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Mr and Mrs Millie, Laurent Findji, Kate Tunley and Highbury.

CASE STUDY Hurrah for Highbury! Teamwork and Trust | Page 3

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Hurrah for Highbury! Teamwork & Trust Working together with our referring vets is vital for delivering unrivalled expertise, skill and service to both the patients we treat and the clients we wish to support and advise. Read all about Highbury’s journey to see just how important working together as a unit is! Highbury is a bouncy, bright, happy, 10 year old Flat-Coated Retriever with a great zest for life! Highbury lives with Mr and Mrs Millie in Berkshire. When Highbury’s family noticed he was unsteady and uncomfortable on his right forelimb they sought the help of their primary care vet, Louise Simpson, at Moor Cottage Veterinary Hospital (MCVH) in Bracknell, Berkshire. After a clinical examination and radiography of the affected area, Louise identified a bone lesion in the humerus.Wishing to have it investigated further, she referred Highbury to Laurent Findji, Oncology and Soft Tissue specialist at Fitzpatrick Referrals. Moor Cottage forwarded on the radiographs to Laurent who examined them closely, and arranged a consultation with Mr and Mrs Millie & Highbury at Fitzpatrick Referrals for a full clinical examination. In discussion with Mr and Mrs Millie, Laurent advised performing a CT scan of the affected area in the imaging suite in order to better characterise the bone lesion and of the thorax to detect any metastatic changes. Highbury’s family were keen to proceed to do the very best for their much loved family member. The thoracic scan conducted by the Fitzpatrick Advanced Diagnostic Imaging team revealed an ill-demarcated, hazy, hyper-attenuating area within the left lung. The significance of this lesion was uncertain - but a metastatic lesion could not be excluded. The study of the right forelimb confirmed the presence of an osteolytic and osteoproliferative lesion within the proximal epiphysis of the humerus. This appeared to be most consistent with a malignant tumour. Moor Cottage and Mr and Mrs Millie were contacted and informed of the findings. Possible therapeutic options were discussed, including limb sparring and amputation,

As many of you know, I have always believed that the animals who are our friends and companions deserve superlative healthcare, and that the families of those animals want and need a caring team to give them access to the best medical and surgical options. We intend always to provide the best level of care in the world for each and every patient that you entrust to us and we are grateful for that trust. In order to provide you with the best possible service for the animals in your care, this year we have expanded our service to include referrals for Oncology and Soft Tissue.We are very excited to be in the midst of building a state of the art dedicated Oncology and Soft Tissue Referral Hospital in Guildford, staffed by some of the most talented surgeons and clinicians in the world. If and when it is needed I want myself, or my dog, to have the best health care team possible and to be given all of the options. I know this is what you would also want for yourself or for your animal. That is what we intend to deliver. Our aim is to provide you and your practice with a team of passionate and dedicated individuals, each of them world-class in their own discipline, helping to find the best solution possible. By working alongside you, with appropriate integrity, communication and transparent advice, our goal is to enhance the service you provide for your clients. I look forward to strengthening our relationship and moving forward as a team together on this exciting journey! One last thing, we would really like this quarterly newsletter to become as much about you as about us and informative for everyone, so if you have stories to share, tips and ideas please do get in touch. We hope to provide you with all the latest and relevant news for you and your practice WELCOME TO THE FIRST EDITION OF OUR ‘NEW LOOK’ FRIENDS NEWSLETTER OF 2015!

“Highbury is thriving and we are delighted at how well he is doing with his treatment, which is being perfectly managed by the team at Moor Cottage. Having such a good relationship with our referring vets and working as a team is paramount to providing the highest care for the animals we are responsible for in their time of need. Hurrah for Highbury!” Laurent Findji

Veterinary Hospital under the supervision of Head Vet Kate Tunley and overseen by Nick Bacon at Fitzpatrick Referrals. Highbury has done exceptionally well but has experienced a couple of episodes of reduced neutrophil count, which has been expertly managed in-house by Moor Cottage, with regular conversations and updates between MCVH and the oncology team at Fitzpatrick Referrals.When Highbury required a dose- reduction in lomustine Fitzpatrick Referrals were happy to provide Moor Cottage specially-formulated smaller tablets not stocked by many oncologists. The co-operation between both parties is working well for all concerned. Highbury gets the care he needs close to home and with vets he has known all his life while Moor Cottage get the support they need to provide the highest level of oncologic care to Highbury from Fitzpatrick Referrals specialists.

to decide whether bone biopsies would be appropriate at this stage.

