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A Guide to Decide: Leading with Mind, Body, and Spirit BY LINDSEY VAN WAGNER

had the pleasure of meeting Councilmember Glass several times now, and I stay updated on his public and ongoing happenings (thank you, Instagram @evanmglass). Councilmember Glass is a living, breathing example of how we can enjoy the beauty that surrounds us while also making our own imprint of contribution. With charming simplicity, Councilmember Glass has shared how his path led him to his current position. I use the word “path” quite literally because he one day noticed a damaged sidewalk that needed some heavy construction and repair. As a concerned citizen, and from the perspective of pedestrian safety and transportation, he contem- plated who to contact for such environmental design issues that don’t necessarily fall under the jurisdiction of a state or town. Instead, he took matters into his own hands and ran for local office. He was wrap - ping up his twelve-year career in journalism for CNN covering pres- idential campaigns and congressional matters when he joined Mary - land’s Montgomery County Council as an At-Large Member in 2018. From piloting composting programs to leading animal activism events to facilitating public health forums, Councilmember Glass lives up to his “At-Large” title — representing all seven districts in Mont - gomery County and pioneering a remarkably wide variety of efforts across multiple areas of legislation and figuring out how to best serve his constituents. I am sincerely beginning to wonder if there is any- thing this man doesn’t do, when he puts his MIND to it. Councilmember Glass’s dedication to the environmental BODY shines through by way of the causes and policies he supports. For ex- ample, he sponsored a zoning ordinance to increase the amount of

As the buzz of summer vacation plans starts intensifying, we can easily forget that larger, pressing matters await us in the fall. We are mere months away from elections when we the people decide who we want representing and championing our best interests. But how do we choose? For myself, I practice this discernment from a holistic perspective. I want our elected leaders to integrate their roles in public office with the same mind-body-spirit approach I use to make my decision on whom to support: The Mind is represented by our government and judicial processes that implement and maintain order to provide the bones and structure of our society. Will the elected leader respect democracy and the rule of law to protect and serve us? The physical earth is our world’s Body, for which we must take proper care. Will the elected leader prioritize the protection of our natural world? The Spirit is everything in between — the connective tissue made up of compassion, heart, and soul — the gray matter that can’t be quantified or measured with statistics, but somehow (often quite mys - tically) keeps everything going. Will the elected official lead from a place of intelligence, inclusion, and empathy? A Local Example When I look at the list of individuals holding various public offices, one person stands out for me who embodies all the qualities I value in an elected official — Councilmember Evan Glass (At-Large). I have

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