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Highlights of this issue - Industry champion,Shrirang Bapat takes us into themagical world of Harry Potter and the potential of its ideas - Anjani Das digs deeper into what it takes to Awaken Human Excellence - Reema Malik expounds on cross cultural concerns in International business

Shrirang Bapat is the head of the India operations for Amdocs Product Development. An experienced technologist, global delivery champion, business intelligence and wireless communication expert, he has been working in establishing and growing the technology development operations for software product and service companies. wizardCOMMUNICATIONCORPORATION- SERVICEPROVIDERS INTHE HARRYPOTTERWORLD?

So how would a Service Provider cope with these gadgets, communication and media? Can our CES platform service the advanced CSP in the world of Harry Potter? I recall the owl-post, the moving portraits and the messenger charm. If there were an AT&T or BT that was providing these services, how would the messenger charm get rated? How will the invoicing be done for the owl-post (which I think is very enhanced MMS or VE-MMS)? I think of the “Daily Prophet” – which has live images, and text that is visible to only a few and encrypts itself when it lands in unauthorized hands. Imagine the level of personalization that will be needed to be done for this – “Changing Worlds” anyone?

I’ve enjoyed all the Harry Potter movies so far with the inclusion of the latest one. Before and after the movie, I was discussing with my boys and their friends about Harry Potter and“how cool Harry’s world is, he has so many cool gadgets,the pictures in the photo frames actually move … and sometime provide hints…” The photo reference reminded me of the talk I gave at the Singapore Intouch on Teraplay, like the T-Mobile launching a service which allows you to directly send your photos from your vacation into the digital photo frame in your grandfather’s living room. Well, Harry Potter movies have plenty of such gadgets and we listed a few. The communication mechanisms in the wizard world were simply mind-blowing.

the editor’s column

Mohua a psychologist bringing this paradigm to the corporate sector. She is passionate about tapping into the infinite capabilities of the human potential. She looks forward to her unique contribution to people in the by qualification is

Mohua - Editor

We have with this edition some food for thought for all our esteemed readers.We ask you to step away from the regular trail of thought that your corporate work demands of you and step into the magical world of Harry Potter.What if our world and that of Harry Potter entwined in some way or the other? Our Industry Champion asks you to think of such possibilities through his article. On a different note we are asked to dig deeper on what it truly means to awaken our excellence. One certain way is to smoothen glitches we may have in our cross cultural interactions in International business.

form of assisting them in showcasing themselves. She therefore strives as an editor of Knowledge Beans to help people share their experiences and pearls of wisdom to all those who seek it.

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