Thank you very much for your support and friendship.

In consultation with Laurent and Louise, Mr Millie opted for biopsies in an effort to better characterise the disease. Core biopsies of the bone were taken during the same anaesthetic episode and submitted for pathology. The histopathology results of the bone biopsy taken from Highbury’s right humerus confirmed a poorly differentiated sarcoma. Laurent requested immunohistochemistry be performed on the sample to further classify the sarcoma which subsequently confirmed a histiocytic sarcoma. Laurent consulted with Head of Oncology at Fitzpatrick Referrals, Nick Bacon, and together with Mr and Mrs Millie, they decided that Highbury would be prescribed a medical cancer treatment protocol. The oral chemotherapy drug lomustine (CCNU) was prescribed to target the tumour, and meloxicam as an analgesic. Mr and Mrs Millie opted against any surgical intervention at this time. Highbury continues to respond well to treatment with meloxicam and lomustine which are provided at Moor Cottage

Through the Lens…

We were all thrilled when Richard Dunwoody, former champion jockey and now award winning photographer, wanted to capture the ‘Patient Journey’ here at Fitzpatrick Referrals.

Richard felt it would be challenging and rewarding to follow the journey taken by our patients (be they dogs, cats and even the occasional rabbit) from the moment they cross our threshold. Richard is best known for being the only jockey to win the ‘Big Three’.  He partnered the great Desert Orchid to seven victories, was Champion jockey three times and honoured with an MBE for his services to sport. Since retiring as a jockey he has been travelling extensively, undertaking gruelling expeditions to the Arctic and Antarctic and competing in races to the North and South Pole. 

Always being passionate about photography and following an intensive course at the Photographic Institute in Paris, Richard had his first photographic exhibition in London last year to wide, international acclaim. We really look forward to sharing his beautiful and insightful photography with you at a special ‘Patient Journey’ Exhibition to be announced soon.

“It is lovely seeing Highbury doing so well! Being able to treat him in house, with ongoing specialist support at the end of the phone has allowed us to manage his cancer to the highest possible standard with minimal impact to him and his family” Kate Tunley



Photograph MarcWallace

Republished with the kind permission of the Veterinary Times April 13th 2015 Volume 45 No 15

DATES FOR THE DIARY 2015 JUNE 9 th | Partners in Care lecture The Case of the Cat with the TraumatisedWaterworks

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Laurent Findji DMV MS MRCVS DipECVS Senior Surgeon Oncology and Soft Tissue at Fitzpatrick Referrals Godalming 14 th | Dogfest, Ardley Hall, Cheshire 18 th | Pub-Hub: Laurent Findji speaking on Oncology at a venue near Sevenoaks 21 st | Dogfest, Loseley Park, Surrey 30 th | Partners in Care Nurse lecture Keep Calm & Carry On Triage and management of the seizuring patient Anna Tauro GPCert(Neuro) MRCVS ECVN Resident in Neurology and Neurosurgery at Fitzpatrick Referrals Godalming JULY 2-4 th | ECVS Annual meeting European College Veterinary Surgeons 7 th | Partners in Care lecture The Case of the Patient with Oral Tumours Nick Bacon MA VetMB CertVR CertSAS DipECVS DACVS MRCVS Clinical Director of Oncology & Soft Tissue at Fitzpatrick Referrals Godalming SEPTEMBER 4 th | Formal opening of the new Fitzpatrick Referrals Oncology and Soft Tissue Hospital 5&6 th | The VET Festival, The University of Surrey Guildford www.vetfestival.co.uk 5th | ONE LIVE Festival Concert, The University of Surrey Guildford www.onelive.co.uk OCTOBER 9-11th | BVNA Congress (British Veterinary Nursing Association Annual Congress) International Centre Telford Shropshire 16 th | Pub-Hub: Noel Fitzpatrick, Nick Bacon & Laurent Findji speaking on Cancer care at The Princess Royal Farnham

