Doctor's Day 2020

Dr. Raska Twins

Dr. Richard Raska and his wife, Donna, are the proud parents of three children: 25-year-old Ben and 21-year-old twins, Morgan and Madison. The Raskas were surprised when they found out they were expecting twins, but not shocked. Twins do run in Dr. Raska’s family.

When the girls were little, they had their own language. They would push one another on the swing set and yell, “Da!” which meant, “Yes, do it again!” They also called Santa “Hinta.”

When the girls graduated high school, they chose to go to different colleges – Morgan to Concordia and Madison to UNK. They make frequent weekend trips to one another’s dorms to spend time together. They are also very close with their older brother.

Dr. Raska notes that an important part of parenting twins is not to compare the girls to one other. “They are the exact same age, have similar life experiences, came from the same womb, and yet they are so different, “ said Dr. Raska. Now that Dr. Raska and Donna are empty nesters, they look forward to visits with their children. “The kids have really fond memories of their childhood and love to reminisce,” Dr. Raska said. “It is a rewarding time of life.”

Dr. Lake Twins

When Dr. Kristin Lake, rheumatologist at Great Plains Health Family Medicine, found out she was having twins 10 years ago, she and her husband, Dr. Ladd Lake, radiologist at Innovative Imaging, were thrilled. They had a son but had wanted more children for years. Sydney was born one minute before her brother Sam, and she is very proud that she is the oldest. Although their personalities are very different, they have a special bond. Even before they could speak, they could communicate without words – through movement and body language. When asked if they ever get strange questions about the twins, Dr. Lake laughed and said, “Oh yes. I always get the question, are they identical? No, they’re not…they are different genders.” Along with 9-year-olds Sam and Sydney, the Lakes have a 17-year-old son and a 7-year-old daughter. Dr. Lake appreciates how the smaller community is conducive to a work/family balance. “When my daughter was younger, I could work in the morning and then go drive her to preschool,” she said. “In a bigger city, there would be no way I could do that.”

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