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She continued, “With two, it is twice the work, but it is also twice the fun.” The older twin, Keyan, is the more obedient of the two. “You ask him to do something, and he does it right away,” said Dr. Anand. “With Keyash (the younger twin), he will do what you tell him not to do.” Keyan walks around the house calling “Kiachh” all day, something that makes the couple laugh. The boys are the best of friends, or they are rolling on the floor wrestling and fighting, as most toddlers do. and double the trouble if you’re blessed with twins The couple moved to North Platte because of the employment opportunity at Great Plains Health, and they have come to appreciate the small-town feel. “I wanted a place where my kids could play outside, ride their bikes down the road,” said Dr. Sahu. The couple has also made friendships in the community. “When we lived in Houston, we really didn’t do anything socially,” said Dr. Sahu. “So it is nice to have a close group of friends.” It’s double the giggles and double the grins,

Dr. Anand Twins Dr. Kartik Anand, oncologist at the Callahan Cancer Center, and Dr. Geetanjali Sahu, child and adolescent psychiatrist at Great Plains Health Psychiatric Services, are parents of 18-month-old twin boys. When they found out they were having twins, Dr. Sahu was shocked. Twins do not run in either of their families. Dr. Anand was elated. “I don’t

think he understood how much work it was going to be until a few weeks before they came,” said Dr. Sahu. “Then reality seemed to hit him.”

Dr. Anand and Dr. Sahu moved to North Platte in the summer of 2019. The boys were still very young. Initially, family came to help with the boys. Now that family has left, Dr. Sahu admits, “It is challenging. There was a weekend where we were

both on call. Trying to juggle that with the children…it was tough.”

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