Managing director of the Oncology and Soft Tissue hospital Stuart Car- michael said it would create a hub that could change the way cancer is treated.ProfCarmichael said:“Today’s crazy ideas are tomorrow’s routine treatments and they’ve got to start somewhere–and this iswhere they’re going to start. “One of our bigger plans is the cre- ation of a unique hub at the centre of a network of contributing groups Not onlyarewe located on the Surrey ResearchPark,nationallyrenownedfor medicalandbio-technology,we’vealso gottheUniversityofSurreyandthenew vet school justup the roadand there’s the connection between our hospital and the Royal Surrey Hospital, which hasahugecancermission. “We’reworkingwiththeUniversityof Surrey, and it is avery strong partner ofours,but this isourventure.Aspart of the mission we will deliver clinical work at volume, but the hospital will be there to look at newmethods and to share these newmethods to teach andpasson.” At full strength, the hospital will

THE“onemedicine”philosophywillbe attheheartofanewdedicatedoncol- ogyhospital thataspires to transform howvetsanddoctors treatcancer. NoelFitzpatrickwill launchhissecond referralcentre–theFitzpatrickReferrals Oncology and Soft Tissue hospital – inSeptember. The site is close to the Universityof Surrey’sveterinary school,which had

report by Trudi Gibson trudigibson @vbd.uk.com 01733383561

wecanbuildateameachwiththeirown tailored skill set they’re going towork betterasasynergisticcare familythan one individualtryingtodoeverything,” he said. feature four theatres, an open plan treatmentareawhereanimalsdock into self-containedareas,an intensivecare unit, CT scanner and x-ray and radio- therapy unit, and wards without bars cats.The receptionwill feature secure areas for animals to sit where they cannot seeotherpets.Aglassexterior will ensure natural light throughout thehospital. inEashing,Surrey,focusesonneurolog- ical and orthopaedic patients.“When I started inEashing theplanwasalways to have one big hospital at two sites becausewe feltverystronglytheenvi-

.yrtsudni htiw snoitaroballoc gnidulcni

Fitzpatrick Referrals will lease the building owned by the university, but

Anartist’s impressionof thenewhospital.

team isnotenough,northerightbuild- ingorcollaboration. “It’samassive leapoffaithforevery- body,butourgoalhasalwaysbeen to change how cancer is treated in the UK and create the best cancer hub in Europeforsmallanimals.Wehave links withtheUniversityofSurreysowehave agreat responsibility to teach thenext generationofvetshowto treatcancer.

to be transformed and equipped for clinicaluse. Inanexclusive interviewwith Veter- inaryTimes , Prof Fitzpatrick said: “My mission istheonemedicinephilosophy, so I strongly believe we can’t move forward on cancer unless we move forward with animals and humans at the same time. “Apersonwith cancerneeds a team of people – radiation, chemotherapy, surgical,clinicalandmedical–allwork- ing together. Ifaveterinarypatienthas cancer and some of it is in the bone and somemore is inan internalorgan, treating these dierent areas requires dierent skill sets,yet, historically, it’s beendemandedof theveterinarypro- fession tobeall things toallpeople. If

Professionally, it’saonce-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Ihaven’theardofanything of thismagnitude,even in theUS.” SeniorsurgeonandEuropeanspecial- ist insmallanimalsurgeryLaurentFindji added:“Weareveryexcited. Ithinkwe arestartingaone-of-a-kindadventure. It’s never been done before and it’s alreadygrowing fast – there is a huge

Hospital plans to transform treatment of Cancer patients

veterinarystamoving in initially.The

rather than trying tobeall things toall patientsallof the time,”he said.

at theendof fouryears.

