USASF 2017-2018 Professional Responsibility Code

The PRC was established and implemented in 2009 by the members of the National Advisory Board (NAB) as a necessary first step in establishing a Code of Conduct for members. HISTORY OF THE PROFESSIONAL RESPONSIBILITY CODE (PRC) Amendments

Compliance The program owner, coaches and athlete members are held accountable through the Disciplinary process facilitated by the USASF and elected members of the National All Star Connection (NASC). The Event Producers and Affiliate members sign a membership agreement annually and non- compliance grievances are facilitated by the Compliance Committee. Collaboration The USASF committees have worked collaboratively to define the standards of conduct for the membership. The latest version of the PRC/ Disciplinary Process has been reviewed and approved by USASF Legal Counsel. The PRC revisions and Non-Compliance process is a collaborative effort with recommendations by the USASF Board of Directors, the USASF Disciplinary Committee, The USASF National Advisory Board, The National All Star Connection (NASC) Executive Board, The USASF Executive Director of Membership, the USASF Executive Committee, and The USASF Compliance Committee. Business Ethics The National All Star Connection (NASC), serving as a representative for program owners and coaches has recommended General Principles that are listed only as recommendations to members. These recommendations are not under the scope and jurisdiction of the Professional Responsibility Code, but serve as guidelines for promoting a membership with standards of integrity and loyalty to other members. The All Star Business Code of Ethics are not eligible for disciplinary or non-compliance review or sanctions.

Annually, the PRC is updated and revised to reflect any current changes dictated by the organizational structure or USASF committee recommendations. The recommendations are presented to the NAB in April and if approved must have Board of Director approval. Governance The National All Star Connection (NASC) submits recommendations for rules and safety guidelines to the USASF Rules Committee, and ultimately the USASF Board of Directors. The National Advisory Board (NAB) is democratically elected to support athletes and members by addressing emerging issues of broad potential impact and developing policies for the organization when needed. Implementation The USASF Membership Term is August 1st-July 31st. Once the PRC is approved it is digitally housed in each USASF Member Profile. Additionally, upon joining or renewing their USASF Membership, members are prompted to agree to the Terms and Conditions of Membership (PRC).

1. History of PRC

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