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Thanksgiving Prep For the Whole Family

Thanksgiving is more than just a feast; it’s about coming together as a family and being thankful for one another. So why wait to get into the spirit until everyone is seated at the table? Here are a few ways you can make the actual preparation of Thanksgiving dinner fun and engaging for the whole family! Give Everyone a Role No, not those rolls — yet. Making the feast a family project can turn the day from a hectic list of chores into a magical bonding experience. It’s important to match each family member to a job that best fits their abilities. Young children can mash potatoes or rinse ingredients in the sink. Older kids can take on more responsibility, like measuring ingredients, keeping an eye on timers, and setting the table. Teens and young adults can supervise their younger siblings and cousins in

these important tasks and may be called upon to stir what’s on the stove while an adult checks on the football game. Roll Out the Decorations Still not talking about bread. Not everything in Thanksgiving preparation needs to be tied to the kitchen. Creative family members of all ages can work together to bring some seasonal flare to the dining room. Maybe this means picking up some Thanksgiving coloring books, or perhaps the family can venture outdoors to collect autumn trimmings for crafts. It’s a great way to let each family member put their own personal spin on the holiday! Have a ‘Roller Derby’ Finally. While an adult should be the one to put these delicious baked goods in the oven, the and brings to light all the crappy feelings of divorce in one fiction novel. At seven months pregnant, cookbook writer Rachel Samstat learns of her husband’s love for another woman. “Heartburn” follows Rachel’s contradictory positions of still loving her husband and wanting to kill him. Plus, Nora Ephron litters the book with tasty recipes. ‘The Break Up Manual for Men’ by Andrew Ferebee Though not specifically about divorce, Andrew Ferebee’s book highlights and explains the reasons behind your feelings and confusion after losing a partner — all targeted toward men. Even if your relationship ended years ago, Ferebee offers advice, expectations, and strategies for men looking to move on, repair their confidence, and get back to living a fulfilling life. ‘Divorce Is Not the End of the World: Zoe and Evan’s Coping Guide for Kids’ by Zoe and Evan Stern This book is written for kids by kids. As teenagers, Zoe and Evan Stern — with the

whole family can help shape the dough. In fact, recommends making this a contest. Set aside a time when everyone can vie for the title of Fastest Roll Maker, and you’ll have plenty of warm, flaky, delicious treats come dinnertime. Letting everyone play a part may take a little more planning and add slightly more chaos to your Thanksgiving preparations. But it’s sure to produce a lot of great memories and bonding moments among your loved ones. And by the time you sit down to eat, you’ll all have something to be thankful for right in front of you — Those. Delicious. Rolls.

Reading Through It

help of their mom, Ellen Sue Stern — wrote about their experiences with their parents’ divorce when they were younger. The book features honest, childlike chapters — such as “Why Are You Making Me Go to That Stupid Support Group?” — and includes updates from Zoe and Evan as adults. While your kids are out of school for the holidays, take the opportunity to share this book with them.

Books to Guide YouThrough Divorce

The holidays are already busy without throwing your divorce into the mix. The kids are out of school and splitting time between two homes. Your mom will not stop asking you if you’re “sure” it’s really over. You’re balancing keeping up traditions while managing a new life, and on top of all that, you have to confirm a holiday schedule with your ex.

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Take a break from the craziness of the holidays and settle into these books for guidance.

‘Heartburn’ by Nora Ephron The beloved writer who gave the world Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks in “Sleepless in Seattle” turns the tables


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