be appointed are oncology specialists NickBaconandLaurentFindji. Prof Bacon moved from Florida to becomeclinicaldirectorofoncologyand softtissue.Hedescribedthehospitalas a“once ina lifetimeopportunity”. He said: “How do you create a dynamic environment in the UK to change cancer? Just having the right

Back row from left Dr Laurent Findji and Prof Stuart Carmichael Front row from left Prof Noel Fitzpatrick & Prof Nick Bacon


14 Feline infection: Detecting and treating Tritrichomonas foetus in cats In an exclusive interview with Veterinary Times, Prof Fitzpatrick said: “My mi sion is the one medicine philosophy, so I str ngly believe we can’t move forward on cancer unle s we move forward with animals and humans at the same time. “A person with cancer needs a team of people – radiation, chemotherapy, surgical, clinical and medical – all working together. If a veterinary patient has cancer and some of it is in the bone and some more is in an internal organ, treating these different areas requires different skill sets, yet, historically, it’s been demanded of the veterinary profession to be all things to all people. If we can build a team each with their own tailored skill set they’re going to work better as a synergistic care family than one individual trying to do everything,” 3 Welfare manifesto: Ground-breaking EU report to aid law harmony Tiger triplets pass their health check 3 The kids are alright: 2 Food safety: NOAH survey shows public confusion on animal medicines 22 Equine biopsies: Advice for performing common biopsies in horses 28 Brucellosis: Diagnosis and management of an outbreak on a Kenyan farm SPOTLIGHT 6 Speculum: Mysterious metallothioneins 10 Dermatology: Triggers in allergic otitis externa FOCUS 17 Practice Notes: Is conformation a forgotten aspect of horse work? NEWS POINT OF VIEW CLINICAL PRACTICAL

THE “One Medicine” philosophy will be at the heart of a new dedicated oncology hospital that aspires to transform how vets and doctors treat cancer.

director of the Oncology and Soft Tissue hospital Stuart Carmichael said it would create a hub that could change the way cancer is treated. Prof Carmichael said: “Today’s crazy ideas are tomorrow’s routine treatments and they’ve got to start somewhere – and this is where they’re going to start. “One of our bigger plans is the creation of a unique hub at the centre of a network of contributing groups including collaborations with industry.  Not only are we located on the Surrey Research Park, nationally renowned for medical and bio- technology, we’ve also got the University of Surrey and the new vet school just up the road and there’s the connection between our hospital and the Royal Surrey Hospital, which has a huge cancer mission. “ We’re working with the University of Surrey, and it is a very strong partner of ours, but this is our venture. As part of the mission we will deliver clinical work at volume, but the hospital will be there to look at new

“We are very excited. I think we are starting a one-of-a-kind adventure. It’s never been done before and it’s already growing fast – there is a huge demand for this.  “I’m confident it’s going to be the most amazing cancer centre in the UK for sure, in Europe most likely.”

methods and to share these new methods to teach and pass on.” At full strength, the hospital will employ around 120 people, with 25 veterinary staff moving in initially. The centre hopes to provide 2,000 treatments in its first year, rising to 8,000 at the end of four years.  Two of the first members of staff to be appointed are oncology specialists Nick Bacon and Laurent Findji. Prof Bacon moved from Florida to become clinical director of oncology and soft tissue. He described the hospital as a “once in a lifetime opportunity”.  He said: “How do you create a dynamic environment in the UK to change cancer? Just having the right team is not enough, nor the right building or collaboration.  It’s a massive leap of faith for everybody, but our goal has always been to change how cancer is treated in the UK and create the best cancer hub in Europe for small animals. We have links with the University of Surrey

Noel Fitzpatrick will launch his second referral centre – the Fitzpatrick Referrals Oncology and Soft Tissue hospital - in September. The site is close to the University of Surrey’s veterinary school, which had its first intake in 2014.  The 20,000 sq ft hospital site will feature four theatres, an open plan treatment area where animals dock into self-contained areas, an intensive care unit, CT scanner and x-ray and radiotherapy unit, and wards without bars or cages housing up to 60 dogs and 40 cats. The reception will feature secure areas for animals to sit where they cannot see other pets. A glass exterior will ensure natural light throughout the hospital. Prof Fitzpatrick’s first referral hospital in Eashing, Surrey, focuses on neurological and orthopaedic patients. “When I started in Eashing the plan was always to have one big hospital at two sites because we felt very strongly the environment should be very patient-specific rather than trying to be all things to all patients all of the time,” he said. Managing

so we have a great responsibility to teach the next generation of vets how to treat cancer. Professionally, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I haven’t heard of anything of this magnitude, even in the US.” Senior surgeon and European specialist in small animal surgery Laurent Findji added:

