CN October November 2023 Vol. 62 Issue 6




Why Do You Read CALF? “I read CALF News to keep up with what’s going on outside our community with

Open Barrels


16.84 17.02 16.61

1st Go- Stacie Devore

markets, politics, health issues and events. It is interesting to see what’s going on in the rest of

2nd Go- Valerie Schneider 3rd Go- LeeAnn Ridley-Moola

Average Stacie Devore

the world.” Jim Goddard



Tanner White – Jarrid Farrell Goddard Ranch Prairie City, S.D. Letter to the Editor Betty Jo, Just received the August/September CALF News and noted your comments in Gypsy Wagon about the Argentina beef restaurant that didn't make your Where’s the Really Exceptional Beef Column. I'm not sure where this place is located, but I can tell you that this is NOT how beef in Argentina is prepared as far as cooking it beyond recognition on an overheated stone. ALL of their beef is cooked on a charcoal or wood-fired grill at a low temperature for a longer time than what we are used to. I do admit that they cook it more thoroughly than we do, but with the low temperature, it is just as tender and flavorful as what we are used to eating here. This would apply to any of the excellent steakhouses in Buenos Aires and to the many backyard asados I have enjoyed with cousins on my many trips there. It is unfortunate that this place is trying to pass itself off as an Argentinian steakhouse when it sounds like they are anything but. Some of the best beef I have ever enjoyed has been in Argentina. Just wanted to clear up what sounded like a misrepresentation of a normally good experience. Lowell Grauberger

17.46 17.53 17.16

1st Go- Cary Allen

2nd Go- Jacei Spangler

3rd Go- Cary Allen

Average Jacei Spangler Natalie Bond

52.88 53.15

Harold Grinstead Memorial Award

JB Kirkenslager

Norman Potter Memorial Award

Jason Devore

Tom Hovendon Memorial Award

Jaxon Stoker – Jason Devore Fast Time 5.77 Presented by:


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