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community. AICC will also feature other industry speak- ers and members on their experiences in dealing with the pandemic, the current state of the industry and the forces changing the way we do business.” And, as part of AICC’s regular “meet- ing within a meeting” format, the popular “Sales Managers’ Forum will also be offered in conjunction with he 2021 Spring Meeting. Ed Wallace of AchieveNEXT Relational Capital and Mark Roberts of OBT, lead the two-day program which will focus on improving customer service and building a strong sales team. On the recreational side, AICC’s 7th Annual Indepen- dent’s Cup Charity Golf Tournament will be held at the 2021 Spring Meeting on Tuesday, April 27, with proceeds benefiting AICC’s Foundation for Packaging Education & Driving Out Darkness – the Steve O’Brien Memorial. Cindy Huber and AICC staff are designing a program flexible enough to meet every member’s level of comfort, Gene Marks

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from general sessions indoors with appropriate spacing to outdoor lives- treaming. And all programs at AICC’s 2021 Spring Meeting will be offered “virtually” for those who are unable to attend the event. “Conceivably a member could remain in their room the entire meeting and watch every-



Cindy Huber

thing online,” she said. “But I don’t’ think that will happen because people are so anxious to get together again and network, visit and have a good time.” The ‘Underlying Strength’ AICC President Mike D’Angelo says that AICC members getting together at meetings is the “underlying strength” of the Association. Jay Carman, President of Stand Fast Packaging Group, Carol Stream, Illinois, and Chairman of AICC, agrees. “I feel it’s vital that we have a Spring Meet- ing this year,” Carman said. “It’s really important for AICC

to continue to offer to its members opportunities for learning, network- ing and reconnecting with those that we have formed professional and personal relationships with.” He likened the current situation with the pandemic and the need for an in-person meeting to the climate

Jay Carman

immediately following the 9-11 attacks in September of 2001. Those events 20 years ago instilled a palpable fear of flying and travel in general. “I, like many others, were fearful of flying, but I decided to attend the October (2001) meeting in Vancouver [British Columbia] nonetheless,” he recalled. “I remember that we had only half the number of attendees at that meeting when compared to previous meetings. The AICC did not cancel the meeting, as a lot of

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February 22, 2021

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