An Artist’s impression of the new hospital

21-24 th

| ACVS Congress (American College of Veterinary Surgeons

Annual Congress) Nashville TN USA

NOVEMBER 7- 8 th

| National Pet Show NEC Birmingham

19-20 th

| London Vet Show Olympia Grand London




Noel Fitzpatrick founded The Humanimal Trust to disseminate this One Medicine ethos. Noel had the opportunity to go live into the studio with Clare Balding to further explain this ground-breaking concept and to raise support for The Humanimal Trust. The films featured Noel and consultant orthopaedic surgeon at Southampton University Hospital Mike Uglow, explaining why One Medicine is the logical future for both Human and Veterinary medical advancements and that collaboration is the best way forward to ensure that both humans and animals benefit, and not one at the expense of the other. For more information visit www.humanimaltrust.org.uk 4’s coverage of Crufts to introduce the concept of One Medicine. For the first time in the UK, two significant films were broadcast during Channel

A NEW CPD CONFERENCE for Companion Animal Vets VETERINARY EDUCATION TOMORROW 5TH & 6TH SEPTEMBER 2015 UNIVERSITY OF SURREY Book your place at www.vetfestival.co.uk

The inaugural VET Festival is an exciting new paradigm in conference format and content. Conceived and developed by Noel Fitzpatrick in association with the University it brings together a ‘dream team’ of elite world leading veterinary professionals and human medical specialists from all over the globe.

In the Spotlight



Andrew Hart

Together these elite speakers will work in a new, ground breaking way to deliver world class solutions to everyday problems and they will do this, through a variety of engaging lectures on subjects of great relevance and insight. These lectures are set within a dynamic atmosphere combining events for all the family, an exhibition arena for the veterinary industry and a wonderful evening music event in support of animals everywhere. It is firmly believed that the depth and breadth of experience offered at this VET Festival will be unrivalled. This conference truly will deliver ‘Veterinary Education for Tomorrow’ Noel Fitzpatrick, Founder of The VET Festival says: “The simple goal of The VET Festival is to provide education which is both cutting-edge and relevant to the day-to-day clinical work of vets, vet nurses and veterinary professionals in companion animal practice. But we also seek to make education fun – like going to a movie – something you can treasure, enjoy and then readily employ in clinical practice.” The conference will attract everyone with a professional interest in the latest developments and thinking around best practice in companion animal veterinary medicine and surgery. In an exciting departure in veterinary education, lectures will be in a marquee setting in the middle of the University campus, surrounded by a Festival Village of fun for all the family. There will be a 1000 seat Main Theatre marquee, plus

smaller breakout tents, with exhibitors, family entertainment and delicious ‘street food’ providing a real departure from the usual CPD event. CONFERENCE PROGRAMME Saturday & Sunday 5th & 6th September - from 8.30am to 5pm Held in Festival Marquees in the grounds of The University of Surrey. Four Lecture Strands And Six Education Themes Covering Orthopaedics, Oncology And Soft Tissue Surgery And Neurology.



