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Safety Protocols Followed In addition to the Omni Resort’s favorable geography, AICC is ensuring that certain safety protocols will be in place to provide a healthy meeting experience for mem- bers and guests attending. These include facemasks and

social distancing, hand sanitizing stations throughout the meeting space; event room occupancy lim- its; and outdoor meeting space with live streaming of all sessions so at- tendees can watch remotely. “We are continuing to work closely with the staff at the Omni to ensure that

Mike D’Angelo

they are operating under the latest protocols to stage safe meetings,” D’Angelo said. “Beyond that,” he added, “AICC members have learned much about how to safely operate and we have learned much from them.” A Program To Reflect the Times Matt Davis, President of Packaging Express, Colorado Springs, Colorado, is Chairman of AICC’s Convention Con- tent Committee, the volunteer group that designs the pro- grams for the Association’s national meetings. Davis says the current times have challenged boxmakers as never before, especially in the areas of labor force and customer service. “A lot has changed in the world since the last time we met,” he said, which was in the Fall of 2019 in Toronto.

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According to Davis and his com- mittee, the corrugated industry, rid- ing on the wave of pandemic- and stimulus-induced demand, has grap- pled with the human demands of the pandemic – safety precautions and

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Matt Davis

generally trying to keep employees and their families safe – and at the same time has seen its capacity stretched to the limit. With tightness in the paper market last fall, ongo- ing increases in box demand, and challenges to filling labor needs, many boxmakers’ normal delivery lead-times have been pushed out by weeks. “We are all trying to figure out how to take care of the customer,” he said. “A lot of us have experienced an uptick in business, but with people out, split shifts and the like, it has been challenging to meet the customer’s needs. So a large focus of this meeting will be education around taking care of the folks who pay our salaries.”

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Speakers on tap include Steve Robinson, former Chief Marketing Office for Chick-fil-A, whose presen- tation on customer service, quality and speed will address the challeng- es outlined earlier by Davis. Also

Steve Robinson

on the program will be Gene Marks, a regular speaker at AICC events, who will address what the Biden adminis- tration means to small business and the manufacturing | (509) 535-0356



February 22, 2021

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