IACC-Re-imagining Conference Lunches

Expected Changes to Restaurant Service

REEVALUATING PERCENTAGES Until 2020, many IACC venues operated the majority of lunch service, from a centralised restaurant, with service outside of these spaces often representing less than 15% of the total attendee service on any given day. They were nearly always operating a self-serve buffet and/or carvery style service. 2021 and 2022 may see these percentages reversed and IACC venues are arguably well placed to embrace this and provide cross-property multiple lunch areas. Where restaurants

are being reconfigured to separate groups, it is worth considering the importance of separating entrances and exits for attendees as part of the redesign.

Olive Restaurant at Wyboston Lakes, United Kingdom

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IACCmeetings.com: A guide to re-imagining conference lunch breaks

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