University: First Job: Current job:

Pretoria SA

ONE LIVE FESTIVAL Saturday 5th - from 7.00pm to 11.00pm Headlining Mike and the Mechanics Ticket Sales wwwonelivefestival.co.uk In the evening a fantastic music concert will be held. This is the inaugural ONE LIVE festival, with the descriptor of “One Life One Medicine”: the belief that we all only have one life and that there should be a symbiosis of effort to move animal and human medicine forward together. The event is in support of The Humanimal Trust, the UK’s first charity to further the principles of One Medicine and with the aim of progressing clinically relevant healthcare initiatives for both animals and humans at the same time. This music event will be headlined by Mike and the Mechanics. Mike Rutherford of Genesis fame, has long been an ardent supporter of the idea that the future of animals on earth is best served by respect and simultaneous medical advance. The event will have a combined audience of 3000 including the veterinary professionals present for the VET Festival together with their families and members of the public who will attend in support of the charity. We are proud that Natural Instinct, National Veterinary Services and Vets4Pets are official sponsors of the event - A truly amazing and memorable conference event is promised! VET FESTIVAL SPEAKERS FROM LEFTTO RIGHT: Will Eward -Assistant Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery Duke University. JuliaTomlinson - Diplomate,American College ofVeterinary Sports Medicine and RehabilitationTwin CitiesAnimal Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine Clinic. Duncan Lascelles - Professor of surgery and pain management north carolina state university college of veterinary medicine, usa Ian G Holsworth - DirectorVetSurg SmallAnimal Hospital,Ventura, California. Nick Jeffrey - Professor, Neurology and Neurosurgery College ofVeterinary Medicine, Iowa State University. Laurent Findji - Senior Surgeon SoftTissue and Oncology, Fitzpatrick Referrals. Jolle Kirpensteijn - Chief Professional Relation Office, Hill’s Pet Nutrition. Noel Fitzpatrick -Director Fitzpatrick Referrals and Fitzbionics. Professor of Orthopaedics,Veterinary School, University of Surrey. Nick Bacon - Head of Surgical Oncology, Fitzpatrick Referrals.

Gayton Vets in Redhill Proprietor at Godalming Veterinary Surgery

Why are you a vet? I didn’t want to wear a tie! I wanted to be a boss and didn’t want to climb the corporate ladder. Best part of your job? I do love puppies and kittens! Three words that describe you? Good grief! - The staff said ‘honest, caring & trustworthy’. Andrew says ‘I’m goal driven and like working towards a set target – but not paperwork! I’m busy and I’m fair. Who is your Hero? A bit corny… but Nelson Mandela. Most unusual animal you treated? At university I did post-mortems on Ostriches! Your passion? I have many. My family, gardening, photography, travel, bird watching and jogging or walking in the open countryside. What keeps you awake at night? Nothing too stressful but occasionally when planning big projects and holidays. If you could be granted a wish, what would it be? That all my friends and family live healthy and ful- filled lives. Money is good… but nothing beats that. What words would inspire a child to become a vet? What I love about my job is the variety and daily challenges that get thrown at me. You never know what is coming next and if you enjoy a challenge… it is a great job! What dog breed would you be? Andrew wasn’t sure on this one but his staff decided a reluctant Labrador was most likely! What would you be if not a vet? 25 years ago I’d have been a Game Ranger in South Africa but now I’d be a livestock farmer. Do you need to love animals to be a great vet? Yes, but you need to step back from that and do what’s in their best interest. It’s also important to be

A dedicated programme just for veterinary nurses.

20 world class speakers including leading veterinary professionals and human medical specialists.

Valid CPD accreditation.

Exhibition for the veterinary industry.

FESTIVAL VILLAGE BARBECUE PARTY Saturday 5th September - from 5:10 pm to 6:30 pm. Relax and enjoy a Festival Village BBQ plus family entertainment.

BOOK NOW vetfestival.co.uk FOR 20% DISCOUNT enter the code VFFRIEND20





able to work with people. Your dream destination? The Serengeti.



Noel Fitzpatrick and Clare Balding

on the Crufts Channel 4 set.




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Fitz &Pieces

FrajeWatson awarded at BSAVA Congress 2015 We wish to extend a huge congratulations to Fitzpatrick Referrals Nurse FrajeWatson who was awarded for the Best Clinical Research Abstract presented at BSAVA​Congress 2015! We feel so lucky to have some of the most dedicated and passionate people serving the animals in our care, and delighted that Fraje’s hard work and passion for Veterinary Nursing and Veterinary care has shone through! Congratulations Fraje!

