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ical repair shops are increasingly facing the challenge to systematically troubleshoot failure modes, check circuitry,

point) above the power unit that shut down the machine. “Dust control is still a big challenge for the larger cor- rugated plants. Many are choosing a dust vacuum system that pulls dust out of the rear of the machine and both sides of the tier. “The corrugated industry has asked for faster, more productive, less down time and safer balers – American Baler has delivered.” Call (800) 843-7512 x 145. Email CAMBRICA Naples, Florida: Andy Reissman reports, “Physical assets have increasingly become more sophisticated over the past few years, challenging many conventional mainte- nance departments in the upkeep of complex systems dominated by electronics and software, ensuring the so- phisticated interplay of many technologies. Daily, mechan-

and probe sensors for proper func- tion. Additionally, the volume of data generated by these systems, support documentation, associated spare parts/supply chain logistics makes it nearly impossible to sup- port effective maintenance manage- ment based on paper files or even

Andy Reissman

spreadsheets. “Cambrica Corp. has been implementing Technical Knowledge Management Systems consisting mainly of a Maintenance Management Cloud-based Software en- riched with a contextual search engine. The search engine interrogates all business platforms and all file types, i.e., drawings, manuals, media files, schematics, and docu- ments. The solution features AI (Artificial Intelligence), AR (Augmented Reality), IoT (Internet of Things), and business process automation.

“Over the next few weeks, we will be rolling out a rapid implementation program. Different pre-configured implementation packages are available for the corrugated industry. It will reflect YOUR business objec- tives, whether they be an increase in Asset Utilization or the Reliability of your plant, or Cost Control. This will significantly reduce im- plementation time and cost while minimizing the disruption of your operation. Your technical department will have ac- cess to: • Enterprise-level analytics for asset perfor- mance and failure analysis • Process management, process automa- tion, and best practices cards • Improved searchability of all physical as- set data, regardless of file type • Authority, approval, and control process • Job scheduling and logging • Asset performance • Support tools and experts network for technicians • Artificial Intelligence to assist with contex- tual search and finding failure patterns Management will experience: • Higher reliability and availability of assets • Find value in the maintenance function • Minimized risk • Reduced waste • Improved product quality • Capturing of tribal knowledge and new discovered experience • Budget/cost control • Improved operational safety • Optimized parts/inventory management

John Kelley President at Dusobox We have achieved 98% machine availability, and significantly reduced machinery downtime from days to minutes. We have been able to maintain such reliability at a cost of 4% of net replacement value; much lower than expected for professionally managed assets and more.

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Cambrica Corp. implements all technical solutions with minimal physical presence at the customer site and complies strictly with all guidelines issued by the CDC and all local ordinances.

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February 22, 2021

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