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RELATIONSHIP MARKETING Our brokers have strong connections across Kansas and our membership in NAI Global gives us connections world- wide. Reaching out personally, while a bit old-fashioned, has proven to be a suc- cessful technique, among others.

PROPERTY FLYERS Our marketing team creates a custom flyer for every property. The information in each flyer to tailored specifically to the proper- ty which it showcases. These flyers are also used extensively online to present the property’s highlights, photos, maps, demo- graphics and more.

INDIVIDUAL PROPERTY WEBSITES For each property we market an individual property website is created. This website features property details, photos, location information, and also has a password pro- tected “vault” to allow the brokers to se- lectively share confidential information with interested parties in a safe and easy way.

LOOPNET LoopNet is the Interet’s largest commercial real estate listing service and attracts more professionals than any other online site. NAI Martens is a Premium Member, allow- ing us to market your property on the most premier level.

SIGNS Signs are a classic and effective way to at- tract potentially interested parties. Our team is sure to choose the signs which best suit the property and ensures they have the highest visibility possible.

VIDEO PROPERTY TOURS NAI Martens films and compiles video footage, including drone footage, to cre- ate a virtual tour of the interior and exterior of properties.



ERIKA HUNTLEY Office Administrator

Andrew Braun over- sees the marketing efforts for NAI Mar- tens and also serves as the media contact

Erika Huntley assists the marketing team at NAI Martens with the production and distribution of all mar-

for the company. Andrew ensures the mar- keting process for each property is running quickly and efficiently.

keting materials from flyers to reports. Erika also arranges the placement of signage at each property.


MARKETING AND RESEARCH REPORTS The marketing and research specialists at NAI Martens work togeth- er with the brokers to create updates which provide comprehensive market and submarket statstics and predictions. Our brokers have knowledge and experience in a variety of markets and many spe- cialize in specific submarkets. The brokers, researchers and mar- keters work together to collect, review and analyze the data and distibute it to the public in a presentable format.


NAI Martens has the ability to send emails (or “e-blasts”) to potentially interested parties and monitor the number of views each email receives.

NAI Martens Averages: • Open Rate: 28.42% • Open Rate Mobile: 30% • Open Rate Computer: 69% • Click Rate: 24.43%

Real Estate Industry Averages: • Open Rate: 14% • Open Rate Mobile: 6.9% • Open Rate Computer: 6.99% • Click Rate: 5.49%

SOCIAL MEDIA NAI Martens uses social media not just to help market properties, but to build credibility and relationships. We manage pages across multiple websites to share our information on the social media platform most conducive to each message.

KATIE FERNANDO Marketing Specialist

RYAN MOYER Marketing Specialist

DREW GANNON Research & GIS Specialist

Ryan Moyer han- dles the creation of marketing materials. Ryan, while creating the basic materials of

Katie Fernando cre- ates marketing ma- terials for NAI Mar- tens. Katie works on the materials for

Drew Gannon pro- vides the brokers and the marketing team with research and statistics. Drew

each property, is also a licensed drone pilot. He films and edits the one-of-a-kind video tours NAI Martens uses to show- case certain properties.

individual properties and produces mar- keting and research reports. She also manages the company’s social media and blog.

assists the brokers with data collection and he also keeps tabs on market and submarket statstics to allow the marketing team to create quarterly reports.



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