HOT|COOL NO. 2/2023 "AI & Digitalization"

The democratic ownership model has played a significant role in Denmark’s energy and heating sector. Democratic companies are common in

various sectors in Denmark. The sheer size of the democratic sector in Denmark means that almost every Dane is a member (or co-owner) of a democratic company. Democratic companies in Denmark are stable, rarely go bankrupt compared to other companies, and have a high level of investments compared to other companies. These are the conclusions in a mapping conducted by The Danish Research Institute for Democratic Businesses. Other find- ings suggest that Danish consumers prefer dem- ocratic companies to other companies, especially consumers aware of their membership or role as co-owner. But the upsides of the democratic sector and democratic ownership need to be communicated on a broader level to confront undocumented myths and ensure that the members and co- owners know their influence in democratic com- panies.

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