Fitzpatrick pub hubs We have been holding Pub-Hub’s for two years now, from Portsmouth toWindsor and across to Maidstone. They have been great fun as we have been able to socialise with lots of you from surrounding Veterinary Practices as well as delivering fantastic CPD from Noel, Laurent Findji , Clare Rusbridge and Nick Bacon.

Mack was nine years old last December. He’s been the most marvelous pet (my 2nd collie), and these days, lives for his tennis ball. All this changed in December last year. I was out of the country and my wife was walking him. One of the games he liked to play was to run up the drives of the houses in our quiet road, drop the ball and wait for it to be thrown back to him, then he’d run up the next drive. My wife was just collecting the ball for a throw-back, when a car backed down the drive. It straddled him squashing him. Mack was on the drive struggling to get up, but he couldn’t. He’d never made a sound apart from a “Yelp”. The emergency vet x-rayed him and quickly referred him to Fitzpatrick Referrals. Mack received further X-Rays and MRI scans that afternoon, and was operated on the following morning. Lumbar vertebrae three and four had been dramatically displaced and the disc was shattered. His sternum had been broken and two bones were overlapping and several ribs fractured. The four-hour operation on his vertebrae involved inserting six pins for realignment, all embedded in cement. Two weeks later, a stainless steel plate was screwed onto his sternum to endeavour to realign the bones. After a month in hospital he remained completely paralysed from his shoulders aft. This meant that not only had his life changed dramatically, but ours had as well. I researched the many types of wheels available and chose Walkin’Wheels which give him complete freedom and manoeuverability when he’s outside. He’s made excellent progress and loves his walks morning and MACK – THE SWEETEST BORDER COLLIE IN THEWORLD!

Get in touch with us to find out the next one happening near you, contact Josey Killner on JoseyK@fitzpatrickreferrals.co.uk

RCVS news: With less than a year to go before the

microchipping of dogs in England, Scotland andWales becomes mandatory, vets across the country are getting set to help dog owners prepare for the new regulations. This means that from spring 2016 there will be compulsory microchipping of dogs across the entire UK and veterinary surgeons and veterinary nurses across the country are preparing to make sure owners know their obligations and that their pets are safely microchipped. See more: www.rcvs.org.uk/news-and-events/ news/veterinary-profession-gets-ready-for- compulsory-microchipping/ Ceva cat behaviour lecture We were delighted to host a cat behavioural seminar with CEVA at the Fitzpatrick Referrals Conference Centre on May 5th Dr Sarah Endersby BVetMed (Hons) MRCVS, Senior Veterinary Advisor Ceva Animal Health presented the lecture entitled “Curious about Cats? How behaviour affects our feline patients’. It was a packed room of professionals who took advantage of this unique opportunity to gain more insight into our feline friends!

afternoon, chasing after his ball as if he’s never known different. It has been a team effort since the word go - Colin Driver used his magic hands to

New hydrotherapy offering as new underwater treadmill is installed at fitzpatrick referrals The underwater treadmill allows us to treat a wider range of neurological and musculoskeletal conditions using water based therapy. The hydrotherapy pool and underwater treadmill are not only used for rehabilitation; both modalities can be used as part of a fitness regime for working dogs with many agility and trail dogs benefiting from water based fitness training. With five ACPAT chartered physiotherapists and five fully trained hydrotherapists, our rehab team offer superlative service and expertise for inpatients and outpatients.

rebuild Mack’s spine; Sarah Girling repaired his sternum and Resident Anna Tauro were all intimately involved in giving Mack the chance of a new life. Physiotherapist Emily Ni Mhuilleoir gave insightful advice on building up Mack’s strength in his forequarters. The hydrotherapy team in the pool have been wonderful – Amy, Alice, Lucy, Annike and Emily. During the last three months, Gillian Calvo, (Senior nurse with special responsibility for liaising with owners) has proved to be inexhaustible in her involvement and concern for Mack, always being available for his visits to the pool, checking him, giving advice, encouragement and optimism. As Mack’s owner, I have never felt alone and over-daunted by the task of looking after such a severely disabled dog.

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