USASF 2018-2019 Professional Responsibility Code

Fines: The member is required to pay a monetary penalty. Educational program: The member is required to complete an educational component. Behavioral requirements: The member is required to complete a behavioral component. Loss of privileges: Certain privileges of member have been restricted permanently or temporarily (see definitions below). DEFINITIONS: Loss of Privileges | Restriction of Membership Probation: Members of any classification, have been found guilty and penalties have been assessed. The committee determines there is sufficient cause for them to remain under review for a defined period of time. Any violations while under probation are subject to a Disciplinary Committee hearing and fall under the 2nd offense category. InterimMeasure | Suspension: The eligibility to participate has been restricted pending final resolution of the matter or the member has been found guilty of non-compliance and their membership status is temporarily on hold as defined by the Disciplinary Committee. May attend events but may not receive the benefits of eligible members. Ineligible: The member has been found guilty and their membership is void for the time-period determined by the committee. Specifically, the ineligible member may not be recognized or perceived as an owner or coach in any capacity while attending a USASF Sanctioned Event. The ineligible member may not interact with the athletes in a manner consistent with coaching. Ineligible members may not receive the benefits of membership or engage in activities at the event specifically for owners, or coaches, ie, VIP, Coach Hospitality Suites, Etc.

GUIDELINES FOR PENALTY RECOMMENDATIONS (CONTINUED) Fine Standards • $1000 first offense • Double for repeat offense and revocation of membership. • Payable within 90 days from official notification. • Revocation of membership for non-compliance of non-payment until fine is paid. • All fines collected are applied to the USASF Scholarship Fund. • Loss of Committee and Board Memberships for the cited individual and all other individuals employed by the program/ company at the time of the infraction for a period of two years. • Repeat Offenses The general policy on repeat offenders stipulates: 1. Financial penalties will be doubled for a second offense. 2. A second failure to comply with a penalty will result in a suspension of membership privileges in USASF for the period of one year (August 1st-July 31st) and forfeiture of membership date. a. New membership date will be established as the date second suspension is lifted. DEFINITIONS: Actions and/or Sanctions Actions and/or sanctions are the steps taken in response to a violation. Actions and/or sanctions may include one or more of the following: Warning: The member has no eligibility restrictions, but has received a warning concerning his or her conduct.


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