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In July 2018, the Wray family was living a happy, busy life. Dr. Joshua Wray was working as a podiatrist with Great Plains Foot & Ankle Specialists, and Dina was caring for their six small children – four-year-old triplets, two- year-old twins, and a six-month-old baby. One day, their four-year- old daughter, Hope, wasn’t feeling well. It started with symptoms of the stomach flu – vomiting and diarrhea. It quickly became severe. They took Hope to the pediatrician, who sent them home with some medication and instructions to bring her back if things weren’t better by that evening. Her health continued

After Hope’s passing, the Wrays felt bolstered up and loved by the community. “You could see that, in just how many people came to her funeral,” said Dina. “We had friends drive two hours just to come to her viewing for 15 minutes,” added Dr. Wray. For the Wrays, it is impossible to talk about the loss of Hope without also talking about the love of God. Their Christian beliefs brought them solace and comfort throughout the grieving process. They have also had opportunities to create friendships with families that have suffered similar losses, and to help others through the grieving process. In their small church congregation, there are four other families who have also lost young children. The group has formed a tight bond.

to deteriorate, and she was admitted to the hospital. The diagnosis? An E. coli infection. A few days later she was transferred to Children’s Hospital in Omaha, where she suffered a mini stroke. Then the unthinkable happened – their beautiful daughter passed away. The Wrays moved to North Platte in 2015. Dr. Wray, originally from Idaho, had been dreaming of buying farmland in the Sandhills for years. Dina, originally from Oklahoma, wasn’t as sure about living on a farm, but when they came to interview, she said it immediately felt like home. They raise “Cows, cats, and kids,” joked Dr. Wray.

Although Hope’s death was tragic, the Wrays focus on her life. She was an exceptional little girl, and they love to share stories about her.

In 2013, while living in Vineland, New Jersey, the Wrays learned they were expecting triplets (two identical twin boys and one girl). According to Dina’s memory, they both agreed to name the little girl Callie, but “I knew she was Hope,” said Dr. Wray.

Hope was born first, and took on the role of big sister with ease. From as early as six months of age, Hope was the clear leader of the three. While Hope was feisty and spunky, the boys were mild-mannered and quiet.

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