CN October November 2023 Vol. 62 Issue 6


research to benefit what’s going on around Hereford and other feeding centers,” Pond said.“This will allow us to do research that is responsive to the industry and to train students in more modern facilities.” The WT pre-veterinary program is also benefitting the High Plains and other regions.“We’re in the perfect area to train pre-vet students, especially if they are interested in large animals,” Pond added. “We [the Amarillo-Panhandle area] have two vet schools. One is the WT VERO [Veterinary, Education, Research & Outreach] program, where you can do two years of your Texas A&M University vet program. “The area also has the Texas Tech University vet school, and I’m proud to say we have more students from WT attending the Texas Tech vet school than Texas Tech does. Our partnership with Spicer Gripp is great. We’re proud to be a part of it.” Spicer Gripp was loved by many who appreciated his spirit of helping young people. The spirit continues nearly 30 years since his death. This year, the Spicer Gripp Memorial Roping was inducted into the Texas Rodeo Hall of Fame, signifying the event’s importance to the Texas and national rodeo scene. For more information, visit https://www.

Tie Down Calf Roping Average 1. Marty Yates 2. Kyan Willhite 3. Shane Smith Open Steer Roping Average 1. Chet Herrin 2. Garrett Hale 3. Jess Tierney Senior Steer Roping Average 1. Tony Reina 2. Corey Ross 3. Bobby Brock JR – Open Team Roping Average 1. Bridger Ketchem – Tate Thompson 2. Walker Smith – Will Smith 3. Walker Smith – Gage Williams With a total payout of $766,000, the Spicer Gripp Memorial Roping proved to be a powerful payday for ropers from across the nation. The roping itself occupied the Spicer Gripp arena parts of four days. Here are the event results:

JR 10.5 Team Roping Average 1. Jhett Vanderhamm – Logan Vanderhamm 2. Sam Johnson – Weston Tackett 3. Caden Anderson – Chance Anderson SG 14.5 Team Roping Average 1. Jarett Roger – Cory King 2. Samuel Livingston – Wayne D. Folmer 3. Clay Burnham – Jorge Pina SG 12.5 Team Roping 1. Samuel Jackson – George McQuain 2. Samuel Livingston – Twister Smith 3. TJ Good – Shawn Vargas SG Open Team Roping 1. Kreece Thompson – Landen Glenn 2. Lightning Aguilera – Jared Fillmore 3. Kellan Johnson – Carson Johnson

Steer ropers posted excellent times, despite dealing with some mighty ornery cattle.


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