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Every June, we honor and recognize the great fathers in our midst. I am tremendously lucky to have the father that I do. My dad, Terry, is a phenomenal role model, and he has been since I was a child. The things I learned from him would fill an entire encyclopedia. His influence on me cannot be overstated, and neither can the love that he has for his family. One of the most important things my father taught me was how to behave around women. He and my mom have been together for decades now, and they’re still happily married. That’s an achievement that few people can boast about, but when I see the way my dad is A Little Bit About My Dad HAPPY FATHER’S DAY

around my mom, it’s no surprise. He’s a loving and supportive husband, someone I aspire to emulate in my own relationships. Dad also showed me how to build and run a business. Discipline is very important to my father, and it plays a central role in my life as well. He took his commercial fire protection company from three employees to over 100 employees, and nobody in the company worked harder than he did. To this day, he still gets up before the crack of dawn and works until


Dad and I still find chances to get away and have some fun, too. We’re both avid hunters and fishers, and sometimes we’ll play a little basketball, too. As long as physical activity is involved, Dad’s usually down. The only

sundown; we often compete to see who can get up earlier and outwork the other. My dad loves what he does, and I feel the same way about being an attorney. I think that’s very important. You might be getting a picture of a tough older guy who’s also a little gruff, but you’d only be right about the tough part. My dad is a fantastic people person; the guy could start a conversation with a fly on the wall, and he’s very friendly. He’s also incredibly supportive. He loved going to my games when I was in high school and college, and now he and my mom will sit in on my court trials when they can. It’s awesome looking over and seeing them there, rooting for me like they always have.

exception is action movies; we’ll sit and watch those all the time. His favorite is “Four Brothers,” which I think we’ve seen 50 or 60 times. He also loves “A Time to Kill,” which I talked about last month. Like I said, Dad has taught me a lot. I’m glad that I get the chance to talk about him this month, and I hope that if you have an awesome father in your own life, you’ll let them know they’re appreciated.

Have a great June,

- Russell Button


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