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maintenance staff with hands-on training and education while performing the service work. VAST is a service of- fered to all conveyor customers, whether a large integrat- ed or a single-facility convertor. “C&M’s VAST packages includes routine care and ser- vice, that can be performed on equipment while it is still working, such as tests, measurements, adjustments, parts replacement and cleaning, to prevent equipment down- time. Our VAST team will supervise and train the in-house maintenance personnel to help them identify and solve mechanical and electrical issues within the conveyor sys- tem. Alternatively, our VAST group can complete a system analysis and our crew can do all the work; allowing the in- house maintenance staff to stay focused on keeping the plant running. Naturally, there are VAST benefits, including reduced downtime, improved safety, better customer ser- vice and increased production. “While everyone was impacted by the global pandemic, our C&M engineering team continued to design and pro- duce prototypes of improved products to meet our cus- tomers’ current and future needs. An example of one inno- vation is the DTS automated dunnage applicator system, that was featured in the TAPPI product showcase. This of- fering will revolutionize the way dunnage is applied while dramatically improving operator safety and efficiencies. In addition, as the originators of the Ball Belt Conveyor, C&M continues to innovate enhancements to the Belt Conveyor

• Procurement management • Predictive maintenance support

“Shortly, we will be introducing AR using HoloLens to assist maintenance staff in communicating technical is- sues in real-time with technical support from OEMs or oth- er support experts. “The entire solution seamlessly integrates with Micro- soft 365, utilizing all its functionality from SharePoint for document storage, Teams for communication, Stream for video content management, etc.” C&M CONVEYOR Mitchell, Indiana: Brett Jaffe reports, “We are pleased to announce several initiatives for 2021 to help our custom- ers be more competitive in the mar- ketplace.” “One such program is our Val- ue-Added Services Technician

(VAST) offering that will include sys- tem performance audits and preven- tive maintenance (PM) services to improve overall operating efficien-

Brett Jaffe

cies of customer’s conveyor equipment while reducing maintenance costs. Our experienced and dedicated team will focus on the box plant’s specific needs and assist their


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February 22, 2021

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