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About Fuchsia Lotus : Layered watermedia on watercolor panel from the artist’s Inner Gardens series. This collection has been se- lected by the McLean Project for the Arts for the Spring Solo Show on display through June 15, 2024, at the Atrium Gallery in McLean Com - munity Center, 1234 Ingleside Avenue, McLean, VA 22101. Join Abol Bahadori for an In-Person Artist Talk: June 1 at 11am. Learn more about the exhibition at: - bitions/. Artist Statement We view the world using our eyes with a limited color spectrum and depth of vision, but what if we had compound eyes like insects and sonar capabilities like dolphins? Primarily a colorist, I visualize the world through a kaleidoscope of color refractions to simulate an additional sensorium, expanding the viewer’s perception and imag - ination. The incomprehensible notion of space and time being the same entity (spacetime in mathematical/scientific terms) has also become my imagination source. My artistic process is a spiritual journey outside the limited realm of self and intellect.

An Azerbaijani American artist, Bahadori was a child prodigy artist inspired by colorful car- pets and miniatures of his hometown, Tabriz. At a young age, he lived in France and England and received his bachelor’s and master’s in Fine Arts and Textile Design from The University of Manchester, U.K. His multicultural upbringing shines through his diverse award-winning

and unique series. The artist’s childhood colors and memories still ap- pear in his paintings and are always elements of surprise. Bahadori’s vibrant abstract and surreal works have been selected by local and in- ternational jurors for multiple solo and group exhibitions, receiving numerous prizes. He now lives in Northern Virginia, and is an active member of the Washington Project for Arts and The Art League of Alexandria, VA, with a solid presence at Artsy and many renowned art fairs in the U.S. Website:

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