imagining conference lunch breaks

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