Board Converting News, February 22, 2021

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emphasis on developing and supplying environmentally responsible products. “For converters we achieve and maintain clean ink lines and pumps, anilox rolls and chambers with a 2-4 min- ute full wash and rinse cycle. This has been proven again and again, you can save more than two minutes on indi- vidual set up times – you could achieve one extra hour of production a day. Plus, we also reduce ink pump failures, can reduce PM clean up to only 15 minutes and give other long-term time and cost savings, with reduced anilox roll and chamber replacements. • EVOLUTION STARCH OFF for corrugators and EVO- LUTION BIOCLEAN for converters, include naturally occurring solvents, patented surfactants and enzyme technology offering the latest from our constantly evolving research and development program. • EVOLUTION STARCH OFF offers patent pending inno- vative technology for dissolving internal and external starch on your corrugators. Keeping your applicators clean allows for perfect spread of starch, reducing warp and delamination, resulting in stronger board, lower GSM and higher production values. • EVOLUTION BIOCLEAN is the latest patented develop- ment in a line of very successful technology to auto- matically clean everywhere the ink goes. • Potentially gain 1-hour extra production per day – per- haps 50,000 extra boxes. CONTINUED ON PAGE 38

product family. New for 2021 is extended length Mesh Belt Conveyor, which allows for quicker and more accurate in- stallations while reducing the total cost of ownership over the life of the installed system. “In summary, we are excited about 2021 with our en- tire team aligned and motivated to deliver on our initia- tives. We are passionate about continuous improvement throughout our business and in our designs to enhance safety, reliability and efficiency to provide the best solution to our customers’ material handling challenges.” Call (812) 849-5647. Email CLEANPRINT USA Geoff Literski reports, “CleanPrint USA is the leading for- mulator and manufacturer of patented fully automated

cleaning systems for corrugators and converters and is focused only on the corrugated industry. “With over 30 years’ experience designing and manufacturing chem- ical and biological solutions for dif- ferent industries, we invented two ground-breaking box plant systems

Geoff Literski

that provide increased production time and revenue. “We are industry specialists delivering world’s-best- practice patented systems and do that with a 100 percent


February 22, 2021

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